Querim Beach In Goa

Querim Beach is also called Keri beach, it is a sunny haven of sand, sea, and serenity in the northern part of Goa. To add some culture to your trip, visit an old fort, an ancient temple, and historic Goan houses. The northern beaches in Goa are its ‘Party Capital’ but there are still certain beaches that break the norm and offer calmness and serenity. Querim Beach or Keri Beach is one such beach here, it is situated on the northernmost tip of Goa. The Terekhol Fort here lies just on the shores of this magnificent beach and can be reached via a ferry from the beach itself.


Querim Beach is not that much popular as compared to other beaches such as Arambol or Mandrem, which is why there are just a handful of shacks that offer local cuisines such as Vindaloo, Fish Fry, or Sorpotel. If you want to experience the nightlife of Goa, Querim may not be the best option but for some peace it is. Querim Beach is a perfect place for you if your idea of Goa involves sitting by the beach with a chilled beer and solitude and calmness. The coastline of Keri Beach Goa is bordered by rows of Casuarina trees, a constant defense against the threat of shore erosion.


Querim Beach is a hotspot for fishing activity, making the Querim village an important fishing village to Goa. The beautiful Arambol Mountain can be seen in the background. This pristine Querim beach Goa serves as the perfect escape for those looking to get away from the commercial and crowded side of Goa and revisit its natural charm. Visit the turquoise-and-white Ajoba Temple along the beach. This temple is so ancient that its inception date has been lost over time. Also, it browses the centuries-old Goan houses just off the beach. You can enjoy a cheap and delicious Indian curry with naan bread at one of the small beach shacks.

Accommodation at Querim Beach

Those who are looking for the backpacker life can opt to stay at No Name hostel or Dreamcatchers hostel, while those looking for a slightly more luxurious vacation can choose to stay in the neighboring Arambol, which offers many more lodging options for tourists. However, when it comes to staying in Querim Beach in Goa, there aren’t many options available. It is thus recommended that you stay at the neighboring Arambol Beach from where Querim is just 20 mins away by road.

Water Sports in Querim Beach

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Things to Do At Querim Beach

Querim Beach is one of the calmest and laidback beaches in Goa, Querim isn’t particularly known for its water sports activities. However, during the high season between November to March you can find a few kite surfers here. You can also choose to spend your time at one of the beach shacks on the shore. There is also an option of paragliding on the hill adjacent to the beach. There are various operators offering the activity in Querim as well as Arambol beaches.


You can also do trekking over the rocks and hills adjacent to the beach. If none of these is your cup of tea, you can always chill at the beach on one of the shacks. Some of the more popular ones include Dolphins, God’s Gift Shack, Omkar Beach Shack, etc. You will get plenty of options for things to do in Querim Beach. However, keep in mind that these are very basic and offer good food and beer at a pocket-friendly price.


If you are looking for a good food experience, you can always head to Armabol Beach, which has far more options when it comes to cuisines and culinary experiences. The area of Querim Beach is also rich with the presence of various temples such as Ravalnath Temple and Ajoba Temple, where you can get the true taste of the local culture. Querim Beach or Keri Beach is also the beach closest to the Tiracol or Terekhol Fort; you can take a ferry from here to visit the fort and be back the same day. Although the Tiracol or Terekhol fort has been converted to a heritage hotel, you can still look around the fort and you can even catch a meal at the restaurant.


One of the lesser-known and best ways to truly enjoy the taste of Querim Beach is to take a walk through dense Arambol Forests behind the Sweet Water Lake at Kalacha Beach or Palolem Beach to reach the hillock next to Querim.

Siridao Beach – Paradise for shell collectors


Best Time to visit Querim Beach

Visit Querim Beach between October and June to avoid the wet season.


Places to visit near Querim Beach

Shri Ajoba Temple, Arambol Mountain, Querim Caves, Harmal Beach, and Tiracol Rocks Beach.


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