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Best Rated Scuba Diving with water sports Near Island

From 7:30 am to 8:30 am

Enjoy Scuba Diving from up to 20 ft Depth
Pre-Dive Training & Good-Quality Equipment Included

Other Benefits:
Pick & Drop through Private A/C Vehicle
Dolphin Safari & Few Tourists Attractions*
Breakfast + Lunch (Veg / Non - Veg Food) + 2 Pint Beers
FREE Scuba Diving Video Clip

Limited pickup location(Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Anjuna, Siolim, Saligaon & Assagao)
Get only food and travel at just Rs.1350/- per person
Above 10 years of age can enjoy the activity
Only 250 seats are reserved for a day

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Scuba Diving In Goa

Scuba Diving in Goa is one of the most outstanding water activity included in Goa Tour Packages. You can view underwater marine life in the best possible way by exploring this package. Scuba diving is mostly explored from the month of October to May. The Scuba Diving in Goa costs varies from company to company. An adventure lover definitely should go for it. For non swimmers, Scuba Diving is a must to do water activity at Grande Island in Goa for people who are visiting Goa to view marine life.

Why Scuba Diving In Goa?

The packages of Scuba Diving in Goa is a must to experience water activity in Goa. Grande Island in Goa is the one of the wonderful diving location in India. In India, visitors especially comes to explore Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving in Goa offers colorful marine life, corals, reef and shipwreck. Dive sites are often depthless or shallow around Grande Island with visibility of 8-10 meter

Must Read Before Scuba

Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa for non swimmers packages are undoubtedly efficient for learners and non swimmers. This scuba dive is adequate for non swimmers to encounter their first scuba making a plunge in Goa. In dive that you are agreeable in water you can appreciate this scuba dive for 20 minutes. The training session in artificial pool are practiced at our private dive center. Training session can systematically be organized precisely in the sea depending on weather condition. Underwater signs and other safety are instructed before the actual dive. Scuba Diving is done by certificate called PADI in Scuba Diving centers at Goa.

Best Rated Scuba Diving In Goa

Scuba Diving is very popular water activity that is marked at viewing marine life at shallow depths. The activity has to be done perfectly under expert guidance. Confirmation is needed from the recreational diving associations such as PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and CMAS (Confederation modiale des activities subaquatiques). An experienced divers can move on to particular dives which includes night diving, shipwreck diving, cave diving, and many more.
People who are suffering from major illness are strictly not allowed to explore for the Scuba Diving. Physical fitness is very important for exploring Scuba Diving. Goa is one of the main goal for Scuba Diving in India. It will be great if you spend your vacation in Goa exploring Scuba Diving.
Stunned! Scuba Diving in India? Will the diving be good? What is Diving be like? All the questions must be collapsing. Give us the chance and we will make your experience memorable. assured by Sea Water Sports. There is no fixed schedule for programs of Scuba Diving training. We try to give our Customers best memories ever.
Diving in Goa may not be that much catchy, but marine life is excellent. October to May is the best months of the year for exploring Scuba Diving in India. The Dive sites are often shallow around Grande Island i.e. 6 to 10 meter. The temperature is about 28 degree Celsius. This proves that it is an excellent place to train.

Diving Season In India

India has beautiful water bodies. Flawless beaches and exquisite lagoons attracts several adventure lovers. India is the home to many adventurous Scuba Diving sites. In India Scuba Diving starts from the month of October and ends in the month of May. After May, the sea becomes very fuzzy due to Monsoon. Scuba Diving is a breathtaking water activity among the plenty of water activities that it gives. The attractive variety of Flora and Fauna and the colorful coral reefs make the underwater look like a heaven. An equal option during Monsoon may be diving in pools, which are sufficient and yet to experience.

Scuba Diving In Goa

Daily Scuba Diving trips are practiced at Grande Island at Goa. The dives are all depthless i.e. average 4-14 meter. There are plenty of hard corals and reefs and you will love exploring dive with tons to view. The clarity around the Grande Island differ from 10 kms. to few feet, average about 4 to 5 metres. The dive sites have various names but all are located in Grande Island.

Why diving with us?

