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If you’re traveling alone, here’s a list of top 10  things to do on a Solo trip to Goa to keep you on your toes. A solo trip is trending up on the bucket lists of the adventure lover, and things to do in Goa for solo visitors are not less. Traveling solo brings out an unforeseen side to both you, and the area you’re discovering is definitely an experience worth exploring. From exploring Old Goa, Goa sightseeing your way through museums, temples, churches, getting exciting birdwatching, to a day at the spa, a table for one, getting experience of scuba diving and adventurous water sports in Goa, we tell you how to make the most of your solo time in Goa without feeling lonely. Things to do in Goa trip alone for a solo traveler includes some of the most beautiful experience you might ever have got. Goa welcomes and embraces each and every visitor, and a solo trip to Goa is definitely one of the most attractive things you will embark on in a while. Of course, you need to be careful because solo trip anywhere can be a little risky, and it is always better to take precautions and play safe. Here’s a list of top 10  things to do on a Solo trip to Goa.

As the year comes to an end, all plan to celebrate it with great joy with family and friends. All make plans to travel to different places to make the new year celebrations memorable. Some people wait for the year to end and spend multiple weeks planning an adventurous New Year’s Evening, while others wish to sit on the sofa, cozy up and celebrate the festival with some snacks, some beverages, and music.

How have you been celebrating the New Year’s Eve? Do you travel out and enjoy the night when the whole world comes alive to celebrate the Christmas and New year? If you have not been travel out for the Christmas and New Year, then you should make a plan this year.




Your travel partner, Sea Water Sports team, has listed mind-blowing top 10 things to do in Goa this Christmas & New Year 2019-2020 to make your new year evening more special and memorable. Begin your year with light, music, dance and pouring out waves in Goa and book your Goa Trip Packages with Sea Water Sports. Celebrate Christmas & New Year by toasting champagne in Goa with Sea Water Sports. After exploring New Year Packages at Sea Water Sports, you would find reasons to pack your bags and sneak out to celebrate the last day of the year. New Year is just an excuse; it is all about putting the past to rest and moving ahead with great energy. So, plan you’re soon and book an exclusive new year package for a unique Christmas and New Year celebration.

Here are top 10 things to do in Goa this Christmas & New Year 2019-2020

Get the experience of Scuba Diving in Goa

The availability of opportunities to indulge in adventurous water activity i.e. Scuba Diving in Goa is one of the ideal reasons that tourists visit Goa again and again. For those who love exploring marine life, Scuba Diving in Goa is the best activity to participate in. The Goa is blessed with multiple varieties of marine life, corals and reefs. You can also find wreckages of old Portuguese and Spanish galleons.  You can explore Scuba Diving in Grande Island or in Malvan. There are trainers and instructors available in both the destination who will be there at your back till you get the best experience of Scuba Diving. Spend some quality time with yourself and colorful fishes far below underwater in Goa. While Goa’s crystal clear water, as well as home to a wide range of colorful aquatic flora and fauna, and even several shipwrecks will fill your Scuba Diving experience full of fun.  You can indulge yourself for scuba diving; whether you are a beginner or expert, you will be able to hire some gear and even take a few lessons to get certified in Scuba Diving.

scuba diving

Indulge in Adventure Water Sports in Goa

The availability of multiple opportunities to indulge in water sports activities is one of the main reasons that people visit Goa multiple times. The lovely Beaches of Goa are perfectly suited for a number of water sports activities such as parasailing, speedboat ride, bumper ride, banana ride, and jet ski. Indulging in these activities is definitely one of the best things to do in Goa. Splash in the water of Goa during this holiday and make the most of your trip here with the innumerable water sports that are held on the Goa beaches. Parasailing in Goa is one of the most popular water sports in Goa. Goa is a hub connecting many charming beaches in Goa. Simply a must-visit place for all whether you are alone, Goa is bustling with tourists looking for good food, some shopping and of course fun things to do. Goa is famous for water sports activities which include snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing and many more water adventure sports, available throughout the year except for the monsoon.

