Want to explore Baga beach, one of the top beaches in Goa and get an experience of water sports which includes parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet ski and many more.

Filled with the full of Life, Baga Beach is the most famous beach of Goa. Baga beach is known for its brook, water activities, scuba diving adventure, and fun. Baga beach is famous amongst youth as well as elders. Baga beach is fun-filled beach is one of the best spots for experiencing the memorable nightlife.

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Whether it is the water sports or the cuisines, Baga Beach in Goa is just full of fun and joy. Baga Beach in Goa is one of the beaches in Goa that remains alive whether it is night or day. Baga Beach is one of Goa’s most famous beaches. Baga Beach is bounded by the Baga Creek situated in the northern, and Calangute beach in the south. There are many shacks, cafes, pubs, markets, restaurants, Adventure Water Activities to explore. This beach is quite beloved for its nightlife. Baga beach has become more famous for an Adventure Boat Trip which takes you around two kilometers away from the beach stretch for Dolphin Sightseeing. However, the company dealing with, do not give you the assurance of you being able to view any dolphin during this trip due to the changing season.

Baga beach is named after the Baga Creek that locates in the Arabian Sea on the northern part of the Baga beach, this is absolutely one of the most famous beaches in Goa.

If you are an adventure junkie with a special fond of water sports, there can certainly be no better beach for you than Baga Beach. The different types of water sports activities offered here are adventurous with vast choices. Starting from the leading ones, you can explore your way up to more claiming Water Sports Activities in Baga Beach. Select your favorite activity which includes banana ride, bumper ride, speed boat ride, Jet Ski, adventure boat trip, and parasailing if you wish to explore the scenic scenery of this Beach.

The nightlife of Baga beach

The nightlife of Baga Beach is more adventure as it is quite popular due to famous nightclubs and pubs. The clubs and restaurants are the main visitors’ attractions of Goa where you can find its real nightlife. You will get different theme parties that have the advisable kind of music, which you will definitely like listening to it. If you are with your partner, explore a candlelit dinner at night or go for traditional Goan cuisine in any coastline shacks. For the one who likes to listen to music can adore Rock and Roll in Cavala is more charming that is formed every Saturday night.

Nightlife in Baga Beach

Facts on Baga beach

  1. Baga Beach is heaven for water activities lovers. One can get various options for water sports which include banana rides, bumper rides, Jet Ski, parasailing and many more.
  2. Baga beach is about 15 kilometers north of Panaji, the capital of Goa. Baga beach is 8 kilometer from Mapusa. It lies between Calangute beach and Anjuna beach.
  3. In Baga Beach, there is a car park for 800 vehicles at the northern end of Baga Beach.
  4. Baga beach is named after the Baga Creek which is located in the northern part of Goa.
  5. The closest railway from Baga Beach is at Vasco-da-Gama which is 42.7 kilometers away.
  6. The closest airport from Baga Beach is at Dabolim which is 39.9 kilometers away.

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Best time to visit Baga Beach

The best month to explore Baga Beach in winter, between the months of November and February. It is usually between 31°to 32°Celsius at that time. Monsoon weather is the best time too, but the humidity is likely to be high. Water may also be rough. The summertime, from the middle of March to early June, will be hot. But still, there will be lean people at the Baga beach.

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Things to do on Baga Beach


Baga Beach in Goa has many familiar views among all of the beaches of Goa. The gentle palms lean away in the backdrop of the Baga beach surely makes for picturesque scenery. One can also explore Casa de Retiros which is devoted to St. Francis Xavier and provides some delightful views of the sea.

Thing to do in Baga Beach


Shopping at Baga Beach is an amusing experience. The market there is a wonderful street shopping treat where you can try out food items from all over the world. Mackie’s Night Bazaar is an experience in its own right and you can shop for garments and knick-knacks or spend your time enjoying the food, music and live entertainment acts. A magic shop by the name of World Famous Magic Shop even offers to teach its patrons magic within 2 minutes, so don’t forget to crave some time for it too.

Shopping in Baga Beach

Water Activities

The huge coastline of Goa offers many chances to enjoy water sports on Baga Beach. Indulge in water sports activities like Scuba diving. One can also go for a jet ski, speed boat ride, dolphin rides, adventure boat trip or bumper ride. For those who simply love to sit by the beachside. Adventure sports like snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, jet-ski, etc., are simply a flutter affair of fun-filled experience. Other than this, enjoying other leisure activities like bird watching, fishing is another main activity that gives memorable moments to adore for a long time. Fishing on Baga Beach will awfully attract you to explore there as you will find a huge number of fishermen returning back. You can do many of these water sports activities. Water activities packages are also available that include multiple water sports for kids as well as adults. You can book them online with Sea Water Sports at a reasonable rate.

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