A guide to the finest and most beautiful beaches in Goa. From the North Goa to the South Goa, enjoy an incredible coastline throughout your Goa holidays.

Are you looking for Top 10 best beach in Goa for water sports like Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Bumper ride, Banana ride, Speed Boat Ride? Here is the list of top 10 and best beaches in Goa. Beaches are the top major attractions that draw the attention of national as well as international tourists. Below are the mentioned are some of the popular beaches of Goa that offers you calm heaven to relax along with a picturesque view, where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

India’s most visited states, Goa has long provided a haven for those in search of the sun, sand, and sea. Boasting 105km of stunning coastline and an endless list of beautiful beach settings, there’s no surprise that so many people visit Goa for their family holidays. We’ve compiled the total list for those of you struggling to pick your perfect seaside location – presenting our Most Beautiful beaches in Goa, all ready to be enjoyed on a sun-filled holiday.

1. Vagator Beach

Vagator beach in Goa is one of the Famous Beach located in North Goa. Vagator Beach of crescent-shaped that has become a favorite tourist among tourists for midnight parties also. Vagator beach is also famous as the 500 Old Portuguese fort of Chapora which is situated nearby. In Vagator, there are 2 beaches known as Big Vagator and Small Vagator. Big Vagator stuffed with dense palm plantations and white sand is the main beach that is undeniably beautiful. Tiny Vagator to the south is more lonely. At the end of Little Vagator is a prominent landmark of the face of Lord Shiva sculpted by someone on a rock on the shore. This beach is among the best places in Goa for couples.

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2. Calangute Beach

Whether it is the water activities in Goa or the endless night party or Kinds of seafood or water sports in Goa like Parasailing in Goa, snorkeling in Goa, jet ski in Goa, windsurfing in Goa or scuba diving in Goa, Calangute Beach in Goa is just full of life. Calangute beach in Goa also called Queen of beaches is the very first choice for every domestic as well as international tourist who visits Goa. The Calangute beach has covered its boundary in the northeast of the capital city of Goa called Panaji. It is called the biggest beach in the northern part of Goa, Calangute beach remains crowded always for the most part of the year. Crowded by tourists from all over the world, Calangute beach has developed itself into a center for parties and adventure lovers. Visited by millions of visitors from the world over; it is filled with Water Sports Activities, nightlife and various Sightseeing in Goa. As the sunsets, a cool breeze blows around on the Calangute beach annoying the tourist to party all night. Calangute beach in Goa is the busiest of all beaches of North Goa. It is a party location, and also perfect for youngsters. There are many beach shacks, restaurants, bars, cafes, and pubs on the Calangute beach. You will get multiple markets, restaurants, and resorts available there.

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3. Zalori Beach

Zalori beach

Zalor beach in Goa is really one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots amongst the beaches in Goa, being at the same time not in an isolated place. Margao which is the main south town in Goa is located only a few kilometers away. When you are on this part of this wonderful 26 km beach of South Goa, there’s no access for beach road before Mobor Cavelossim, almost 4 kilometers south. Carmona Beach is the name of a small part of the South Goa sea coastline washed by warm waters of the Arabian Sea. This beach has got its name from the name of the nearby village. The place is also known as Carmona Zalor Beach. The beaches near Zalor Beach are Fatrade Beach and Varca Beach in the north and Cavelossim Beach resort in the south.

Zalor Beach – A place to relax


4. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach in Goa is actually a tiny village in North Goa, on the shores of the Arabian Sea India. Anjuna lies 18 kilometers away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. Anjuna beach in Goa is one of the most Popular Goa Beaches, located between Ozran beach which is called little Vagator beach in the South Goa and Baga beach in the North. Anjuna beach was one of the beaches in Goa to become famous first. This beach is now a favorite spot for many international visitors, foreigners, and India Family. However, Anjuna beach is famous for its national visitors too. Anjuna beach is famous with backpackers from Europe, and long-stayers. Visitors come to Anjuna beach to watch a beautiful sunset as well. Anjuna beach is a different beach than the other Beaches in North Goa. Anjuna beach is the least sandy. Some stretches of the beach are even rocky. There are many scenic red laterite rocks there, this is the reason it is sometimes called the Rocky Beach. The red-colored laterite rocks are the real jewels of Anjuna beach, giving the landscape its different feature.



5. Ashwem Beach

Ashwem beach is one of the best-kept secrets and a must-visit place in Goa. Ashwem beach is situated to the north of the capital city of Goa – Panaji, by the green fronds of the sway coconut palms this beach offers delightful ocean vistas fringed that pepper the shore. This serene place is situated on the north of the famous Morjim beach after the Chapora river, the wonderful Ashwem beach still retains the real beauty of Goa. A hidden gem with one of the most stunning sceneries Ashwem beach differs from the many beaches one can find in Goa. Being less crowded from the other beaches of North Goa, the long sandy shores of the Ashwem beach starts from the bank of the beautiful Chapora River to stretching all the way to the south of Ashwem forming the northern tip.