Sea Water Sports offers chances to experience the world class Scuba Diving in Goa, going deep down sea diving with beauty along with well certified professionals while you do Scuba Dive in the waters of Goa with adventure and thrill of dive in Goa. To view wonderful sight of corals and the most beautiful aquatic life that by them gives a spark to the underwater life when you do Goa Scuba Diving while you play the game of treasure hunt deep inside the sea with professional divers along with your scuba dive trip in the blue shimmering water of Goa. Firstly, you will be provided with pre dive pool session of about 45 minutes. The instructor will give you brief information about the use of different parts of the equipment before getting into the pool. After that you will be trained underwater in the pool.
After you learn and demonstrate Scuba Diving skills, and the dive instructor is with the level of comfort, you will be give chance to swim around and learn by them to build up your confidence. Then you will be ready to leave for the dive in the sea. You will be accompanied by one personal instructor who will be holding you for the entire underwater duration. The instructor will be a qualified dive master or dive instructor. Photos/videos will be taken for you. Once your dive session is finish you will also be served with lunch, beers and many more. Pick and drop service will also be offered.

Also Visit Dudhsagar Waterfall In Goa

The name "Dudhsagar" actually means 'ocean of milk' which many accept is an implication to the white splash and froth that the majestic waterfall makes as it falls into the waters of the lake. The falls are at their pinnacle in the rainy season, which is the best time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls in goa though they are worth visiting throughout the year. This waterfall is situated in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa and falls into the ward of the Goa Forest offices since it is a present in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. One can take a road or rail to Kulem railway station and after that trek to Dudhsagar waterfall or a jeep with a driver is available to get near the falls, yet you need to take a stroll to exactly reach the foot of the falls.
Goa is a place with limitless chances to have fun and entertainment and the best things to do in Goa would bewitch every adventure lover. Though it is known as the land of beaches, tourists from all over find it as a great destination for indulging in many breathtaking activities in water as well as on land. Kids and adults equally participate in every activity and the activities are the best option to explore Goa apart from the beaches and the sunrise views.
Majority of the water activities in Goa is linked with the beaches and the Arabian Sea yet some other activities are restricted to the offbeat tracks and jungles located around the beaches. Dudhsagar Waterfall visit, Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary visit, Spice Village visit etc are part for those activities done far away from the clutches of the extensive beaches in Goa.
Rather than Goa, here are more destinations near you can get experience of Scuba Diving and other water activities which will display a clear picture of the surprising events that can be done in these beautiful land of several items mixed together in the right proportion. They include Scuba Diving at Malvan, Scuba Diving in Tarkarli, Scuba Diving in Sindhudurg fort and so on.

Scuba Diving in Maharashtra

Did you know Maharashtra is an incredible Scuba Diving destination? From Tarkarli to Malvan, it has the best scuba diving tours in Maharashtra for you to take the plunge. It does not matter if you do not know swimming, everybody can go scuba diving with these amazing water sport packages. Be mesmerised by breathtaking flora and underwater wildlife during Scuba Diving. Capital city Mumbai is a scuba diving haven too. Stay close to nature, and head to Malvan, where you can witness abundance of underwater coral treasures and other types of flora. Take a one-day scuba-diving and stay trip to Malvan and have the most unforgettable adventure of your life. Famous for its greenery and virgin beaches and waterfalls, visit the pristine beaches of Nivati, Malvan, Kunkeshwar, Tondavali, and indulge in some brilliant water sports besides scuba diving, like snorkelling, underwater safari.

Scuba diving in Malvan

If you are adventure lover and want to explore underwater life, Scuba diving in Malvan is the best option. Malvan scuba diving offers excellent underwater visibility for scuba diving in Chivla beach as well as in Tarkarli. Malvan scuba diving season starts early September and goes up till May end. Malvan Scuba diving packages includes pick & drop, Food, photography and video. Scuba diving malvan near Chivla is simply out of the world experience for its beautiful aquatic life, colorful and rich corals.

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

There are several beautiful places where you can explore the adventures of scuba diving. One such amazing place is Tarkarli, Malvan. Tarkarli is a beautiful beach with abundant underwater beauty such as coral reefs, exotics fishes, and much more to be explored through scuba diving. The clear waters are safe even for the most juvenile diver. Scuba Diving experience in Tarkarli is a must as it adds a feather to the scenic beauty and mouth-watering cuisine that Malvan offers. There are several types of water sports and scuba diving at tarkarli. People living the busy city life are often attracted to recreational scuba diving at tarkarli for the thrill and adventure it offers. Scuba diving at Tarkarli is a sport that is practiced recreationally and popular all around the world and can even be taken as a profession.

