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With elongated coastline, breezy beaches, and bright skies, Goa has ample scope for the adventure lovers who want to be in the water in all ways possible. So whether you are a nervous first timer or an adventurous water sport lover, the pristine waters of Goa have a lot of things to offer to everyone. Goa is blessed with exotic landscapes and many water bodies. So let loose the adventure junkie in you and indulge in the different water sports Goa has to offer. You can choose from a wide variety of water sports adventures according to your mood and desires. Bodyboarding in Goa is one adventure water sport that you will definitely want to try.

Bodyboarding is quite easy and enjoyable water sport, which almost anybody can enjoy irrespective of any age group. A bodyboard is made up of hydrodynamic foam which is small and its shape is a rectangle. After Tom Morey’s discovery of the famous Boogie Board, it is also called Boogie Boarding. During body boarding, the rider has to ride the board on his crest and face and apparently when that is done properly, the under currents of the wave should carry him/ her to the shore. Since this is a surface water sport, the use of swimming fins is purely the choice of the surfer. However, the expert riders swear by it, insisting that they feel it adds up more miles while riding a wave.

So, grab this opportunity. We at Seawater Sports provide body boarding rental in Goa at a feasible price. Hit the waters as you get the opportunity to board with our seasoned riders. In case you are a first timer, let our trainers guide you for a first-class experience. At Seawater Sports, we have all the technical knowledge and skill to assure the first timers as well as the skilled body boarders get their money’s worth. You can either take up a training course or opt to boogie board/bodyboard with us whenever you are taking another trip to India’s well-known holiday destination – Goa. You can enjoy other sports activities also if you opt for the Goa adventure sports packages.

All the gears will be provided by us. Your safety in water is our primary concern and is on our priority list. So you need to follow the instructions given by our skilled professionals. You must get a swimsuit or a pair of drip and dry shorts/t-shirts, sandals with straps or flip-flops and waterproof sunscreen. The location for body boarding is at Baga Beach.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses



As dolphins are allowed to roam free in their natural habitat; the sea, there’s a 1% chance you may not see one.


With over two decades of experience, you can leave that up to us.


In case you miss your chance to spot Goa’s famous hump-back dolphins, you will get 50% off on your next trip as well as you’d have done a fair bit of sightseeing (sights include: The Portuguese Jail, Aguada Fort, The Billionaire’s Palace , Asia’s first light house and Goa’s beautiful coastline) despite not spotting any dolphins.


Some of the must-haves include: Camera with extra storage space, head-cap or visor, sunscreen, binoculars and a windsheeter/jacket. Though none of these are crucial pre-requisites to book a trip, having them would help you enjoy the trip more.

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