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Wave Surfing Rental

wave surfing rentalwave surfing rentalwave surfing rentalwave surfing rental

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Regardless of whether as a hobby or a genuine game, surfing is the perfect activity that guarantees the delight of a lifetime. Remaining upright while surfing through the under-belly of a wave is an astounding accomplishment that surfers endeavour hard to get the hang of. It was in 1969 when the sport of surfing was presented and today it has turned out to be a hit amongst the most prominent games, with billions of surfers riding waves far and wide. There is no age constraint with regards to this game as it can be aced by any individual who has the heart, want and fitness for it. Wave Surfing in Goa is also catching up amongst the tourists. A surf board is a long board that is generally light, yet solid and sufficiently strong to help a person's body weight, in the case of standing or lying level. Invented in Hawaii, many individuals regard this game as a lifestyle.

Surfing in Goa is a unique activity as you learn to fiddle with the power of the mighty ocean and feel the surge of the adrenaline. Hop in the ocean with your best buddies and catch some waves. The fun level automatically gets up by few notches. You can surf directly near the river mouth or be adventurous to surf near the reefs. As per the time of the year, the swell can make 2 foot reeling points to head high.

We at Sea Water Sports provide you with wave surfing rental. We have a full range of long boards and foam boards too. We are the best in the business so be assured there won’t be any disappointments. There are experienced skilled instructors to guide you to play with the splashing waves. If you are an expert surfer, you must be aware about the importance of the surf board. Your performance depends upon the quality of the board. You can get many variety of surfing gears from us. We have all types surfing equipment to cater the needs of every type of surfer, be it a beginner, trying to surf for the first time or an expert surfer looking out for thrill. The duration of the trip will be of about 60 minutes. You are requested to carry along swimwear, T-shirt, shorts etc. You will need sun cream, hat and sunglasses and towel. The tour is operational from October to May. Pickup and drop can be availed at extra cost. So grab your gears and ride the waves in a unique experience and fell the thrill of the activity.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimsuit, T-Shirt, Shorts


Sun cream, hat, sunglasses

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