Cancellation Policy seawatersports

Cancellation and refund policy

• 15% deduction if cancelled 8 days or more in advance
• 25% deduction if cancelled 7 days in advance.
• 50% deduction if cancelled 5 days in advance.
• 100% deduction if cancelled 1 day prior to booking or on the same day.
• Refunds only through cheque for bookings made by cash/cheque/bank transfer/Paytm etc.
• Online refunds for bookings made through the website usually take 3-5 working days*.
• Credit/debit card online refunds will only be made against credit/debit card bookings and usually take 7 working days.
• The original receipt/invoice must be presented for processing the refund with ID Proof of the person whose name is displayed in original receipt/invoice.
• Credit/debit card cancellations will be charged 5% extra.
* In some cases it may be delayed as per the situation.