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Dolphin Safari is a Beautiful Experience in Goa


Gokarna, a little town in Karnataka has developed into a tourist hotspot throughout the years, because of it’s lovely, sandy shorelines. With the visitors thronging it, it has transformed into a full-fledged get-away detect that is as chilled out as Goa. This has made numerous Goa regulars to proceed to Gokarna's flawless shorelines which is less crowded and the shorelines more clean. The main temple of Gokarna is the Mahabaleshwara temple which is the primary destination for devotees coming to Gokarna. Its importance is very high due to the legend related with it. The temple is devoted to Shiva and has what is called an atmalingam which is accepted as one of the great lingams. Actually, the visitors coming to Gokarna can be separated into two sections, one that is for the religious tourist seeking the blessings of Shiva, and the other of the relaxed visitor searching for some peace and calm in nature's lap. Travelling by air the distance of goa from gokarna is 91 km. If you take a road trip from gokarna beach at goa, distance is 147 km while by train is 87 km.


Murudeshwar is a pilgrim town famous across the globe for being the home of the second tallest temple of Lord Shiva. It is set apart by the religious craftsmanship that stands tall at 123 feet that enhances the beauty of the beach in this western part of India.

Situated on the extreme north of Karnataka, Murudeshwar sees visitors from everywhere throughout the world, due to the attraction of the huge sculpture. The added affinity is that it is an ancient temple town. Water sports have also come up on this beach which tempts the tourists to this place also. You can try parasailing in Murudeshwar. Scuba diving and jet skiing are also fast catching up. Regardless of whether it is plunging deep into Murudeshwar's waters to get cosy with its sea life or skimming the surface of its ocean as you cut through the breeze on a fly ski, water sports have put a totally extraordinary turn on this dull town.


Palolem beach is situated in South Goa. It can be defined as a pristine beach, raw and still untouched mostly occupied by the foreign visitors. It's known for its wonderful bow – shape which presents a beautiful sight as you can see both the ends of the beach from the mid of the beach. It was made famous as the Hollywood movie starring Matt Damon, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY was shot here.

Palolem Beach in Goa is a natural bay. During the peak season, you will find it flooded with hawkers, makeshift shacks and other eating joints. It is one of the most dazzling beach amidst the calm surroundings and the small sloping beds of sand to walk on. Like an added ornament, is the Green Island at one end with the tree covered rocks enhancing its beauty manifold.

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