Sea-Lovers! Experience Fly Boarding in Goa

Fly Boarding in Goa

Yes, Iron man is real for adrenaline junkies. As compared to various water sports that people are experiencing, Flyboarding in Goa has gathered the attention of many sea-lovers in Goa. Have you ever imagined propelling yourself up in the water with your own hose that is attached to your feet known as wakeboard? This wakeboard attached to a long tube or adapter which is also called as PWC (Personal watercraft) which will push you through the water and let you jump and swim gracefully like a dolphin or the way you want. It just works according to your body movements, if you want to stand, stand straight or if you want to roll over yourself and fly high in the sky the fire hose will let you do so.

This water sport was invented by the Franky Zapata a French Water-craft rider. This is the fusion between the wake-board, surf, kitesurf and Jet ski in Goa. This was just a normal water-sport later it turned out to be the famous water-sport sensation for the spectators.  We have professionals and experts to instruct and give you tuitions on how to undergo this mind-wrecking sport. But anxious people have to stop panicking because it does seem breath-taking that way it takes a person back and forth in the water through the jet-ski. So the one who is a swimmer or has the guts and confidence of performing this sport can opt for this. And of course, the instructors will provide you life-vests so that you aren’t worried. This will let you fly to the maximum height of 15m above the water. So if you’re a sea-rider, experiment as many water sports as possible in Goa including this one.

This sport is performed between October and May and the price for this activity is unbeatable as compared to many western countries.  Book your flyboarding tour packages in Goa and gear yourself up to fly high on the water and boost up your adrenaline. Especially for adventure enthusiasts, you cannot miss the opportunity of this sport. This is not just for the teenagers, if you want to feel the ecstasy then we recommend you highly to go for it by trusting the professionals who will guide you through each and every step. Spill your gut and enjoy this water-sport with your mates. It will be an unforgettable experience and will make your Goa Trip an unforgettable one.

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