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Looking For Things To Do In Goa? Scuba Diving Should Certainly Make It To Your List

scuba diving in goa

Trying out scuba-diving for the first time is always scary. The idea of leaving the world you had always known for few minutes and entering into something far mysterious and eerie. Goa is one of the most famous places to indulge in any sea water sports and activitiesScuba Diving in Goa is very thrilling and most popular water sports activity where people come from various places to participate in this activity.

Living underwater is one of the most serene and unreal experiences to be indulged in. You’ll be provided a proper training session and special tips will be provided by our experts before you dive into the sea. You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to get into the water. You’ll be provided with an underwater breathing apparatus and a wetsuit with fins attached to your feet to move freely under water.

As you go dive in the blue, hazy sea, the sun will slowly dissolve and you’ll be into the darkness. For the first five minutes, it will be a little scary but as you slowly go downwards, you’ll be able to hear the popping sounds of the water bubbles. It will be around 12 meters down under the water that you will be able to witness the existence of life that will be totally moving and magical. Savor every moment and every detail as it will be a lot beautiful than you would’ve imagined. The tranquility underwater is unparalleled. Scuba diving lasts for 20 minutes where you would be able to see uncountable fishes swimming around you. Witness various shipwrecks and world war ruins on the sea-floor. You’ll find endless discoveries in just 20 minutes of your dive underwater. The cherry on the cake is that you can even click beautiful pictures while diving and cherish those moments forever in your heart and mind.

scuba diving in goa

You can enjoy this Water Sports Activity with your loved ones or with your besties. If you spend your entire time in Goa simply enjoying the walk on the beaches, then you are seriously missing out the unimaginable fun underwater.

Goa offers various scuba diving packages at an affordable rate.

So if you’re planning to scuba Dive then Goa is a better option than any other place. In Goa, you can also enjoy budget-friendly sea water sports apart from Scuba Diving. You must make it a point to choose an expert certified training session before you dive underwater so that you can enjoy your scuba diving experience to the fullest with proper safety measures.

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