Are you looking for something different in Goa? Here are the top 10 famous drinks in Goa to try while you visit Goa. Goa may be known for its charming beaches in Goa, dazzling sunsets, breathtaking seafood, Water Sports Activities in Goa, and Scuba Diving in Goa but one must not ignore an exotic Goan’s drinks. It is no secret that Goa is a major player when it comes to offering some kickass drinks.

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Here are the top famous drinks in Goa you must try:

Sula Wine

Praised to be one of the best drinks in Goa, the Sula wine is one of the very few best products of the infant wine industry in India. All the variety produced you can think of from reds, whites, and rose to dessert wines. The wine is known for its superior quality and delicious taste.



A local spirit with an acquired taste, feni is made from either cashew or coconut palm sap which is then fermented and distilled. There are different ways to drink Feni. Using traditional pots and still distilling techniques, men and women alike work from dawn to dusk to produce only the finest expression of Goan Cashew Feni. It has a strong odor and distinctive aftertaste. Some bars serve feni-based cocktails such as Sol de Orange, a mix of feni, orange juice and lemonade. Be very cautious when drinking Feni as it contains 43% alcohol and can get anyone drunk with just a few shots.


Coconut water 

There is nothing that says Goa more than drinking fresh coconut water while walking along the beach. It is a delicious and refreshing low-calorie drink. Each coconut contains approximately 200 to 1,000 milliliters of coconut water. Tender coconut water contains more nutrients than mature coconut water. There are many health benefits of fresh coconut water. It treats lower blood pressure, headaches, and also promotes weight loss. The most significant benefit of fresh coconut water is that it relieves the hangover, which you may have gotten from drinking too much beer and Feni.


Sol Kadhi

One of the popular Goan drinks called Sol Kadhi is mostly drunk after meals, especially after rice. It is known for its digestive properties. It is made from coconut milk, Amasol, and Kokum. It also helps to fight acidity. Sol Kadhi is a mixture especially in the summer days of the beach city.



Goa is definitely the perfect destination for wine lovers. Goa has it all, from port wine to tomato wine and apple wine. If you visit Goa during summer, don’t miss the Great Goan Grape Escapade that happens in Panjim, the capital of Goa. It is an annual event where you can sip on wines while indulging in delicious Goan cuisine and enjoy great music.



The Tequila drinks made in Goa includes an exciting mix of spirits, cocktail, and liqueurs. Tequila shots are available in 51% to 100% strength. Both are quickly gaining fame in Goa as tequila shots take on a whole new meaning with the intense 100% agave spirit refined entirely from the Agave plant. Try out tequila shots in Baga beach in Goa.


Kokum Sherbet

Haven’t tried this centuries-old Goan classic? Today itself, try out if you are in Goa, Kokum berries are an ideal component of the Konkan cuisine culture. But it is definitely a more essential component of a fresh glass of Kokum Juice or Sherbet.



Beer is exclusive in Goa and is exclusively sold there. With a malt aroma and no aftertaste, it is prepared with corn and tastes delicious with pure seafood. It is sold only in 330ml with 4.85% of alcohol. It is clean and delicious, it can be enjoyed in clubs and pubs, on a good movie or simply enjoying the sunset on the beach in Goa.



Uraak is one of the tastiest drinks in Goa. This is the best season to discover it. Available fresh and freely in the months leading up to the winter days, this cloudy nectar is the first distillate of cashew feni. Feni is distilled twice and the first distillate of cashew feni is Uraak, if you don’t like feni and want something tastier. Drop your shyness and pick up a glass while you visit Goa.


Coconut Rum 

Coconut rum is the perfect mixture of natural coconut extract and white rum to form a delighted drink that is perfect to have neat with ice. Nothing quite arouses a Goan tour like coconut rum which makes one think of lazing by a swimming pool or in beach shacks. You can also try Cabola which is a mixture of Coconut rum on crushed ice with coke and lime.


So if you are looking for Great Drinks in Goa try this list while you are in your next Goa Trip? Cheers!

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