Ashwem Beach – with most stunning views

6. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula beach is situated 7 km away from the Panaji, this beach has become one of the most happening beaches of the Goa. It is snuggled on the southern part of the rocky headland where the Zuari river and the Mandovi river meets the Arabian Sea. There is a story about the place that Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes jumped from the cliff after facing objections from her family due to her love affair with a son of a fisherman. So, the beach is popular with the name of Dona Paula. It’s a lover’s paradise that offers a splendid view of the Mormugao harbor and fringed by casuarinas woods & palm trees.

7.Kalacha Beach

Kalacha Beach, also called Palolem Beach, remains almost as unspoiled today as it was before tourism changed the Goan coast. Only some charming restaurant huts are there to one side of the shore show the effects of the last few decades. This area is famous for its picturesque freshwater lagoon and a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Music sessions often take place around a campfire, a great place to meet other travelers. This is an untouched haven, away from the hassle of vendors and large tourist groups. This idyllic Kalacha beach in Goa is surrounded by forests and has some rocky parts. Make your way over to a freshwater lagoon named Vagkolam, or Sweet Water Lake. It is set against a backdrop of mossy, green hills at the end of the beach. Look out for fascinating wildlife of this beautiful place, such as monkeys and exotic birds, among the tropical vegetation around the lake.

8. Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is originally called Porta de Gaspar Dias by the Portuguese, there are only two beaches in Panjim and Miramar is one of them. It is replete with local eateries and lined with a bunch of souvenir shops. Besides, it encourages adventure activities and water sports.As Miramar Beach in Goa is a locals den, there is nothing much on the beach itself. However, near to it is the Cabo Raj Bhavan Hillock which is famous for its adventure activities. A place dedicated to water sports; you can enjoy water sports in Miramar Beach. Walk and play on the sand it is a thing which locals, as well as tourists, like to do here. There are numerous local shops that are selling souvenir items are lined up in one corner of the beach. You can also shop for local stuff here, but nothing exotic.

9. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Goa. Its a poet’s paradise which sky changing colors and sun setting in. Morjim Beach is one of the most tranquil and popular beaches of North Goa and is situated 12 km away from Morjim through the Duler-Marna-Siolim Road. The ones that exist are further away from the sea and do not play overtly loud music. The protected nature of Morjim Beach is one of the primary factors responsible for its untouched beauty. Vast vistas of sand stretch endlessly and the whole beachfront is pristine and beautiful. Owing to the shallow depth, kite surfing makes for an exciting activity at the Morjim Beach.

10. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is a beautiful beach in Goa, it attracts many international tourists, mainly during the winter season between the months of November and March. Arambol Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches as well as it has a distinct bohemian feel which is no longer found in other areas, such as Calangute Beach and this inevitably of Arambol Beach attracts many alternative travelers.

11.Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo is a beautiful as well as small beach-side village in Goa, India. Bogmalo Beachin Goa is located in a small bay with around a mile of curving sandy beach. from Dabolim Airport, the beach is located about 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) and from the port town of Vasco da Gama, 9 kilometers (5.6 mi). It is known to host conferences for AIESEC India every June or July. A unique feature in Bogmalo Beach in South Goa is a pet training and boarding academy founded by internationally awarded animal behaviorist Gautam Kari. Called Kari’s K9 Kamp, this canine facility is set in a Portuguese style villa, which is so beautiful and is a cage-free and leash-free facility.

12. Candolim Beach

In Calangute Beach yo will find the charms are multiplex like the exotic jewels hanging from the storefronts, local’s warmth, or it could simply be the orphic sea-breezes that bring an imminent adventure. Because of its incredible beauty and serenity, it’s known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. Calangute Beach is one of the top ten bathing beaches all over the world, which remains crowded during daytime with tourists & locals. Calangute Beach is located 15 km away from the Goa’s capital Panjim, it is the longest beach in North Goa, stretching from Candolim to Baga. Due to its popularity and sheer size, it is a hub for tourists and backpackers from all over the world. With rhythms of music from beach shacks as the sound of the waves merges, Calangute Beach comes alive in all its beauty.

13. Sinquerim Beach

The Sinquerim beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa that has a spectacular stretch of sand. It is located in the south of the famous beaches like Baga, Calangute, and Candolim. It is a perfect destination for swimming and one should not miss visiting this beach. Sinquerim beach is considered as one of the best beaches for watersports in Goa, it is the most famous tourist beach in Goa. Located on the south of the other famous beaches of Goa including Baga beach, Calangute beach, and the Candolim beach, the beach is a hotspot for all the adventure seekers with all kinds of watersports available for you to enjoy.

