Goa is a state situated in India with the coastal region known as the Konkan in the southwest of India. It has various religions, and cultures which make it quite a different state compared to any other state in India. Goa is the smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population in India. It has got the wave of welcoming everyone with its beaches, clubs, and cultures. Goa is the place where a lot of people come across the Indian tradition and culture. You can see in Goa, Christmas is celebrated as grand as the other Hindu festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi. For the purpose of administration, Goa has been divided into two districts, North Goa and South Goa with headquarters in Panjim and Madgaon respectively. Goa is one of the popular states for beaches, clubs, nightlife. It is also famous for water sports activities that happen on various beaches in Goa. It is frequently visited by western and domestic tourists to witness the beautiful and best beaches in Goa across the country.


Goa is called as a perfect destination for people who need a break from their busy life schedule. Goa stands out for its calm and intense landscapes. The major attractions are the beaches and clubs that drive people crazy. There are some famous beaches for youngsters and foreign tourists where you can stroll around on the sand and shake a leg with the beer and enjoy the picturesque view of the sunset. The popular and most visited beaches among the locals and the foreign tourists are Anjuna, Arambol, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Chapora, Colva, Dona Paula, Palolem, and Miramar beach.

Among them is the Candolim beach that is located in the North Goa just south of Calangute Beach and referred to as the prominent destination among the other beaches. It looks similar to the other beaches but stands out for its less crowd and best beach shacks to hang out. It serves delicious and mouth-watering sea-food and visitors come on a regular basis to satisfy their sea-food hunger. They provide sun loungers and live music on the beach. what more one can ask for if they get to dine with toes in the sand, Goan favorites and beer served on the table with the welcoming colorful lanterns hanged on the roof. Candolim beach is one of the cleanest beaches and has a large number of dunes covered with a scrub that draws the attention of the tourists. Candolim beach happens to be famous for its water sports. People visit Goa from various countries just to experience the thrilling water activities. Favorable climate, quiet waters, the sunny atmosphere is perfectly suitable to undergo water sports here. The popular sea-sports include Jet ski, Banana ride, Parasailing, Paragliding, and Bumper boat ride.

If you want to explore the waters and feel the adrenaline rush, you must really have to try Jet-ski. This sport is made for the people who love to experiment with different activities in life. The service provides quality equipment and water-craft so you can enjoy fully without any fear. Jet ski in Goa is controlled by 100-135 hp. It is one of the most energetic and exciting water sport to participate, you need to carry sunglasses, sun cream, Swim-wear and rent a water-craft. It will be one of your life memorable experiences to enjoy a Jet-ski in Goa.


And second is the Banana ride in Goa, A perfect water ride to have quality time with family and friends. An inflatable boat that resembles the shape of a banana. This sport is famous among people because of its fun and the high-spirit experience it has to offer.

This boat is connected to a speedboat and people have a fun time riding the banana-shaped tube . 4 to 6 people can be seated in this banana-shaped inflatable boat at a time.


Though it is a fun ride, you have been also provided with life-jackets and quality equipment and guide you about everything for safety.

It’s a repetitive process of getting flung into the sea and hauling back on the banana tube. You are likely to be tired but you will certainly have memorable fun with this sport.

Parasailing in Goa is one of the most famous recreational activities among tourists. Those who love to fly in the sky would love to pursue this water-sport. It is the safest activity as the experts carry quality parachutes and guide you before your experience parasailing.

Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing is one of the cheapest activities in Goa compared to other states. Many adventurers opt for this sport for a life-changing experience. The government of Goa even offers experts for the tourists to guide them about this sport.

Participate in this exciting activity and fulfill your dream of flying high up in the sky. It will be an unpredictable experience to observe the cityscape of Goa under the sky.

Paragliding in Goa is the serene experience one can witness through the sky. It ranges from 15 minutes to hour and operations are available in the month of September and May.

You just need to go through a course where experts will guide you with everything about the activity and will provide you the safety measures.

You can paraglide alone or you can bring along someone and experience this fun-loving sport. Enjoy the delightful and enthralling water sports in Goa.

Take this exciting flight and fly above the sky to witness the picturesque view and alluring beauty of Goa with the bird’s eye view.

Goa is the place where you can never have any dull moment, it attracts people with the pristine nature and the shores of the Arabian sea.

The Bumper Boat Ride is the latest water-sport people perform coming from various countries. It can be performed by any age group.

Bumper Ride in Goa

 It is a recreational activity that doesn’t need any experience. Experts will provide you with safety measures and life-jackets.

It is an exciting ride one can undergo and can have quality time with family and kids. 2 to 3 people can be seated in this boat and can enjoy this thrilling experience in Goa.

It would be a wonderful experience for the adrenaline junkies. A fascinating water encounter is incomplete if you haven’t experienced a Bumper ride in Goa.

Catamaran sailing this is the latest sportspeople can enjoy and witness the natural beauty of Goa while sailing through the sea. It is the perfect water sport for honeymoon holidays.  Experienced trainers will guide you through the art of sailing and will even provide a well-equipped boat. During the sail,  the service will provide snacks and drinks. It will be a fun-loving ride to notice the coastal areas in Goa. Cataraman sailing can be enjoyed with friends, business associates, family. Goa offers short courses for Catamaran sailing for the beginners and equipment on rent for experienced sailors.  People even watch dolphin sights while enjoying sailing through the sea. Take a day out of your busy life to undergo this exciting new sport.

Scuba diving in goa

Scuba diving in Goa is the most popular water sport to experience. Candolim beach in Goa is the best place to perform this water sport.

 Enjoy the marine life without thinking about the outside world. The experts will provide you with an underwater self-contained breathing apparatus and also guide you through the safety measures.  People can witness beautiful aquatic creatures that include Lionfish, goatfish, snapper jacks.


 You don’t need to be a professional swimmer to undergo this activity. Enjoy this thrilling activity in Candolim beach that will bring peace to your adventurous soul.

This would certainly be a truly incredible journey to experience sea creatures and the beautiful flora and fauna underwater.

Candolim beach has got popular sightseeing and attractions that tourists visit throughout the year. One of the most popular Portuguese forts that gathers the attention of the people is Aguada Fort. “Aguada” means water,  and this is the most precious fort of the Portuguese times. It covers the southern portion of the peninsula of Bardez. This fort is preserved since the 14th century. The walls were made so strong to make it safe against the Marathas and the Dutch rulers.

The Candolim beach goes along then takes the turn to form the smaller beach known as the Sinquerium beach. This is the most popular beach and people love to spend lone time as it is less crowded. It also offers various seafood shacks.

Tourists shouldn’t miss this place, The Secretariat in Panaji is an offbeat attraction. It is one of the oldest buildings in Goa which has the legislative assembly. This palace was owned by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah of Bijapur. It was later converted into Viceroy’s official residence by the Portuguese in 1759. Tourists can explore the carvings and amalgamations of cultural architectural designs here.

There are various things to do in Candolim beach while you are strolling through the beautiful coastal area. There’s a popular café on the Aguada road Café chocolate, they serve chocolate waffles, brownies and various other dishes made up of chocolate. Serve your stomach with delicious chocolate treats. There’s a famous book center called Broadway, it is the state’s biggest bookstore chain. Have a relaxed time reading in the lovely weather of Goa. Latest party place in Candolim. You can find interesting Dancing spaces and an outdoor party place with curtained cabanas. Ladies can have free drinks in the open bar on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Now it’s your turn to visit the popular Candolim beach and experience popular attractions, sports, and serenity, so you can mention the unforgettable moments in your travel diaries.

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