Things To Do In Andaman

Andaman receives numerous visitors throughout the year. Lovers of architecture, a wild nightlife, unparalleled natural beauty, and sun-kissed beaches are sure to find several fun things to do in Andaman. It is one of the most popular places globally, with travelers who have been here once wanting to come back for more and those who haven't tried to explore it as soon as possible. The attractions here are that it might take travelers more than a year to explore these islands and understand its rich heritage fully with numerous places to visit in Havelock. Since most travelers do not have that much time to spare, even a week-long trip can be ideal for uncovering the most popular attractions and activities to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are many tourists to explore in Andaman sightseeing, things to do in Andaman, and it has lagoons of crystal clear water and scenic beaches topped with a little bit of history that makes it one of the perfect choices for vacation. Adventure activities are the best things to do in Andaman for a fun-filled vacation.



Q.1 From where can I book my adventure activities in Andaman at the lowest price?

Ans You can get adventure activities in Andaman packages at lowest price with Sea Water Sports.

Q.2 Where can I get the discounts upto 50% off on must do things in Andaman like water sports?

Ans You can get the best discounts of upto 50% off on must do things in Andaman with Sea Water Sports.

Q.3 Which is the best company with the best offers to book packages top things to do in Andaman?

Ans Sea Water Sports is the best company that provides the best offers on the packages to try things to do in Andaman.

Q.4 What is the Best Place for trying adventure activities in the Andaman Islands?

Ans The best place for trying out adventure activities in Andaman Islands is Havelock Island.

Q.5 What are things to do in Andaman in April?

Ans There are numerous things to do in Andaman in April, including scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, and many more.

Q.6 What are the top 10 places to visit in Andaman?

Ans The top 10 places to visit in Andaman are: 1. Elephant Beach 2. Corbyn's Cove 3. Radha Nagar Beach 4. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum 5. Ross Island 6. Chidiya Tapu 7. Havelock Island 8. Gandhi Park 9. Zsi Museum 10. Barren Island

Q.7 Are things to do in Andaman Nicobar Islands like adventure activities challenging to perform?

Ans It is effortless to do things in Andaman Nicobar Islands as adventure activities listen to your instructor.

Q.8 What is the best thing to do on things to do in Havelock Island Andaman?

Ans The best things to do in Havelock Island Andaman is Sea Walking.

Q.9 What is the Best Time For Neil island activities?

Ans November to May is the best time for Neil island activities.

Q.10 Can non-swimmers try things to do in Baratang Island like scuba diving?

Ans Yes, non-swimmers can try things to do in Baratang Island like scuba diving.

What is there for you in Andaman?

A traveler who arrives in Andaman from all over the world searching for some adventure will never be disappointed. This place is full of businesses that have the power to excite you with every form and plan, which gives you a new experience. One can find numerous destinations here that can make anyone's holiday super fun. Whether you are a traveler, beginner or just adventure lover, this place has something to offer to every type of adventure enthusiasts. So, if you are searching for the best things to do in Port Blair, Andaman is one of the best places to try it out. Andaman is a stunning archipelago of landmasses where you can take pleasure in water sports and discover sea life. There are many things to do in Andaman from the romantic boat ride to scuba diving, exploring rare corals, watching fishes and turtles and plenty of Port Blair places to visit. Andaman is mostly visited by adventurous souls from every corner of the world to enjoy various water sports like seaplane ride, sea walking, scuba diving, kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling.

The presence of blue sea water around the states provides tourists with an excellent opportunity to engage in adventure sports in Andaman. The resorts and sports centres of Andaman are equipped with provisions required to participate in water sports. The water sport of snorkeling reveals to the tourists the aquatic life of Andaman sightseeing. The lagoons of the place are composed of the live corals and fishes that make the marine flora and fauna. The islands of Andaman are surrounded by shallow waters that are favourable for the sport of snorkeling.

What can you explore in Andaman?

Usually, when people think of Andaman, they think of its picture-perfect beaches, delicious cuisine, ancient monuments, and scenic landscapes. But the adventure seekers think about water sports in Andaman, which everyone should add in a list of things to do in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Andaman is an ideal and popular tourist destination in India as it is a place that offers everything that one expects from a holiday. This beautiful place provides comfort, excellent infrastructure, adventure, luxury, great food, stunning views, and entertainment. In short, there would never be a dull moment when you are in Andaman.

When you reach the haven of Andaman, you can be sure there are infinite things to check off your to-dos. The adrenaline rush of the place includes every aquaphile's dream - water sports. The crystalline waters coast of Andaman deems it perfect for a host of water-related activities. Scuba diving is a trendy water sport that involves seeing eye-to-eye with giant fish. Floating with the rhythm of the waves makes your heart soar. If you are up for more, you could also go for other things to do in Havelock Island like snorkeling, jet-skiing, fishing, kayaking, and many more. The crystal clear waters of Andaman draw many travelers across the world. It is pretty famous for its beaches, and it is a hot spot in India. Andaman is well known for its white-sand beaches, colourful corals, sapphire lagoons, and omnipresent silence. If you are looking for a peaceful and chaos-free vacation, then this is the place for you. Andaman is a stunning archipelago of landmasses where you can take pleasure in water sports and discover sea life. 

What are the things to do in Andaman?

While Andaman is known for its beaches, sightseeing, glamour, and beauty, one of the main highlights is that it is high on adventure with plenty of things to do in Andaman and Nicobar. There are a lot of adventure activities in Andaman that you would be able to enjoy.

1. Scuba Diving

Andaman is home to some beautiful beaches. Moreover, as it is close to the coast, it is also a great place to go scuba diving. So, if you are a water sports adventurer, you would enjoy these things to do in Neil island. There are several scuba diving centres in Andaman. Hence, if you are a beginner or have never tried diving, you can get the same training. While there are several scuba diving sites in Andaman, one of the best and the most popular diving places in this place is Havelock Island.