14. Vainguinim Beach

The Vainguinim beach in Goa is a beautiful, serene, and quiet beach situated at about 7 km south from the heart of the city of Panjim. Vainguinim Beach has an enormous stretch of seashore and is suitable for those looking for a serene, memorable, and peaceful place for some quiet moments. This beach is known for its sparkling crystal turquoise waters. One can even go for a peaceful walk around the beach and experience some great moments. A large number of travelers who visit this place enjoy swimming at the beach which also makes it a truly relaxing place to enjoy.

15. Ozran Beach

A picturesque location settled in North Goa is close to both Vagator and Anjuna beach of North Goa. A small charming location nestled behind the hillocks from where Chapora fort is easily accessible and visible. A thrilling entrance adds an exuberance experience for travelers, as to reach there one has to climb up a small hill. One of the major attractions of Goa, Ozran is encapsulated with lush greenery and pristine surroundings. As the place is insanely beautiful, one cannot resist themselves from spending a day here enjoying the true natural bliss. There is so much so to explore, on the northern side people spot a grandeur structure, believes to be a huge human face carved on it. According to locals, one of the visitors while traversing Goa has carved this sculpture.

16. Querim Beach

The Sinquerim beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa that has a spectacular stretch of sand. It is located in the south of the famous beaches like Baga, Calangute, and Candolim. It is a perfect destination for swimming and one should not miss visiting this beach. Sinquerim beach is considered as one of the best beaches for watersports in Goa, it is the most famous tourist beach in Goa. Located on the south of the other famous beaches of Goa including Baga beach, Calangute beach, and the Candolim beach, the beach is a hotspot for all the adventure seekers with all kinds of watersports available for you to enjoy.

17. Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is a beautiful beach, situated on the northern side of the Vagator, which is at a distance of 10 km from Mapusa. It’s one of the best beaches of Goa that touches a chord in the heart of tourists with its black lava rocks, white sandy unfold, sapphire expanse, and shaking palms. It’s the favorite spot for the one, who loves the surf and the sand. It’s one of the most cloistered and tranquil beaches in Goa, which brings a lot of shacks and restaurants all around. The seashore offers adventurous water activities, hippy nightlife and famous tourist attractions that fascinate travel explorers worldwide.

18. Talpona beach

Talpona beach is a beautiful and serene beach in Goa, it is a remote beach located in the Cancona taluka of South Goa. It is a perfect destination for those seeking complete isolation and is quite a peaceful beach. Off the beaten path in the Canacona region of Goa lies the small fishing village of Talpona. Those travelers who are looking for relaxing and quiet beach vacation need look no further than the Talpona Beach in South Goa. With a kilometer long shoreline, pure golden sands populate the beach, framed by swaying palm and pine trees. The crystal clear waters of the calm Arabian Sea wash up mystical seashells that are present on this beautiful Talpona beach, making it one of the prime locations for those looking for the original beach charm of Goa, unspoiled by the toll of tourism.

19. Odxel Beach

This little piece of land is just a 250 m in length is gradually taking the tourist attention towards it, renowned as pleasant, amiable and tourist-friendly Odxel is indeed a place to arrange small picnics or a hangout point for local people. Located in between Dona Paula and Bambolin, Odxel Beach can be considered as the sight-seeing spot for the tourists who are here to traverse the Panjim region. Well, it is situated just a 4 km away from Dona Paula and is easily accessible from here.

19. Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach is a peaceful little beach, a haven for those who want to enjoy the surf and sand without the crowds that pepper most of the other beaches in North Goa. This beautiful beach is a secluded stretch of rocks and sand, lined on the landward side with swathes of swaying coconut palms, which provide a cool and shady place to relax. Bambolim Beach in Goa is a pristine beach located in the northern part of Goa and is famous for being a virgin beach, untouched by commercialization and is barely ever crowded. For the visitors or travelers who are constantly in search of untouched or unexploited beaches, Bambolim beach will be a paradise for you in Goa.

20. Baga Beach

Sheltered by a rocky foreland and tucked at 10 km of distance from Mapusa, Baga Beach in Goa is a retreat house and paradise for nature buffs. Whether it’s the endless drink & food or the water sports, this beach is full of life and one can enjoy every bit of second, being in the lap of nature. Baga beach is one of the most famous beaches in North Goa. Baga beach is situated close to Calangute beach, around 30 Km North of Panaji. Baga beach is a perfect place for you if you wish to witness the excellent nightlife of Goa. The shacks come to life in the late evening with some pumping music and mouthwatering food. It is also popular for its street-side markets as well as its designer stores. Popular for nightlife, its shack life, many foods, and drink joints are provided by St. Anthony’s for delicious seafood and the well-known Cafe Mambo and Tito’s Bar for the night-time revel.


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