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Goa, during c.1000-500 BC in the later Vedic period when the Hindu epic “Mahabharata” converted into the written, Goa has been known with the Sanskrit name “Gomantak”, a word with many meanings, signifying in the main a fertile land; but, it's far from the Portuguese who gave Goa its name. Before they arrived at the scene, Goa, or Gove or Gowapura, turned into the name only of the port town close to the mouth of the Mandovi River. This turned into additionally the identical website on which the Portuguese later built their capital, today’s Old Goa.

The Early era

Goa changed into a part of the Mauryan empire of Emperor Ashoka. It has been recognized by other cultures by way of distinct names. Some of the names it turned into acknowledged through within the historical global are Indian Aparant, Gomant, Govarashtra, Goparastra, Govapuri, Gopakpuri, Gopakapattana, Gove. The remaining four being the names of its capital.

Mythology and Legend

Legend ( and records to some extent) has it that a segment of Saraswat Brahmins,(one of the sub-sects of Brahmins who devour fish) became the first wave of Brahmins to settle in Goa. This organization of Brahmins changed into referred to as Saraswats because of their origins from the banks of the River Saraswati, a historical river that existed in Vedic times.

The river Saraswati finally dried up and brought on big-scale migration of this organization of Brahmins to all corners of India. They reportedly took the sea direction and did now not use land routes. The first institution of Saraswat Brahmins who settled inside the Goa vicinity were called “Sastikars” due to the fact they settled inside the 8 villages of Sasti taluka.

Today’s Salcete taluka derives its name from the Sanskrit phrase “Sassast” which means the wide variety 66, Tiswadi derived from the Sanskrit phrase for the quantity 30, and Bardez derived from the Sanskrit word for the range 12. Their settlements referred to as agraharas set the pace for agriculture and development inside the area in partnership with the neighborhood indigenous humans, the Kumbh is. The earliest “Matha” of the Saraswat community turned into the “Kavli Math” based in 740 AD and established at Kushasthali near Keloshi in Goa. This Math becomes sooner or later destroyed by way of the Portuguese in 1564 however the culture persisted on elsewhere.

This early land reclamation by way of the Saraswats also provides the basis of a very popular concept of the origin of Goa, with its foundation as recorded in the “Skanda Purana”. It is known that the Lord Vishnu, in his sixth avatar as “Lord Parashurama” shot an arrow from the high top of the western ghats into the ocean. He then commanded the ocean or “Lord Samudra” to withdraw where the arrow fell and claimed that land to be his kingdom, that exact spot is reported “Benali” (in Sanskrit for ‘wherein the arrow landed’), or these days’ Benaulim, the land around it, today’s Goa. He is likewise said to have added the Brahmins from Trihotra in north India and settled them in Goa. This is taken into consideration nowadays to be extra mythology than records. .

The Hindu era

The Hindu dynasties managed Goa for the subsequent 700 years. The numerous dynasties that managed Goa at some stage in this era are, the Scythe-Parthians (2nd -4th century AD), the Abhiras, Batpura, and the Bhojas ( 4th – 6th century AD), the Chalukyas ( from sixth – eighth century AD) and the Rashtrakutas of Malkhed (eighth to tenth century AD). This turned into followed with the aid of the Kadambas (1006 AD-1356 AD).

The Kadambas had been specific due to the fact they have been a local dynasty that slowly got here to dominate the scene via forging alliances with their buddies and overlords, the Chalukyas. The Kadambas are credited with building the primary settlement on the website of Old Goa inside the middle of the 11th century, whilst it turned into referred to as Thorlem Gorem. The death of the ultimate Chalukya king in 1198 weakened their alliance and this uncovered Goa to the vulnerability to Muslim invasions that happened constantly after that.

The Muslim era

The invasion of Goa by way of the Bahamini Kingdom in 1350 delivered about complete destruction to Goa, its temples and its institutions.The Bahaminis created a brand new city to facilitate trade at the northern banks of the river Mandovi, a city known as Ela. One of the kingdoms specifically Bijapur (which changed into the capital of the territory) covered Goa and turned into ruled by means of Sultan Yusuf Adil Shah Khan.

