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Kayaking Rental

₹599/-per person

Kayaking is a unique sport amongst the most appealing water sports that allows many adventure buffs to have a very close brush with the waterways, coasts and backwaters of Goa.

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Wave Surfing Rental

₹899/-/per person

Sea Water Sports gives of the best water sports activity called Scuba Diving, the activity involves underwater diving and breathing.

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Wake Board Rental

₹1799/-/per person

Wakeboarding offers the combination of three water sports - water skiing, snowboarding and surfing into one. It is a surface water activity, where the rider skims over the water body on a wakeboard

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Surf Board Rental

₹499/-/per person

Goa the small state, located in the western coast of India is famous for touristy beaches, a happening nightlife and almost 300-year old Portuguese architecture. Goa’s beaches are known across the globe

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Paddle Board Rental

₹1499/-/per person

Now get an experience of relaxation with Dolphins in Goa. Variety of dolphins can be found in Goa. Everyone loves Goa and spotting dolphins skipping, carefree and unrestricted has always been the like a coffee day in the rainy season.

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Boady Boarding Rental

With elongated coastline, breezy beaches, and bright skies, Goa has ample scope for the adventure lovers who want to be in the water in all ways possible. So whether you are a nervous first timer

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