2. Sea Walk

Sea walk in Andaman things to do is one of the many adventure activities offered by the island to the tourists that they must indulge in, for a unique experience. One can try Sea walk in Havelock Island, and it is an activity in which a large glass dome is placed over a person's head, while oxygen is fed into the crown via a tube. The person is lowered on the seabed, not very deep though. Thus a person can easily walk on the seabed, looking at the marvellous underwater world and can enjoy an activity unlike any other.

3. Snorkeling

It is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy the underwater wonders of activities in Andaman. You don't need to carry a full air tank on your back, and you don't need any scuba diving certifications or too much diving experience to be able to discover vibrant and colourful coral reefs teeming with tropical marine life. Most snorkeling spots in Andaman are also readily accessible, bring your mask, snorkel, and fins, and hit the shoreline. The tropical waters around Andaman are ideal for snorkeling.

4. Jet Ski Ride

This sport is counted among the most favoured ones in Andaman because of the thrilling Experience and the terrific speed it allows, while you are swaying over the oceanic waters. It is a perfect activity for those who seek adventure and want to spend some time with family and friends by doing this thrilling Jet Ski ride in things to do in Andaman Nicobar.

5. Speed Boat Ride

From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline hits the roof as you speed in mere centimetres of water along the famous North Bay Island. The speed boats are trendy among the water sports of Andaman. A fast speed boat ride is the best way to absorb the fascinating ambience of the beaches. Experienced operators accompany the boats. Unlike many other glasses of water, sports speed boat rides are not dependent on the weather. However, to avoid any unlikely mishap, you should avoid riding during storms or a heavy downpour.

6. Fishing

For centuries, Fishing in Andaman has been an important tradition among the locals for centuries, which means that the game fishing enthusiast will reconnect with the barest essentials of the sport in an undiscovered environment and free from the claws of commercial activity. 

7. Sea Plane Ride

Seaplane ride In Andaman Indulge in the enthralling and scenic attractions of Andaman with a fantastic Sea plane ride in Andaman. And enjoy the spectacular view of the Andamans starting from the charming beaches to the mini island. If you find any exciting things to do in Andaman, then a seaplane tour is the best tour for you.

8. Swimming with Elephant

Have you ever imagined to swim with the Elephant in an open sea? Then, Swimming with Elephant in Andaman is best to experience. If you have visited Andaman and Nicobar's Havelock Island before, chances are you might have heard about Rajan. Rajan is an elephant, aged 65+, famous amongst locals and returning tourists for his fantastic ability to swim. Yes! he is the only Elephant who can swim in the ocean. It is a brilliant sight to see this old Elephant swim in the sea. The trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands is not complete unless and until you watch the elephant swim. It is a fantastic sight to see these heavyweight champions swimming in the sea on Havelock island things to do. You would be surprised to see them swimming and that too for long hours at a stretch.

9. Kayaking

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is not just about high rises and chic structures. Its natural side is lovely too. One of the best ways of enjoying the natural beauty of the place is by indulging in kayaking. The kayaking tour in Andaman would be not only exciting but also a relaxing one. 

10. Trekking

The most superior activity among the land-based adventure activities in Andaman is Trekking. At reasonable rates, multiple trekking types are available in Andaman like jungle trekking, beach trekking, and many more, which have quite a large number of admirers. Remarkably different from the alluring ordinary photographs of the sunset, the beaches, and the beachside restaurants. Trekking in Andaman shows us the second facial expression of the state.

11. Parasailing

You can experience the fun and thrill as you try parasailing in Andaman above the twinkling waters of Andaman. Parasailing is one of the favourite water sports in Andaman. You will tie behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute. So, you can fly like a kite behind the boat as it speeds off into the sea. It is a superbly thrilling activity, and there are chances you might get to dip into the water too, while parasailing.

12. Dolphin Watching

Andaman brings to you an excellent Dolphin glass-bottom ride that lets you discover the underwater kingdom that is quite enthralling. With Dolphin Watching in Andaman you need to do this by boarding the glass bottom boat and finding several marine life species that includes reefs and fish.

13. Seakart

The Experience Set sail into the Andamans' unexplored oceans, a place where the mind is as calm as the ocean waves. Experience the adrenaline rush, away from salty coastal life. Cruise through the sea with Seakarting in Andaman as though you were driving home an unforgettable memory.

14. Sailboats

Andaman Island has it all when it comes to water activities. A very recent tour that has started on the island is the experience of sailboat in Andaman where you can explore the island in an old fashioned way, by a sailboat.

15. Sofa ride

Sofa Ride in Andaman, one of the best casual water sports in Andaman. Sofa Ride is one of the most casual water sports you can enjoy in Andaman. The ride is a completely balanced trip of thrill and fun, with just the right number of splashes that makes it a fun venture for families.

16. Bella Bay Cruise Ride

TSG Bella Bay is one of the latest travel activity that has launched in the islands in 2018. Now, the Bella Bay Cruise Ride in Andaman is relatively different than the others. This cruise is available only in Port Blair. Many water sports activities and trips in Andaman are available only in Port Blair, and very few are available in Havelock Island.

17. Surfing

The best surf is located on Little Andaman, south of Andaman Islands and it is where you will find Kumari Point, the best wave in the area. A few surfing expedition companies are running charter boats from Port Blair, which is probably the best option to make the best of your surfing in Andaman Islands.

18. Paragliding

Paragliding is an adventure sport, where the participants do free flying with a gliding aircraft with no rigid structure. No prior training is required while experiencing Paragliding in Andaman since a trained co-pilot will accompany the participant.