Scuba Diving Near Sindhudurg Fort

Scuba Diving in Sindhudurg fort, a golden chance to enjoy a paradise called Sindhudurg fort. One of the most exotic adventure sports, scuba diving tops the things to do list here, where all one needs for it, is a little bit of briefing, and the right gears. In Sindhudurg fort, you can scuba dive at picturesque locations that are also adorned with archaic forts, warbling waterfalls, virgin beaches and lush green mountains. One will love to discover the underwater kingdom that comprises of underwater greenery, coral reefs and various types of fish. The marine life found in the underwater here, is absolutely diverse.

Scuba Diving Spots Activities No of Visitors (Avg. Daily Visits)
Palolem beach Scuba Diving in Palolem beach 200
Calangute beach Scuba Diving in Calangute beach 5000
Baga beach Scuba Diving in Baga beach 5000
Anjuna beach Scuba Diving in Anjuna beach 600
Arambol beach Scuba Diving in Arambol beach 800
Colva beach Scuba Diving in Colva beach 500
Arambol beach Scuba Diving in Arambol beach 200
Agonda beach Scuba Diving in Agonda beach 200
Vagator beach Scuba Diving in Vagator beach 250
Morjim beach Scuba Diving in Morjim beach 540
Butterfly beach Scuba Diving in Butterfly beach 300
Mandrem beach Scuba Diving in Mandrem beach 150
Cavelossim beach Scuba Diving in Cavelossim beach 100
Betalbatim beach Scuba Diving in Betalbatim beach 50
Patnem beach Scuba Diving in Patnem beach 150
Bambolim beach Scuba Diving in Bambolim beach 70
Cabo de rama beach Scuba Diving in Cabo de rama beach 50
Candolim beach Scuba Diving in Candolim beach 150
Chapora beach Scuba Diving in Chapora beach 100
Miramar beach Scuba Diving in Miramar beach 40
Dona Paula beach Scuba Diving in Dona Paula beach 150
Querim beach Scuba Diving in Querim beach 100
Benaulim beach Scuba Diving in Benaulim beach 25
Sinquerim beach Scuba Diving in Sinquerim beach 70
Sinquerim beach Scuba Diving in Sinquerim beach 70
Mobor beach Scuba Diving in Mobor beach 100
Betul beach Scuba Diving in Betul beach 20
Talpona beach Scuba Diving in Talpona beach 150
Cansaulim beach Scuba Diving in Cansaulim beach 25
Galgibaga beach Scuba Diving in Galgibaga beach 40
Polem Beach Scuba Diving in Palolem Beach 150
Siridao Beach Scuba Diving in Siridao Beach 50
Bogmalo beach Scuba Diving in Bogmalo beach 90
Cansaulim Beach Scuba Diving in Cansaulim Beach 42
Majorda Beach Scuba Diving in Majorda Beach 82
Ashwem Beach Scuba Diving in Ashwem Beach 96
Kakolem Beach Scuba Diving in Kakolem Beach 73
Velsao Beach Scuba Diving in Velsao Beach 34

Also Have A Look At This

To do scuba diving safely, it is very necessary to go through this form. This will let you know all about the instructions before doing Scuba Diving safely. Here are some medical related certain conditions. If you are facing any major health issues, kindly go through this medical form.

Know more about Scuba Diving spots

We know all are quite aware of Goa's involvement in making Goa tourism sector a hit. There are millions of factors which make it possible too. Among the adventurous activities, scuba diving in Goa has a tremendous importance and it is common there but the excitement and adventure hidden in it are amazing and without comparison. We provide multiple packages for scuba diving in best beaches in Goa and engage yourself in utmost happiness while you swim along the beautiful creatures underwater, feeling special and acknowledged. It is a rare chance to involve in a magnanimous experience underwater and Goa is a right choice to make your day special. As every scuba diving locations around the world, Goa is also well packed with the right equipment and essential guidelines to give away the most beautiful and safe time to the customers underwater watching the unique kingdom of marine life directly. Families, friends and couples are always welcome to take part in the most enthusiastic activity ever found on Earth by these places in Goa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Scuba Diving Company in Goa is SEA WATER SPORTS. Services provided are great with unbeatable prices. PRICE DROP ALERTS Of Scuba Diving Enquire at +91 8291917770

Ans. The price of Scuba diving in Goa is never constant. The rates vary from packages to packages. For further details call at +91 8291917770

Ans. The best time for scuba diving in Goa are from the month of October to May. This is the time when the vast skies have cleared out, the monsoonal rains have ceased and the azure sea is calm.