jet ski in Goa

Explore Hot Air Balloon in Goa

hot air baloon in goa

If you are done with exploring the coastal beauty of Goa, then, indulge in adventure Hot Air Balloon ride in Goa. Start this tour at around 6:30 am in the morning after reaching the tour destination. Your flight begins with the rise of the balloon by motor fans. After the envelope is filled with air, the burners are ignited and you are ready to fly within 30 minutes. Join your pilot in the handcrafted basket, who will explore a variety of 900 feet altitudes in the air with a picturesque view of Goa. Throughout your experience, the ground crew follows your balloon in grounds and roads itself, to get the safe landing.


Go for River Rafting on the Rivers of Goa

River Rafting

Begin River Rafting in Goa at 9.30am in the morning or 2:30 pm in the afternoon after reaching the location which is at Valpoi. You are then taken by our vehicles to the river before meeting your instructors, getting your safety equipment and then boarding the rafts to begin the nearly 10 km river trip. Everyone is welcome, whether you go with friends, family or kids over 12. It is a thrilling activity, safe and fun! You are in safe hands of Sea Water Sports. All it takes is 15 to 20 minutes of directions and you can have a great time riding the waves, getting sprinkled of water in your face and appreciating the peace of the waterway.


Grande Island Boat trip

If you are relating Goa with adventure, then Grande Island boat trip is the perfect package for you. Grand Island boat trip is a mixture of adventurous things to do in Goa. Snorkeling in Goa and swimming in the vicinity of the Grande Island after that you will be taken to the Grand Island where you will get a chance to have a sunbath and many more things. Pick up and drop from North Goa location are fully insured with all safety equipment that starts from Hawai Beach in Dona Paula provides Light snacks and soft drinks on Grande Island boat trip in Goa. Dolphin spotting and fishing will be there on the way. We will serve you fresh BBQ of chicken and fish, buffet lunch – Rice/Pulao, Dal Fry, Veg gravy, Chicken gravy, Bread, Salad and Pickle.

Emerge yourself in Crab catching in Goa

A thrilling activity, crab catching is an activity that can be enjoyed by those who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty in the muddy waters of Goa! This activity takes place on the coast of the sea of Goa with the help of handmade traps. The net is further strengthened with the help of a loosely hanging net, which is used to catch the crabs. Crab catching in Goa is an activity that requires some amount of skill for catching the crabs. The equipment is usually set at high tide, which increases the likelihood of catching crabs. Traps can also be set up at low tide if the water is deep enough in order to catch crabs. Till the traps take effect and manage to capture the crabs, you can sit back and relax with a pint of beer!

Engage in Kayaking

You will be pleasantly shocked to know that you will get an opportunity of kayaking in Goa, the land of sea and beaches but yes, it is true that there are plenty of multiple other options like Kayaking in Goa. Don’t be surprised but get ready to know the other side of this beautiful location with such activities. Kayaking is a thrilling adventure activity that has a lot of intense adventure lovers from all across the world. The Mandovi River is the best location for kayaking in Goa with a lot of fun moments hidden in it. You will get the proper safety equipment by us but you have to be very careful with the water activity. This Adventure Activities in Goa will let you understand the river and the thick dense found on both the sides of the river. It is a slow water activity compared to the fast-moving river rafting. Some kayaking in Goa packages will come along with attractive sightseeing, trekking and many people usually choose 5 to 6 day Goa tour and spend one whole day for experiencing kayaking. You might have heard of trekking, climbing paragliding in Goa, but do you know you can even try your hand at backwater kayaking? It’s an all year round activity and can be tried even during the rains. Get an up-close and personal look at all the flora and fauna and of Goa.

