Are you planning an adventurous vacation with your family or friends? Goa is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations to spend time with your family or friends. But if you have already visited Goa and looking for some new destination this time, then Andaman is for you. However, if you have not to visit Goa, then a question must be arriving in your mind. Goa or Andaman? Such a big question, Isn’t it? It is very difficult to choose between Goa and Andaman because both the destinations have something to serve all.

Goa or Andaman?

You can get numerous Adventure Things to do in Goa. these adventurous things will make you go crazy with your friends and family while you visit Goa. Goa, a favorite destination among the travelers which has beaches that offer a bit of serenity and tranquility. Goa is not really just for the beach lovers, it also has other attractions that make it a very diverse destination. Whereas just like Goa, Andaman is not just about the beaches, its landscape is very diverse too. It isn’t as visited by tourists and even if you do visit it, the incurred fees will be higher, it’s definitely not much of a backpacker’s paradise. However, if you’re willing to spend more, Andaman would reward you with the most virgin landscapes you can encounter that isn’t really that far from mainland India. The beautiful Andaman islands, definitely worth every penny spent on them.

Popular Places to visit


There are numerous places to visit in Goa. The Attractions in Goa are quite scattered, but start you Goa sightseeing with Cabo De Rama Fort at Canacona. It is one of the strongest forts of Goa where beaches of Canacona and Colva can be seen. There are churches and forts like the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Reis Magos Fort which are well-maintained and have beautiful scenery. Later on, you can also head to Fontainhas, a beautiful Portugal city with vibrant colored houses, which makes the residential area beautiful. There are multiple numbers of beaches which include Candolim beach, Calangute Beach, Baga beach and many more. You can also explore Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip, one of the Best Attractions of Goa where you can also go for trekking, visit a spice plantation, go for an elephant ride, jeep safari and many more.


Andaman also doesn’t fall short when it comes to attractive places to visit. There is numerous hidden beauty in Andaman. You can visit the Cellular Jail, built by the Britishers. The Anthropological Museum is worth a visiting museum in Andaman.  You can also visit two waterfalls which include the White Surf Waterfall and Whisperwave Waterfall. Another must visit the island is Havelock Island, where the beautiful Radhanagar Beach locates. All the Beaches of Andaman have white sands with crystal clear azure waters. There are numerous attractions at Diglipur Island like the Mud Volcanoes and Alfred Caves. You can also witness the active volcano at Barren Island when you visit it via boat ride.

Charming Beaches

goa beaches

Goa has a beautiful collection of beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. If you love to stay in crowds, then Baga Beach and Calangute Beach will be perfect. These beaches are always buzzing with crowds and numerous Adventure Activities in Goa. You can also get shacks there which provides with credible Goan dining experience. North Goa is popular for its charming beaches but not everyone knows that beaches like Ashvem and Querim are clean and beautiful too. Benaulim Beach and Betalbatim Beach are the most pristine beaches of Goa with white sand and crystal clear water. Butterfly Beach is the tiniest beach with white sands while Cola Beach is known for its blue lagoon.

andaman beach


No matter what you do, where you go to Andaman, white sand beaches will always welcome you. Andaman has the most pristine beach all over India. Havelock Island is the best beaches followed by Radhanagar Beach or Beach Number 07. Elephant Beach, which is also known as Beach Number 04, is one of the must-visit beaches, where you can find beautiful corals near the shores. Vijay Nagar Beach, or Beach Number 05, is just perfect for sunbathing. On Neil Island in Andaman, you will get Sitapur Beach, known for having the best sunset and sunrise views in the islands.

Adventure Things to do


One can experience Adventure water sports in Goa beaches like Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Colva, etc. Water sports in Goa like banana ride, jet ski, speed boat ride, bumper ride, and parasailing are available in the Goa beaches. One can also go for Kayaking, flyboarding, and many more. Dolphin safari in Goa is also arranged in the beaches of Goa. One can also try Scuba diving in Goa and snorkeling is Grand Island Goa. After visiting pristine beaches, you can also try Dolphin Safari, Kayaking, Fishing,  Swimming, Sailing on SUP Board, Snorkeling, Speed Boat Ride. There are a number of chances for thrill lovers. One can simply relax and enjoy the scenic view of the boundless sea on an Adventure Boat Trip and engage in all of the exciting activities included in it. Anjuna Flea Market is one of the best market streets in Goa. Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa is the beautiful waterfall that one should not miss.

Scuba diving


You can opt for trekking at Mount Harriet National Park and Saddle Peak National Park. You can also get to try Adventure Water Sports in the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex, located in the Port Blair, capital of Andaman. The waves of Andaman beach are active, high and strong which will be perfect to try surfing. Butler Bay in the Little Andaman Island is popular for surfing. The Best Things to do in Andaman include Sea Walk in Andaman and Scuba Diving in Andaman. Havelock Island which led to Elephant Beach and Neil Island are the perfect locations for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walk, especially for non-swimmers and beginners.

The Nightlife

Nightlife in Goa

Goa has the best nightlife. Tito’s Lane in Baga beach has various fun night clubs and pubs that you can visit at the night in Goa. The best clubs and pubs are the Club Tito’s, Cape Town Cafe and Cafe Mambo. Anjuna beach in Goa also has clubs like Club Cubana and Cafe Lilliput with sea view, especially at night time. There is also the Silent Noise Party in South Goa every Saturday, which is a unique kind of party where you listen to music on headphones and shake your booty. There is a Full Moon Party at Colva beach, where you will get many pubs and bars along with a huge number of tourists.

The nightlife in Andaman is not that interesting. You cannot party till late at night in Andaman. In Andaman,  you will get the Nico Bar, located in Port Blair, which al serves professionally concocted cocktails and drinks. You will also get bars in the hotel Sea Shell and Sinclairs which offer a few drinks to guests.

Delicious Cuisines


Goan cuisine is influenced by multiple cultures that meet over the centuries like Portuguese, Konkan, Malabar, Chinese, and many more. The three main communities of Goa are Hindus, Muslims, and Christians which also contributed to the cuisine. The blending of native cultures and foreign can be seen in Goan cuisine. Every Goan dish has four main elements which include sweetness, sourness, spice, and salt. Goan cuisine makes the use of tamarind and kokum. Goa offers different cuisines like prawns, sausages, chicken, beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes. Go Goa and enjoy the mouthwatering delicious Goan cuisines.


Andaman island is popularly known for its exquisite delicious seafood. One can find popular Thai cuisines there. A variety of seafood such as prawns, fish, lobsters, crabs and many more are available in Andaman Island. Seafood might be a little costly but it is well worth it. Most of the restaurants l have something different to offer.

I hope, these have helped you in getting the answer to the big question. Comment below and let us know which one you have decided to spend your weekend.

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