The Early Portuguese Generation

The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut, in contemporary Kerala in 1498. They quickly realized that they needed to have a permanent trading post set up to successfully achieve this. Repeated tries to do just that alongside the Malabar coast ( managed by the Zamorin of Calicut) of India proved hard and subsequently, they determined to strive their good fortune northwards along the coast.

As revenge for his in advance defeat, he massacred and decimated all of the town’s Muslim populace over the next three days. He, however, spared the Hindu populace and appointed Timoja as his Thanedar. By 1543, the Portuguese were able to make bigger their manipulate over Salcette, Mormugao and Bardez. For this reason finishing their first section of expansion into Goa.

Golden Goa

By the quit of the sixteenth century, Goa had already reached its peak and become referred to as “Golden Goa” or “Lisbon of the East”. Albuquerque’s hobbies initially became the best commerce as a result, the Portuguese were pretty tolerant of the Hindus though the same was not with the Muslims. The saint left a lasting impression on Goa and is appeared these days as Goencho Saib or the Patron Saint of Goa. For extra on the Saint click on Goencho Sahib.

The decline of Golden Goa

By the mid 17th century, Goa’s decline as an industrial port commenced to mirror the decline of Portuguese electricity within the East as a result of several army losses to the Dutch and the British. The Dutch had taken manipulate over the spice alternate – the original reason for Portugal’s jap growth.

The struggle with the Marathas and the New Conquests

The first assault changed into Sambhaji, son of Shivaji’s defeat changed into narrowly avoided by using the appearance of their rivals, the Mughals at the scene. The 2nd attack in 1737 became led by using King Shahu, grandson of Shivaji and this led to a truce. The treaty of may also 1739 gave manipulate of Portugal’s northern Indian provinces which include Bassein to the Marathas in return for the withdrawal of Maratha forces from Goa. These acquisitions known as the” Novas Conquestas ” had been quickly incorporated with the Velhas Conquistas which includes Salcette, Bardez, and Tiswadi.

This 2nd and very last segment of Portuguese enlargement were instead one of a kind from their initial conquests. By the time these territories were added, their mind-set had modified and their zeal for religious conversions had died down. In an abnormal quirk of destiny they banned the order of Jesuits in 1759 because they believed them to be puppets of the pope in Rome.

As an end result, the “New Conquests” retained their Hindu identity, a characteristic that persists even nowadays, and that is additionally why there may be a spiritual/cultural/language or dialect difference current in Goa between the Talukas of Bardez, Tiswadi, Mormugao and Salcette on one side and Sattari, Pernem, Ponda, Bicholim, Quepem, Sangem, and Canacona on the other side.

The language

Sanskrit turned into used because of the legitimate in Goa and all through Konkan for many centuries. Konkani evolved a whole lot later. His magnum opus is the “Krista Purana ” or “The tale of Christ”, written within the style of Hindu Folklore. Hence his and a few different conclusions changed into that they had been meant for using the common humans who could not study them in the original.

There is also evidence that the clergy promoted Portuguese, made a robust attempt within the 17th century to smash Konkani as the notion that it might help convert extra to Christianity. In spite of all this until 1961 handiest 5% spoke Portuguese, primarily in administration and inside the industrial sector. It changed into simplest after liberation and statehood did the dream of Konkani because the country language noticed realization.

Christianity in Portuguese Goa

The Portuguese delivered Christianity to Goa. One of Vasco da Gama’s desires in finding the sea direction to India becomes to find new Christians. Upon touchdown at Calicut in 1498 he was surprised to find a thriving Christian community set up by means of one of the Last Apostles of Jesus, St. Thomas. This but did not forestall the Portuguese from selling their very own brand of European Christianity- Roman Catholicism.

The next organization that became extra successful in propagating Christianity was the Franciscans, who arrived in Goa in 1517. For the next zone century they had been lively in conversions now not most effective in Goa but also the bordering areas of India. Upon hearing of this success, Pope Paul II finally raised the popularity of Goa to an Episcopal. He appointed the First Bishop to take rate who unfortunately never made it to India as he died soon after appointment. The most a hit institution to arrive soon after had been the Jesuits of the newly formed Society of Jesus.