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Alisha Shah

From the starting till the end of the activity they are very much supportive and they give well guidance to us. It was really a great fun doing sea water activity with them. Thank u for the experience we have got from you will never forget this exciting experience throughout my life.

Pooja Soni

Experience which I will cherish for my lifetime. My visit to scuba diving island was among one of my best outings compared to my other outings. But this could be not possible because of seawater sports, they provide excellent facilities with affordable price packages. I will recommend you all if you planning your trip to goa go through seawater activity.

Pratik Trivedi

It was really a great experience and had excellent fun in scuba diving. life best moments I have experienced its all because of sea water sports, who guide soo well and they are so co-operative with us. You are the best thank u

Rahul Gupta

We enjoyed our time very much! Dive guides are very well educated and skilled, equipment is the newest but every size was available multiple times. The prices are very competitive and the location is stellar. In a nutshell, highly recommended! thank u sea water sports.

Vishal Yadav

Everything was really well organised, the team was great and amazing guide. Expect to feel welcome and at home right from the beggining, super delicous food and ver nice boat with everything you could possibly need. The diving was incredible, it's hard to say which one was the best site, each was so good and had something different to it. Really really recommend.

Aarush Mehra

Scuba diving in Goa was at it best with Sea water sports. I will never forget this memorable moment and the guides there really treated us very well and took good care of us. It was a great underwater experience Its mean blasting directing underwater stuff.

Smit Patel

A lot of adventure trip I have done, but scuba diving was the best of my life and was a most unexpected trip for me. I was not knowing that scuba diving will be soo great experience, the beauty of marine life, stones, colorful fish, etc many things which you don't expect you will see there. One of my best trip and always will be my memorable trip. thank u sea water sports.

henali kansera

My experience was pretty good. I visited along with my friends. The awesome part of my trip was scuba diving. It was an amazing experience and also scuba diving was too good I have enjoyed a lot and was a memorable experience, I would like to visit again whenever I got chance to visit Goa. thank u sea water sports.

Rema jain

We all have one thing in life which we can't forget, in my life the best was scuba diving with sea water sports. They greed you so well and the activities were super awesome I cant express my words n it was just worth it. Every one should try this watersports activity. thank you sea water sports.

Saurav Gandhi

Scuba diving the coolest and wonderful trip I have done till now, underwater marine life, colorful fishes, stones was so great to watch. Staff was very friendly they guide us the proper way, proper technique and was a great fun. thank u sea water sports. Will remember this trip.

Mohini gupta

Best experience ever in scuba diving with sea water sport in Goa it is a memorable trip.

Karan Patel

I got best experience ever for Scuba Diving in Goa with my friends. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Krishnendu Dhawan

My trip to Goa with my family and Scuba Diving experience is the best memory ever. All credit goes to Sea Water Sports. Thank You!!!

Ankita Patil

It was fun and adventure to scuba diving in Goa with sea water sports. Team was good and helpful . Pickup and drop and other facilities were also good the best part of this event is Food is so awesome...whatever they mentioned in the package was provided...without any second thought go for it. thanks to sea water sports.

Rishabh Sachan

Good experience, they increase my scuba diving in Goa time slot. thank for it.

Wassim Dar

i got the best scuba diving rates in Goa and best scuba diving location in Goa.

John Gonsalvis

The amount of my excitement perfectly matched the beauty beneath the sea ! scuba diving in goa I was totally amused by witnessing the marine life in its natural form! Though I got panicked initially but the divers made sure I do not miss the beauty down there.Hats off to their patience and co-ordination that I didn't miss anything in spite being so panic, all thanks to their Team! More power and success to you guys!

Nik Farnandis

A whole new world in front of me. As I came back to scuba diving in Goa, I felt as if I have just woken up from a dream. This is indeed a great journey with sea water sport.

Jordan Gabre

Great scuba diving in Goa experience! To add to this there were many other activities which made our days memorable ones.thanks to the sea water sport ......!!!!!!

jay bhanushali

Scuba diving in Goa. Trained experts helped us a lot.thank to Sea water sports.

John Polland

Scuba diving in India that too in goa is too great adventure. Thanks Sea Water Sports.

