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Wake Board Rental

wake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rentalwake board rental

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October - May


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Wakeboarding offers the combination of three water sports - water skiing, snowboarding and surfing into one. It is a surface water activity, where the rider skims over the water body on a wakeboard, which will be towed behind a speedboat at a speed of 30-40 km/h relying upon different factors, for example, the board size, the body weight of the rider, speed and the sort of moves that the rider plans to complete. The wake boards can likewise be towed by an option of different choices, for example, closed course cable systems, winches and individual watercraft among others.

Wakeboard lovers pick this type of water activity as they are in love with the speed and enthusiasm that goes with it. Added to this is the test of adjusting the weight and balancing the body while remaining on the wakeboard. The ride gives them a surge like no other. Wakeboarding is not a simple game, but rather it can be learned as long as you have the will and are expert in the act of balancing. Again, as in any water sport, the utilization of the correct gear is important. Utilizing great quality and strong wakeboards and related hardware can enable you to convey an awesome execution and avoid incidents that could have hazardous outcomes. While wakeboarding, you will require a wakeboard and ties, protective helmet, and buoyancy aids along with your wet suit and related swimwear.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your day exciting with this rousing wake board activity in the pristine waters of Goa. Feel the exhilaration while breaking the rushing waves. We at Sea Water Sports provide the wake board rentals. If you are a learner, let our team of experienced trainers teach you the technique of wake boarding. You will be learning the tricks in no less than an hour and soon will be splashing over water in no time. We have everything you require from boards to ties to toe ropes and vests. If you require a boat, we will be more than happy to provide you with one. We take the guarantee that our wake board equipment is in the best quality. We ensure that your wakeboarding sport in Goa will be completely hassle free and worth your time and energy.

October to May are the best months to participate in Wakeboarding in Goa as the skies are clear and the waters are not snappy. The main difference between Wakeboarding and water skiing is that wakeboarding is easier to pick up and require minimal practice to balance. Wake boarding is done at a very less speed which makes it preferable for all age groups. Wakeboarding can be availed all through the year except in monsoons where wakeboarding facilities remain shut.

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