With the advent of St. Francis Xavier S.J., certainly one of its founders, the pastime of the Jesuits went into overdrive. His preaching of the gospel took him to Macau, Japan, Philippines and on the doorways of China. His untimely demise at the desolate island of Sanction in the South China Sea placed a give up to his career but now not his legend. The saga of the incorruptibility of his body subsequently caused his canonization and sainthood in 1622 and his relics preserved for posterity on the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa.

The other Missionary and religious orders that settled in Goa consist of the Dominicans in 1572, Theatines in 1640, Order of St. John in 1681 and the Carmelites within the 1700s. The most effective nunnery in Goa turned into the Monastery of St. Monica, hooked up in 1606.

The technology of nonsecular repression

Alfonso de Albuquerque had not interfered with Hindu spiritual practices other than forbidding the exercise of Sati. He also did not wreck any temples in the course of his reign. From 1540 onwards, underneath the impact of the counter-reformation in Europe and with the arrival of the Inquisition to Goa, this liberal policy becomes reversed. Strict censorship of literature changed into soon imposed. New legal guidelines forbade the general public profession of every other religion besides the Catholic religion.

Even the Syrian Christians who were in India earlier than the Portuguese were handled as heretics together with the Jews and Protestants. Hindus additionally came to be affected and they had been accused of being disrespectful to Christianity. Hindus had been forbidden to go to Temples in adjoining areas now not controlled via the Portuguese and had been pressured in some instances to wait Churches and concentrate on the Gospel. Christian converts were favored in the appointments of Goans to public office and a few positions have been reserved for those new converts.

The regulation on paper nonetheless laid down that the “Conversion to Christianity of humans from other religions had to be with the aid of persuasion and not by means of force”. This but changed into no longer practiced in reality. An exception to this law was made in 1559 while a decree ordered Hindu orphan kids to be passed over to the College of Sao Paulo in order that they can be baptized and knowledgeable as Christians through the College.

The converts normally took on the name of the priest or the College who or in which they had been baptized. After conversion, they had been anticipated to make a smooth wreck from their Hindu past. Not only had their names changed however also their meal habits, social customs and even dress needed to agree to the way of the dwelling of the European Christians. Several antique Hindu practices had been enhanced of their Christianized versions. The location of honor given to the own family deity changed into now given to the Oratorio. The flame burned earlier than a crucifix and diverse Christian saints. The Tulsi plant in front of the residence gave manner to the Cross in the front of Christian houses and Christian prayers now accompanied pre-marriage ceremonies. In the village, the Novem ( harvest procession) turned into headed via a Christian priest in place of a Hindu one and he additionally carried out the conventional blessing of the primary sheaves of Paddy.

The Portuguese also carried out the compulsory studying of the Portuguese Language under the Viceroy, Count of Alvor ( 1681-1686). He forced Goans to give up Konkani and this induced a considerable wide variety of people to flee Goa to neighboring India.

This repressive coverage of the Portuguese endured till the mid-1700s and underwent an entire U-turn due to one character-The Marquis of Pombal.

Pombal and the Jesuit expulsion was appointed in 1750 and become propelled to strength by the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. He successfully masterminded the rebuilding of Lisbon and this made him very effective and influential in the eyes of the King and the court. The assassination attempt on the King on September 8th, 1758 gave him a possibility to purge his enemies and did so with a vengeance. In 1761, Pombal issued an edict confiscating all Jesuit belongings to the crown and arrested and imprisoned all the Jesuits. An overall of fifty-three Jesuit monks was performed as co-conspirators within the assassination plot. The Jesuit chief, Fr. Malagrida changed into hanged and others burned at the stake. All of the remaining Jesuits were expelled from Portugal.

The fallout of the Jesuit expulsion had its instantaneous ramifications on all components of life in Goa. The maximum crucial effect becomes felt on schooling. Replacing Jesuit teachers and professors become a hard task. The best effect was however felt on the commercial front. The Jesuits had invested a sizable amount of their resources in each sphere of the industrial hobby in Portuguese Asia and were concerned in shipping, building, exchange, and finance. They had been the custodians of the crown funds, managers of Goa’s Royal Hospital and answerable for the renovation of the fortifications and minting of coins at a few places. They also owned massive tracts of land all over. The maximum vital other decision of Pombal that had a long way reaching results and changed into welcomed by all became the suppression of the Inquisition in 1774.

