Rajbaga Beach In Goa

Acquiring its name from the famous Rajbaga Residency near the beach, the Rajbaga beach has always prided itself on being one of the best, serene, and cleanest beaches found in Goa. Rajbaga Beach is a beautiful place situated in South Goa, the beach has a mesmerizing 1 km long shoreline which offers a lovely time at the beach. Rajbaga Beach is situated in the Canacona region of South Goa and is among its prettiest shores. Beginning from the southern end of the Patnem beach, the Rajbaga beach is just 1.5 km away. From the famous Palolem beach, it lies 3.5 km to the south, in the Canacona region in South Goa. From Margao, the culture capital of Goa, the beach lies at a distance of 45 km.

Rajbaga Beach in Goa, also known as Rajbagh is situated 4 km south from Palolem Beach, in the Canacona region. In spite of being a relatively untouched shoreline, the beach is littered with exquisite properties, which makes it an exclusive beach destination. The 1 km long beach is undoubtedly one of the best and the tidiest beaches in Goa. The sand in Rajbaga Beach is clean and it is perfect for an evening walk and the water is safe for swimming.

Water Sports in Rajbaga Beach

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 Accommodations in Rajbaga Beach

Almost the whole Rajbag sea coastline is occupied by luxury five-star hotels, among which the most famous one is The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa Hotel. There are no other variants and types of accommodation here. While the Rajbaga beach is wonderful place with its gorgeous landscape, it is not cheap to stay.

Things to do in Rajbaga Beach

With clean sands perfect for strolling and a do-nothing vacation and pristine waters, the beach makes up for one of the tidiest beaches of Goa. Small yet extremely beautiful, the Rajbaga beach is a line up with stretches of pure sand lined by high palm and heavy pine trees which separate the Rajbaga beach from the neighboring Patnem beach.

Interestingly, the beach is maintained by the Rajbaga Residency found close by and it would be less to say that it’s doing a very good job at that as you will find the place spotless and clean. Even though this beautiful Rajbaga beach is not private, the beach gets very few visitors except a few from the hotel.

While you are spending your vacation at Rajbaga Beach, you can enjoy a hand-paddled ferry ride in the Talpona River. The low tide of the clear blue waters is perfect for swimming and other water activities with heavily skilled and efficient lifeguards to help you out of difficult situations. You can also find some fishing boats and join the fisherman in fishing.

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How to reach Rajbaga Beach

You can reach Rajbaga Beach in South Goa from any nearby beaches by taxi or rickshaws services taking or simply on a rented scooter or motorcycle. During low water, you can walk from Patnem Beach and Palolem Beach to this paradise.

Places to visit near Rajabaga Beach

Snow Park (Goa), Baga Beach, Grand Island, Ancora Beach, and Club Tito’s (Goa).


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