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Sun, Sea And Fun at Malvan And Tarkarli


 Sun, Sea And Fun at Malvan And Tarkarli

Malvan is a small town in Sindhudurg also famous for the Sindhudurg Fort, Malvani food, the world famous Alphonso mango. It is a place to look out for by the non-vegetarians especially seafood lovers. The major attraction to Malvan – Tarkali Scuba Diving beaches is raw, unperturbed beaches, Forts and the green natural surroundings. Tarkali, a place on Konkan coastline is a place you would want to get away with if you are looking for some let-up, away from the maddening crowd. Tarkali is one of the most beautiful beaches in India, famous for its untouched white sands and crystal clear exquisite sea. It is located where the Karli River merges with the Arabian Sea which is approximately 8 km to the south of Malvan. Tarkali is blessed with an enviable climate throughout the year, but still, the perfect time to visit the place will be from October to March. You ought to visit this land of awesome beaches, swaying palms, and serene waters just the place to unwind and be one with nature.

Tarkali is the perfect vacation destination if you are in search of some solitude, chill out by the sea in the absence of the mob present at a populated beach. There are innumerable beach resorts at Tarkali located a few km from the beach. You can find hammocks strung between the trees offering a laid back relaxed attitude. There are many houseboats cruising along the Karli River, letting you take a peep in the rustic Konkan life. The houseboats have full modern amenities and open air upper decks for a comfortable stay. These houseboats also offer a rejuvenating backwaters sailing.

scuba diving in tarkarli

If you are on a lookout for some beach water sports in Tarkali, you won’t be disappointed. Out of the few countable names in Maharashtra offering snorkeling, Tarkali has a mesmerizing marine world to look out for. Many spots like Devbaug Sangam, Vengurla rocks etc. are recognized as snorkeling sites. You can see docile turtles, shoals of multicolored fishes and if you are lucky enough you may encounter a shark while you discover the coral reefs. Snorkeling in Tarkali will leave you asking for more. You will literally fall in love with the aquatic life under the sea. There are jet skiing, kayaking, banana rides and water scooters for those looking out for some excitement in Tarkali.

Scuba diving in Malvan is fast catching up these days. India has very few places offering scuba diving, Malvan is one of them. This is because of comparatively clear sea water. Malvan is the hot spot destination for scuba diving and snorkeling with surface oxygen supply. If you want to see numerous live corals and the mystical colorful sea life, you need to dive near the outer walls of the Sindhudurg Fort. Even a non-swimmer can also go for basic scuba diving. The most surprising thing here is that you can buy tea, coffee, snacks from one boat to other.

For snorkeling in Tarkali and Malvan, you get approximately 20-25 minutes of hands-on underwater world dive with about 20-30 feet depth while for scuba diving in Tarkali and Malvan you get about half an hours’ time to get hypnotized by the magical marine world with a depth of 40-60 feet. All the gears and equipment will be provided to you. But you need to follow the instructor’s rules to the T. Of course, an expert will remain with you always in both the water sports to guide you. With few additional charges, you can get photos and videos for snorkeling and scuba diving. For the beginners, there are expert coaches whose first priority is your security. They will make sure that you will take back wonderful and long-lasting memories of the enchanted aquatic life. All the life jackets, diving gears, snorkel face mask are provided.

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