Pombal’s Legacy

It seems that Goa turned into Pombal’s best beneficiary. Though the expulsion of the Jesuits becomes controversial, the suppression of the Inquisition becomes welcomed via all. There turned into however more. For extra than half a century before his coming to strength, neighborhood Goan clergymen have been used by the clergy to do the low rung work. They have been in no way promoted or appointed to better positions. Pombal’s ancient decrees of 1761 and 1763 amongst others, called for commencing up the Clergy and numerous nonsecular orders for all subjects irrespective of their being white or local in starting place. As a result of this, the first Goan become appointed to the Cathedral bankruptcy in 1762. The Religious orders who had in advance refused to admit natives in their ranks some years ago started out accepting Goans. The neighborhood Theatines were the first to achieve this and shortly all different non-secular orders followed suit.

The length from the 1820s to Twenties has appeared as one of the exceptional times for Goans with regards to non-secular and political freedom. Portugal turned into a monarchy till 1910 and became replaced by democracy and was declared a republic. All citizens, be they Hindus, Christians, etc have been guaranteed person freedom and liberty beneath the civil code. All this changed in 1928 with the dictatorship beneath Dr. Antonio Salazar.

Prelude to liberation

From the very beginning, because the conquest with the aid of Albuquerque in 1510, there have been many unsuccessful tries to overthrow the Portuguese. The earliest rebellion took place in 1550 when the human beings of Assolna, Velim, Cuncolim, Ambelim, and Veroda launched an attack at the colonialists but they failed of their strive. Their leaders were arrested and carried out.

Then got here the widely recognized and well-organized plot called the “Pinto Revolt” in 1787. The leaders of the plot have been some outstanding priests of Goa belonging to the “Pinto Family” who had the aid of a few army officers of Goan beginning. A huge number of arrests have been made and crook proceedings released against its leaders. forty-seven participants of the group had been arrested and prosecuted as plotters which include 17 clergymen.

On 14th January 1835, a Goan, Bernardo Peres de Silva, become appointed Perfect with the powers of Governor of Goa through the government of Queen Maria II of Portugal. He becomes born now not some distance far from Old Goa and acquired his training on the Rachel seminary, the Goa Medical School after which Portugal. There he became politically lively as a liberal and this eventually brought about his appointment to Goa because the “Perfect or Governor”, the primary and the remaining local Goan to be so appointed. His appointment became no longer preferred via his counter factions at Lisbon and he turned into forced to relinquish his post quickly after his arrival at Goa. After being in office for the simplest 17 days, he changed into arrested with the aid of the army on February 1st, 1835.

A new Governor, the previous Viceroy Manuel de Portugal e Castro changed into appointed in his location. Bernardo Peres de Silva became deported to Bombay and the military took control of Goa at some point in the interim period. In the counter-revolution that followed, a faction of the army unswerving to him took management of Terekhol fort and invited him back. This subsequently led to a showdown at Terekhol fortress wherein his supporters lost notwithstanding British support. His supporters and troops loyal to him had been massacred and he, in the end, took refuge in India and by no means returned lower back to Goa.

Bernardo Peres de Silva

The Ranes of Goa-based totally in Sattari and Sanquelim have been widely known for their tries to dislodge the Portuguese from Goa. In all there were reportedly approximately fourteen rebellions out of which the most successful one became organized by means of Dipaji Rane in 1852. He carried at the fight against the Portuguese for 3 and 1/2 years and ultimately the Portuguese authorities made peace with him.

The Portuguese agreed to extend protection to village institutions, abandon repressive non-secular measures and grant fashionable amnesty. Dipaji Rane turned into awarded a sword of honor and the honorary name of Captain. There become some other unsuccessful rebellion in 1895 by means of Dada Rane. The final riot of the Ranes occurred in 1912. There were distinct agencies preventing the cause, one led by Mourya Sawant from the north and the alternative by way of Jhil Sawant from the south. They had been joined by Quistulo, who changed into a Christian toddy- tapper. The Portuguese government ordered their contingent of Negro troops all the way from Mozambique to assist them in quelling the insurrection.