Samiksha Sanjay Khanolkar

best journey

Aditya Pandey

One of the best scuba Diving place we can recommend

Aditya Pandey

One of the best scuba Diving place we can recommend

Jay patil


Amit Mohanrao Naware

It's best scuba diving

Pooja Das

Got scuba diving packages at cheapest rates with best facilities. Great job Sea water sports Thank you!!!

komal shinde

I have just performed scuba diving in Goa through Sea Water Sports, they provide very good services and they also take photos and video underwater for free of cost. The offers of scuba diving are also very cheap and there main motive is your safety. Thanks to sea water sports.

Priti Sawant

I remember my first scuba diving experience, it was in Goa. I was so scared and nervous at first, but Sea Water Sports provide me best services and guidance so I enjoyed a lot thank you Sea Water Sports.

Arati thapa

We all have one thing in life which we can’t forget, in my life the best was scuba diving with Sea Water Sports. They greed you so well and the activities were super awesome I can’t express my words n it was just worth it. Everyone should try this water sports activity. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Poja Desai

I got a memorable experience for scuba diving in Goa with Sea Water Sports. Thank you Sea Water Sports for Amazing experience.

Saurabh Sane

Absolutely amazing experience with Sea Water Sports. great value for money. Thank you Sea Water sports.

Preshit Das

This time try something different when you are in Goa and scuba diving is that ‘something different’. Scuba diving was a memorable experience for me Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Aaneri Gupta

When I dive scuba for the first time I enjoyed lots of things.I enjoyed the underwater beauty of marine life. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Arun Sathe

Paisa vasool experience. Thank you Sea Water Sports for great services.

Deepak Seth

Wonderful scuba diving experience! Good instructions and dive activity. Felt fully safe and enjoyable. Seen so many things like corals, sea animals. Thanks to Sea Water Sports for a wonderful experience. Thanks, the team for your support and assistance I would like to proceed next.

Abhishek Kamble

I enjoy a lot of scuba diving in Goa with Sea Water Sports. It is the best tour company.

Diksha Das

I went Goa with my family. The awesome part of my trip was Scuba diving. It was an amazing experience. We enjoyed a lot and it was a memorable experience. Staff is very cooperative. Thanks to Sea Water Sports.

Dinesh Dhwani

I went Goa last month with my friends I enjoyed lots of things in Goa Scuba Diving is one of that. Thank you Sea Water Sports for best services.

Varshu Patil

Scuba diving in Goa was a memorable experience for me which I never forget. Thank you Sea Water Sports for great services for water sports and scuba.

Pragya Thripathi

Goa is the best place for scuba diving. I enjoyed scuba and water sports in goa a lot through Sea Water Sports. Its provide me great services.

Ranju Priya

I got great experience scuba diving first time in Goa. Thank you Sea Water Sports for your kind support.

Patel Kavita

Overall Scuba and water sports experience was good in Goa. Sea Water Sports provide me water sports services and other facilities at a reasonable rate. So I enjoy Goa Trip with Sea Water Sports at a cheap rate.

Aparna Ghadi

Thank you Sea Water Sports for Goa tour. I enjoyed Scuba diving and water sports chill with thrill. Thanks for the services.

Moushumi Das

Scuba diving is the best way to explore the underwater world. I enjoyed the beauty of the water world in depth when I dive scuba Thank you Sea Water Sports for best guidance.

Tanisha Gupta

Scuba diving in Goa is an excellent adventure that you must undertake if you are seeking thrill and action. I got a great experience for scuba. Thank you Sea Water Sports provide my best services for water sports and scuba diving in Goa.

Moksh Deep

Scuba diving one of the best water sports to exploring the water world. Thank you Sea Water Sports for best guidance and facilities to enjoy water sports and scuba diving in Goa.

Sheetal Agarwal

I experience the thrilling and exciting wonders of the sea with Sea Water Sports when I dive Scuba. Thank you Sea Water Sports for amazing services.

Preeti Pradhan

Wonderful experience with Sea Water Sports! Huge thank you for trainer provide me best guidance before diving. excellent food and memories for I got for my Goa tour.

Alka Sholk

Nice services, great treatment thank you Sea Water Sports for best services. I enjoyed Scuba Diving a lot with Sea Water Sports.

Khyati Rana

Awesome experience for scuba and water sports in Goa with Sea Water Sports.very supportive staff. They provide me the best facilities at a cheap rate. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

Bhawna Satham

It was a wonderful experience with Sea Water Sports just wow experience had a great time enjoyed the scuba diving and water sports awesome and helpful staff thank you Sea Water Sports team for making our holidays memorable.

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