Mandovi River Cruise – One Of The Most Popular Cruise Trips To Visit In Goa

Mandovi River In Goa

Goa, A tiny state made for the people who want to escape from the commotion and indulge in the exciting water rides. It is also made for the people who love to wander around on the serene Beaches of Goa. Exploring Goa is one of the most desirable things to do for the people who live in India. This place has become an ideal destination for the family and kids and also a perfect getaway for the youths. But apart from all these, Goa is the popular place for rare architectural designs and also has some interesting sightseeing attractions. If you really want to witness this place and want to be a part of some adventurous water sports then you should really plan for a Goa Tour.  Goa has become popular for arranging a cruise that has been admired among the international as well as local tourists. Sea Water Sports offers you one of the Best Cruise in Goa where it lets you experience water sports as well as you can take glimpses of some of the famous spots in Mandovi river.

This trip lasts for a day where you can groove on the live dance floor in the cruise itself. Get along with the Goan dancers on their popular folk’s songs Fugdi and Dekhni. The lunch will be provided by our ship crew which includes the Goan sea-food cuisine along with the unlimited beverages and snacks. There would be three outings available,  that is in the daytime, nightfall and in the moonlight.

Cruise Activities include fishing, paddle boarding, Snorkeling in Goa, and many more including kayaking. The best thing about this trip is the Dolphin sightseeing in Goa and witnessing the Goan culture. Do not miss the chance of capturing all this in your camera so that you can head back to your home with lots of delightful memories.

Adventure cruise in Goa

It would be the high point of your vacation as you sail across the Mandovi river and enjoy the picturesque view of nature. It also gives you the chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones. So if you’re planning to visit Goa then you shouldn’t miss this cruise trip to Goa.

Goa is such a marvelous destination that attracts people of all age group. Millions of people visit Goa every year. There are multiple things to do in Goa during Monsoon. Among the various Activities in Goa offers during monsoon, Cruise ride very popular and people love doing it. Viewing the age-old Goa and knowing the history behind it is very amazing. Here are some of the activities included with the Monsoon Adventure cruise in Goa.  

Water sports like Kayaking and Stand up Paddle Boats are the ways to discover waters of Goa in an exciting manner. If you want to view nature, mangroves, bays, coves, and backwaters, then don’t miss the chance. Kayaking in Goa is there for you. Whereas on the other hand, Stand up Paddle Boarding in Goa offers you the view of nature. You just have to keep your balance on the board. There are well-trained instructors to help you in every way.


Just take a break from water sports and indulge in crab catching and fishing in Goa. The activity here starts sharply at 3 pm and ends at 8 pm. The chances of crab catching are increased during high-tide, traps are usually set-up at that time. Crab catching in Goa is done with the help of handmade traps called “Cobllem” which circular metal ring hung through nylon net.

Now get comfortable in a boat and get set to experience the Fishing in Goa. You just have to arrive at the beach, hop into the cruise and start this activity. Fishing needs lots of patience. Viewing the panoramic view while fishing is just an awesome feeling.


Sightseeing is also involved in the monsoon Adventure Cruise in Goa. This activity is loved by many tourists. The popular landmarks of Goa like Legislative Assembly, The Adilshah Palace, Mandovi bridge, Reis Magos Fort, etc are included in Sightseeing. Mangroves sightseeing is available for the one who loves nature. Just grab this opportunity. The sound of small marine species splashing in water will be amazing. Mangroves Sightseeing in Goa offers peace tranquility beyond your imagination. You will get a spectacular opportunity for capturing nature.


Therein Cruise, you will be offered soft drinks, 3 pints of beer and mineral water. You will also get snacks and lunch in veg and non-veg.

The Cruise tour in Goa will be of 3 hours. There are 2 slots available – 9:30- 12:30 and 2:30- 5:30. Please carry your swimwear, shorts and T-shirts and a towel. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are also needed.

Just take off your time and BOOK NOW for the marvelous monsoon adventure Cruise trip in Goa

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