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Want To Have Some Amazing Fun With The Family? Try The Banana Ride In Goa!


Watersports Goa is a major attraction and the best way to enjoy the serene beauty of Goa. From the speedy rides to the blue waves of the ocean, Goa has so much to give you in a weekend or a well-planned holiday. There are many Activities in Goa that one can enjoy and make the most of their vacation. Some of them are Scuba Diving, Knee boarding, Banana ride in Goa, Water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing and much more which adds to the fun. There are beautiful and huge cruises in Goa. Goa provides with the plenty and multiple options to go about. We make sure that all these rides provide adrenalin rush. The waves of the Arabian sea and the Mother Nature of Goa will surely make your vacation special and memorable.

When you reach in the area where the activities are supposed to happen, you’ll find our office located in the streets. You can approach us anytime and enquire about the activities or book it. We sure you with all the safety equipment but just to make sure you’re safe, we will ask you to confirm with your family once as per the terms and conditions.

A really amazing and adrenaline rush activity to go for with your family would be Banana ride in Goa. It’s a fun water sports activity to enjoy with family as well as friends or colleagues of office. Goa vacations become more interesting when you spend some amazing days with your family and friends. And so this ride is made for people like you to make some family memories before you go home!!

banana ride in goa

Banana ride comprises of an inflatable boat that is actually shaped like a Banana and is connected with a speedboat which pulls it along as it moves ahead with high speed. Everyone riding on the banana must hold the handles tightly to survive the high-speed waves of the water while there chances that the banana might flip thereby dropping it’s passengers into the water(you’d be really lucky to hold on).

The Banana Ride is indeed an exciting activity for all the age groups, whether it’s children or the adults. All can experience the fun. This ride is allowed for only 5-6 passengers in a row. No one should worry about the children’s safety while enjoying this ride.  Your safety is our priority and so we make sure the right equipment is provided to the kids as well. Kids must be 10 years to experience the Banana ride.

Sea Water Sports makes sure that your vacation is one that you can never forget in your entire life and so our rates for all the rides you experience is at affordable prices.

All we want you to do is click on the BOOK NOW icon and stay adventurous and to experience the most unforgettable weekend or vacation with us!!

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