They in the end succeeded and the 3 leaders were taken. Quistulo was shot dead at Assonora inside the residence of his mistress who turned into bribed with the aid of the Portuguese to offer away his whereabouts. Mourya Sawant becomes beheaded while asleep; and Jhil Sawant becomes caught, imprisoned and ultimately deported to the island of Principe in Portuguese West Africa, in which he died in exile.

Alongside those rebellions become the try via a few members of Goa’s indigenous elite to take part within the colonial and countrywide governments of Portugal. As early as 1822 Goans had been approved to elect, on a franchise determined by way of assets and religious affiliation, two representatives to the Portuguese parliament. In 1910 professional discrimination against Hindus became repealed which in turn brought about an outburst of intellectual, cultural and political life in Goa.

Unfortunately, in 1926 all of this hobby led to Goa, in addition to in Portugal. This came about because in 1926 Portugal became taken over by right-wing Prime minister Dr. Antonio de Salazar who finally became a dictator. In 1933 Salazar’s ” Acta Colonial” rescinded the confined franchise earlier to be had to Goans. Many of Goa’s knowledgeable elite, discouraged by this sudden and unexpected reversal, emigrated to Bombay. It was in the main in Bombay that nationalist movements arose to venture Portuguese colonialism. The most influential Goan nationalist, Tristao de Braganza Cunha, mounted a relationship with the Indian National Congress. It turned into his expectation, as well as Nehru’s, that when the British had left the subcontinent, Goa would nearly right now be deserted by using the Portuguese government.

Prelude to Liberation

The Indian has an impact on – the suppression of liberties in Goa beneath the Salazar dictatorship introduced the socialist chief Dr. Rammanohar Lohia from India to Goa. The satyagraha movement in Goa in the end endured as much as November 1946 all through which duration a number of leaders had been arrested for defying the ban on civil liberties. However, by using the give up of 1946, the satyagraha movement had died down. The Portuguese authorities then began adopting repressive measures to root out the movement from Goa.

In 1949 Nehru’s authorities sent a challenge to Lisbon to barter with the Portuguese government approximately the withdrawal from Goa. To Nehru’s surprise, the Portuguese government refused to even discuss the matter, allow alone the problem. By 1953, the Indian venture turned into closed and diplomatic relations among the governments have been conducted via intermediaries.

The Portuguese dictator Salazar defended his function in a speech presented to the Portuguese National Assembly on November 30, 1954. It is always historical facts, and no longer geographical outline, that fixes frontiers, institute rights and imposes sovereignties. For the Indian Union to claim to turn the clock of history again to the 15Ith century, to return ahead now and make out that she already existed doubtlessly at that time, or to set herself up because the rightful inheritor of those whom we found retaining sway there is elaborate of static dreamers; it isn't always for the dynamic shapers of records that the men who acquired an empire from England want to be”.

India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on July 26, 1955 in cope with to the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha, stated ” Despite it does no longer need that anything must be said in the basis of the claim to Goa, I shall, nevertheless, venture to mention some facts. There is, of course, the geographical argument. Then the Government of Portuguese claims that Goa is an essential part of Portugal. That statement is so illogical and absurd that it's far instead hard to deal with. It has no relation to facts…I am not going into the antique history of the Portuguese possession of Goa, but I think many individuals will keep in mind that this history is a totally darkish chapter of India’s history”.

A few weeks later, on September 17, 1955, Nehru stated “In Goa, we have a great picture of the 16th century facing the 20th century, of a decadent colonialism facing a resurgent Asia, of a free independent India being affronted and insulted by means of the Portuguese authorities, of, in fact, Portugal functioning in a manner which, to any questioning person, is so incredible in its incongruity within the current global that he's a bit taken aback”.

