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Tiger Tusker And Temple Trail

tiger tusker and temple trailtiger tusker and temple trailtiger tusker and temple trailtiger tusker and temple trail

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Tiger and tusker tour is once in a lifetime kind of experience. This tour allows you to know how these animals stay in wild. You will be able to view tigers and elephants busy in their life in the wild. There are various elephant camps in Goa. During this tour, you will also attend one such Elephant training centre where you can actually see the lifestyle of these tuskers, how they are imparted training. Elephants are very intelligent animal so they work also differently. There are many safaris available as a part of this tour. It is quite enjoyable to see these wild animals busy doing their antics.

At the elephant camp in Goa, you can see jumbos splashing around, bathing in water, and training given by their mahouts in an interesting way, how they spend their life in natural habitat. In fact even you can try your hand at washing and feed these gentle giants which helps in bonding with them. If you want, you can get to sit on the elephant for an elephant ride at some extra charge.

After being a witness to the elephants and their lifestyle at the elephant sanctuary, proceed towards facing the wild ferocious beasts. It’s the tiger safari at Goa. The tiger sanctuary covers a tremendous zone of 208 sq. km. and guarantees the security of the tremendous biodiversity found in the animal and vegetation that are found in the Western Ghats. The development of this sanctuary makes Goa the main state in the nation that ensures the safety of the region of Western Ghats that falls inside the state.

Starting with the Krishnapur trail, there is a variety of wilderness trails and waterfall treks from Goa. Captivating trees overshadow you as long bamboo offers its trademark shade. Between serious looking rocks and the calm of these slopes, the temple trail surges through semi-evergreen and evergreen forest close to Valpoi. The lake you are trekking to, is still, vast, has good depth and is a part of a bigger stream. The stones around here hang in cliffs and rugged gullies shaping a stark contrast to the still green water of the pool. The Mahadeva Temple is a World Heritage site. This is a twelfth century Shiva temple of Lord Mahadeva that is still functional. The sanctuary is flawless in its craft and engineering, made altogether of stone with elephants and lotus blooms cut into it.

On return experience the jungle safari at goa as you pass through the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park which will enthral you with the animal sightings. This will definitely up the level of excitement.

Agumbe is referred to as the Cherrapunji of South India as it receives 7640 mm of average annual rainfall. It is the place ranked on the second position on the basis of annual rainfall in India. Agumbe ghats has varied biodiversity. Many rare medicinal plants also grow here hence it is also called as ‘green in gold’ or ‘hasiru honnu’. The trek leads you through the forest or the waterfalls.

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