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Most of the people plan their trip to Goa and enjoy it thoroughly. In the previous blogs, we provided you the information as to how you can make the most of your time in Goa. Now, we are going to guide you through some of the popular places near Goa where you could think of spending some time after you are done with the enjoying in Goa. Goa is undoubtedly one the most compelling vacation destinations for the people belonging to all the age group but at the same time, there are places around Goa that still remain unexplored by many people. These places are worth a visit as they have a picturesque view and also offer a lot of exciting activities and adventures one can think of indulging in.

One of the first and foremost places near Goa where you should certainly pay a visit is the historical Aguada fort. It’s a Portuguese fort that was constructed in the 17th century to guard the Dutch and the Marathas. The famous lighthouse of the Aguada fort is the major tourist attraction for the people visiting it. Fort Aguada is the most prized and crucial fort built by the Portuguese. It still stands tall and has become a popular tourist attraction for the people visiting Goa.

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After you are done with exploring the magnificent Aguada fort you should head towards the majestic Dudhsagar falls. Dudhsagar fall happens to be one of the dream destinations for the tourists from all across the country. People from various parts of the country come to the Dudhsagar falls to experience the adventure it has to offer. Trekking at the Dudhsagar falls is also one of the most popular activities amongst the adventure lovers. People visiting Goa should certainly pay a visit here. This fall is located on the boundary of the Indian States, Goa, and Karnataka. The mesmerizing beauty of the Dudhsagar falls also attracts many Bollywood directors as there are a large number of movies that have been shot here.

Scuba Diving near Goa happens to be one of the well-known water activities for people visiting Goa. There is a wide range of water activities and water sports that people can indulge themselves into while their visit to Goa. Snorkeling is one such activity.There are various scuba diving centers in and around Goa.ver, Scuba diving at Grande Island appeals to a lot of tourists due to the scenic beauty it has to offer to the travelers. Talking about Grande Island, it is located very close to Vasco-da-Gama. It is surrounded by water from all sides and hence the only way to reach the Grande Island is through water transportation. Apart from experiencing different kinds of water sports and activities, one can also take the pleasure of dolphin sightseeing while their trip to the Grand Island. Sea Watersports provides you all the required facilities. We even take care of the pickup and drop service. Prior training related to scuba diving is provided to all our clients before they dive underwater. Our efforts ensure that you make the most of your time in Goa.

Just adjacent to the Grande Island is the famous monkey beach. Long ago this beach was popular for the monkeys that inhabited here. At the time of your boat ride to the monkey beach, you can spot a number of local fishermen fishing in the sea. Simultaneously, you can also enjoy dolphin sightseeing. You can enjoy fishing in Goa at this famous beach. Your lunch will be taken care by us. We are sure you would enjoy your time witnessing the beauty of this beach in Goa.

Goa offers a wide variety of seawater sports activities like parasailing, jet-ski, bumper ride, banana ride. You should not miss out on the opportunity of enjoying these activities while in Goa. Goa scuba diving rates are quite less as compared to that of other places.Scuba diving in Malvan is also a wonderful

opportunity for the beginners to explore the underwater world. The water in Malvan is crystal clear which makes scuba diving easier for the beginners. Bondla wildlife sanctuary is also a place worth visiting. It is located in northeastern Goa and is part of the Ponda Taluka. It is a popular destination for both tourists as well as the school children. You can witness a different variety of wildlife in this sanctuary. A wide range of species of snake can also be spotted here. This is the only zoo in the state of Goa. This makes it even more popular amongst the citizen of Goa as well as people visiting Goa from various parts of the country.

So now that you have discovered places in and around Goa that are worth paying a visit, its time for you to call up your friends, pack your bags and head towards Goa. This excursion to Goa will be a memorable one for you, and Sea Water Sports will try its level best to provide you all the comfort and adventure you wish to experience while you visit Goa. The places near Goa are sure to take your breath away. So get ready to make the most of your vacation or your weekend getaway, you won’t be disappointed. Instead of spending your weekends clubbing, you can opt for taking a small break from your busy schedule and spending time in Goa. This small getaway will refresh your mind and body and you will be all set to join your work once again with full enthusiasm once you are back from vacation. What’s stopping you? Say goodbye to all your worries because it’s time for the fun to begin in Goa. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding anniversary or just a reunion of old friends, nothing can be a more suitable place than Goa for spending time. Get ready, the fun in Goa awaits you. Sea Water Sports has catered the needs and demands of all of its customers and has managed to build a good reputation among the watersport companies. We will leave no stones unturned to make your time in Goa a memorable one.

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