The National Congress in addition to the Liberation Council believed in non-violence while the Azad Gomantak Dal devoted itself to combat the regime via anything way, consisting of using arms. The Portuguese Government inside the meantime started arming, with troop concentrations in Goa and appeared to be equipped to declare conflict on India. The Portuguese Dictator Salazar refused to barter with India.

Prelude to Liberation

Unheeded warning of Nehru – The Indian Government continued a low profile up till the year 1961. In October 1961, a seminar turned into held in New Delhi on “Portuguese Colonialism”. It changed into properly attended through representatives from around the world and also from the existing Portuguese colonies around the sector. This has been suggested to have added a trade-in Jawaharlal Nehru’s considering the problem which until then become “through nonviolent negotiation”.

Following the conclusion of the seminar he is said to have publicly made a declaration at Bombay, he stated ” We should assume afresh now because of the happenings in Goa, particularly inside the previous couple of months, instances of torture have come to our be aware and the terror this unfolds there with the aid of the Portuguese.

When I say afresh, I imply that we have been pressured into thinking afresh through the Portuguese to undertake another way to solve this problem. When and the way we do it can't be forecast now. But I don't have any doubt that Goa will quickly be free”. This warning changed into ignored via the Portuguese and Salazar and the subsequent events modified Goan history forever.


On December 17, 1961 finally after 450 years, the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru ordered the military aggression and abolition of Goa. A Portuguese military of 3,000 ill-ready troops become outnumbered by 30,000 Indian troops, supported with the aid of the Indian air pressure and navy. The Portuguese Governor fashionable Vassalo da Silva surrendered.

Last Portuguese Governor standard Vassalo da Silva – Within 3 days Goa turned into included in India in a close to bloodless operation-“Operation Vijay ” on December 19, 1961. The other Portuguese territories of Daman and Diu were additionally taken over at across the identical time and accordingly was shaped the “Union territory of Goa, Daman, and Diu”. December nineteenth is widely known as Goa Liberation Day.

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Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is located in north Goa. The main attraction of Candolim Beach, Goa is Aguda Fort. December to February is the most suitable time to go to Candolim Beach, Goa.

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is one of the beautiful beaches as well as it has a distinct bohemian feel which is no longer found in other areas, such as Calangute Beach and this inevitably of Arambol Beach.

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History of Goa

Scuba Diving

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calangute Beach

If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.

calangute Beach

If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.

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Culture of Goa

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Food Culture of Goa

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Handicrafts of Goa

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Traditions Goan Attire

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Neighborhoods in Goa


If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.


If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.

North Goa

If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.

South Goa

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Vasco Da Gama

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If you are a foodie who likes to experiment, do try the Goan Fish Curryin goa.

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Our Customer Reviews

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Literally got to view a magical underwater world while scuba diving in Goa. Had an amazing experience. Went with may family and enjoyed a lot. Thank You Sea Water Sports!

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Wow Experience for Adventure boat trip!!! Value for money package. Will recommend Sea Water Sports to other visitors. Very co-operative crew on the boat.

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Had an amazing experience during the Scuba Diving in Malvan. Went with my friends and enjoyed a lot. This was our first time we went for scuba diving in Malvan.

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I went for adventure watersports in Goa with my wife and children. They guided us really well. Marvelous experience. Must to do water sports...I strongly suggest to do these water sports in Goa.

Varun Singh

A well planned South Goa sightseeing tour. I visit with my wife and children. We visited some of the famous attractions like beaches and churches of Goa. It was an awesome experience.

Rohan Kapoor

Great experience and unforgettable memories! We did Adventure boat trip specially Snorkeling was the best of all. We had fun doing all the adventure activities in Goa.

Varsha Agrahari

Had a great time while doing bungee jumping in Goa. I had lots of fun doing bungee jumping. It’s been an amazing time. I just loved it.

Ruchi Sinhal

It was alluring to watch cute dolphins in their natural habitat. I'm glad that I went for this dolphin trip. Thank You Sea Water Sports for giving us such an amazing experience.

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After experiencing hot air balloon with my kids I would definitely say this is one of the most adventurous activity by Sea Water Sports.

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An unforgettable Snorkeling experience for me. For the first time got an opportunity to get into snorkeling and witness the colorful marine life. Thanks a lot guys for an amazing experience.