kayaking in Goa


Visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Majestic tourist destination in Goa i.e. Dudhsagar Waterfalls, a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River. It lies 60 kilometers away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. It is one of the tallest waterfalls located in India with a height of 310 meters and an average width of 30 meters. It is secured by the famous Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa are stunning due to the presence of the thick deciduous forests with green biodiversity. Dudhsagar waterfalls trek is the major activity adventure seekers love to do in Goa especially during the winter season. Dudhsagar Falls which actually means “Sea of Milk” and that is what you will see in the stunning four-tiered waterfall that is located on Goa on the Mandovi River. Surrounded by lush forests, this spot showcases nature at its finest. You can spend your quality time with yourself and dazzling waterfalls of Dudhsagar in Goa.

Dudhsagar falls

South Goa Tour package

South Goa is a popular holiday destination among the tourist of Goa, all across the world. South Goa Tour Package is popular for its picturesque view and scenic beaches, natural beauty, delicious cuisines and many more. One can also get the traces of Portuguese culture on the old tradition and the way of living here. Explore a sightseeing tour of South Goa as you are picked up from North Goa location at 08:30 am and 10:00 am. This tour package includes the famous sights like St Cathedral church, Bom Jesus of Basilica church old goa, Dona Paula jetty, Mangeshi temple, Shantadurga Temple, and Miramar beach. On the way back you can enjoy the Boat Cruise with music and dance on the Mandovi River at an additional cost.

North Goa tour package

Indulge in this amazing sightseeing tour in North Goa and get an opportunity to explore the stunning beauty of Goa. Start your North Goa trip after getting picked up from North Goa location around 08:30 am. View some of the top tourist spots of North Goa with the beautiful sights. This North Goa Tour Package includes a visit to the famous Fort Aguada, Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Calangute beach, Morjim Beach & Ashvem Beach. Enjoy the chilled sea breeze while at the beaches of Goa and the breathtaking sunset. Conclude your Goa tour after you are dropped back to your hotel around 05:00 pm. Goa is Blessed with multiple numbers of beaches. But located in the North of Goa, Baga has got to be the most famous and busiest beach in Goa; but do not let discourage you from visiting this iconic tourist destination. Rent out a beach shack on the beach, check out the flea market and be sure to enjoy some fresh and delicious seafood in one of the many great restaurants here. Nightlife around the beach area is also exciting with numerous clubs, bars and pubs all catering to the multiple numbers of tourists and locals that flock here.

Anjuna Beach


Do Shopping at Wednesday Flea Market

Anjuna Beach host a local flea market every Wednesday. Visited by a number of tourists every Wednesday, you will get almost everything here and you can bargain too. Be on the lookout for gifts, garments, handicrafts, and many more to take back with you but do not miss out on the food here; stalls run by local people of Goa selling traditional and delicious Goan food as well as many visitors from all over the world trying to make a few extra holiday bucks selling international foods all in one place.  

Shopping in Goa

Enjoy Silent Noise Parties

Throughout the day and night with moonlit parties, Goa Beaches never sleep. Silent Noise parties are huge parties, at the far south end of the beaches, that you do not want to miss. Starting from 9 pm and going on till the early morning, the concept is daring and new. Wireless headphones connect you and everyone there to the music so the party can stay as loud as and as long as you like without making a sound alone.

Nightlife in Goa

Try your luck at Casinos

One of the more spectacular beaches in Goa, Varca is popular for white sand shore, clear blue waters and shady palms; the scenic view will help you relax and unwind. While here, try your luck at the Casino. This is the only one on land in the state. Blackjack, Roulette, slot machines and many more games of chance are all there for you to try your luck in Casino.


Visit Dona Paula

Dona Paula

A popular tourist destination, Dona Paula is situated near the capital of Goa, Panjim. Apart from the area being a hub for accommodation with visitors, it is also the home of the National Institute of Oceanography in India. With some great restaurants and beautifully maintained heritage sites, the place can be crowded but monsoons here are less so, more relaxed and romantic. So you make your solo Goa Trip more special and memorable.



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