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Flyboarding experience for the first time! Got an Amazing experience! A little expensive, but must say, for the safety standard that Sea Water Sports is the best!

Ritvik Sharma

This was my first time i did kayaking. I am not a great swimmer, but the trainers made sure I got the hang of it quite quick and reassured me of the safety too.

Arnav Goswami

It is nice to have fun at snow park in Goa. We enjoyed a lot with our family, it was one of the most visit place of Goa, we played with snow. We took many photos and videos also.

Ishaan Babu

We had a lot of fun, swimming at the waterfall. Lunch at the spice plantation was really good & we also had an elephant ride which was really great. Sea Water Sports is a great organiser.

Kabir Singh

Grand island trip was the best experience for me. I enjoyed every water activities in Grand Island. Boat trip in Grand Island was amazing. Thank you Sea Water Sports for best services.

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It was an excellent trip with Sea Water Sports. DudhSagar waterfall visit is one of the best memorable trip of my life. The natural beauty of waterfall were the best. It was an awesome experience.

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Sea Water Sports provided me very nice service with great price and a fantastic Dolphin trip. Dolphin Sightseeing was amazing. I enjoyed a lot watching dolphins.

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I visited Goa last month. I enjoyed so many things there in Goa. I enjoyed water sports on beaches. I booked my activities from Sea Water Sports. These guys provide me best package for Goa tour. Thank you Sea Water Sports.

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South Goa Tour is one of the best place in Goa. Beaches are very beautiful and safe. I enjoyed seafood on there. I enjoyed lots of thing in South Goa. Thank you Sea Water Sports for the packages.

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I got an amazing experience for adventure boat trip in Goa. Lovely music and hospitality at the boat. I enjoyed a lot at the boat trip with Sea Water Sports. Thank You!

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Really very memorable experience. Goa is the best place for scuba diving. Where I saw the beautiful marine life. Thank you Sea Water Sports for fantastic service.

Where is Goa located?

Goa is located in the konkan region which is bounded by the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

How to reach Goa?

Airways- The nearest airport is at Dabolim near Vasco da Gama. The airport is connected to all the domestic airport of Goa.

Railways- Railways is best when it comes to travel. Goa railways is connected from Bangalore railways from Delhi railways makes it easily accessible. Two most preferred railway stations by visitors are Margao and Vasco da Gama.

Roadways- Tourist can hire private cars or bus to travel in Goa. You can hire Goa's motorcycle taxi that carries only one passenger at a time.

Waterways- Visitors can go for ferry services that are perfect when it comes to visiting in Goa.

What is the best time to visit Goa?

September to mid-March are the best time to visit Goa. These few months is the peak season in Goa. Goa offers the celebration of many festivals in these following months.

What are the top tourist attractions of Goa?

Dudhsagar Falls- Witness the beautiful waterfall situated in the boundary of Goa and Karnataka

Calangute beach- In Goa, very famous and largest beach

Fort Aguada- A well-preserved 17 century Portuguese fort

Chapora fort- For beautiful views of the Chapora river

Basilica of Bom Jesus- This church is UNESCO marked World Heritage site.

Ashwem and Arossim Beach- Quiet beaches which are away from the crowd

Mollem National Park- Dwell to number of species of wild cats, birds, snakes, butterflies and many more

Is Goa perfect for honeymoon couples?

Goa is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India because of its charming beaches, beautiful sunsets, hotels. Witness night time beach stroll, spend some quality on a houseboat doing some sky gazing or go for a romantic dinner on a cruise in Goa.

Can one visit Goa with their family?

Goa is the perfect holiday destination with white sand beaches and wonderful underwater marine life, Goa is just the perfect choice for a family trip and have something to offer for all.

Is Goa safe to visit?

Yes, Goa is absolutely safe to travel. Right from a family trip to a solo traveller to a honeymoon vacation, from a group of bachelors to group of elderly friends all are safe in Goa.

What are the drinking laws in Goa?

As per the drinking laws of Goa, 18 years and aboves is the only legal drinking age to consume alcohol.

Is it worth visiting Goa for adventure lovers?

Yes, Goa is worth visiting for adventure lovers which offers a wide range of adventurous activities to do for adventure lovers. These adventure activities are also very affordable in price.

Which are some popular sites in Goa famous for adventure activities?

Calangute beach, Baga beach, Grande Island are some of the popular sites in Goa famous for adventure activities.

How is the Nightlife of Goa?

This Nightlife of Goa is filled with fun and adventure. Goa offers most charming beaches for an enjoying nightlife, silent disco, delicious cuisines will make your night perfect.

Which casinos are popular in Goa?
  • Deltin Royale
  • Casino Pride
  • Deltin Jaqk
  • Deltin Caravela
  • The entry fees for these casinos are Rs. 1500 to 2500 approx.

List of the beaches you can visit.
1. Palolem beach 2. Calangute beach 3. Baga beach
4. Arambol beach 5. Colva beach 6. Agonda beach
7. Morjim beach 8. Butterfly beach 9. Mandrem beach
10. Morjim beach 11. Butterfly beach 12. Mandrem beach
13. Cavelossim beach 14. Betalbatim beach 15. Patnem beach
16. Bambolim beach 17. Cabo de rama beach 18. Candolim beach
19. Chapora beach 20. Miramar beach 21. Chapora beach
22. Dona Paula beach 23. Querim beach 24. Benaulim beach
25. Sinquerim beach 26. Mobor beach 27. Betul beach
28. Talpona beach 29. Cansaulim beach 30. Galgibaga beach
31. Polem beach 32. Siridao beach 33. Bogmalo beach
34. Majorda beach 35. Ashwem beach 36. Kakolem beach
37. Velsao beach    
Which pubs are must to visit in Goa?
  • Silent Noise Club
  • Sin Q
  • Club Cubana
  • Club LPK
  • Cafe Mambos
  • Nyex Beach Club
  • Leopard Valley
  • Cohiba
  • Red Square
  • Curlies Beach Shack
What are the emergency numbers of Goa?
  • Women's Police Helpline 1091
  • Ambulance 108
  • Wockhardt NUSI Hospital 6684444
  • Hospicio Hospital 2703801
  • Galaxy Hospital 2266666
Which adventure watersports one must try in Goa?

Jet Ski, Parasailing, Bumper ride, Banana ride, Speed boat ride and may more adventure watersports one must try in Goa.

Which are the popular hotels in Goa?
  • Britto's Goa
  • The Leela Goa
  • Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa
  • The Baga Beach Resort
  • Acron Waterfront Resort
  • Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach
Where is Dudhsagar Waterfall? Is it worth visiting?

Dudhsagar waterfalls is a huge waterfall which is situated on the Mandovi River on the boundary of the two Indian state of Goa and Karnataka. It is worth visiting and must visit spot on your Goa trip.

Which are the popular churches and forts in Goa?
Popular Forts:
  • Chapora Fort
  • Cabo De Rama Fort
  • Corjuem Fort
  • Reis Magos Fort
  • Fort Aguada
Popular Churches:
  • Se Cathedral
  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • St Alex Church
  • Francis of Assisi church
What one can do in South Goa?
  • Relax at beaches of South Goa like Colva, Benaulim, Cavelossim Beach, and many more
  • Sightseeing at Cabo De Rama Fort
  • Visit popular Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
What one can do in North Goa?
  • Visit popular forts like Chapora Fort, Corjuem Fort, Reis Magos Fort
  • Relax at the popular beaches of North Goa like Kerim Beach, Arambol Beach, Mandrem Beach, Morjim Beach, Chapora Beach and many more
What are the popular cuisines in Goa?

Sea foods and Cashew feni are the most popular cuisines in Goa.

Is Goa expensive?

Yes, Goa is little bit expensive but it worth visiting.

Where can we go for water sports in Goa? What is the approximate cost of water sports in Goa?
  • Dona Paula
  • Majorda
  • Anjuna
  • Bogmalo
  • Calangute
  • Colva
  • Candolim
  • Vagator

The approximate cost of water sports in Goa is Rs. 1500 approx

Is it worth visiting Goa for Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is the most explored water activity in Goa where you will get colorful marine life which includes best corals and fishes.