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List of Sightseeing Place to Visit and Water Sports at Malvan and Tarkarli


Malvan a small beachside town in the Konkan area of Maharashtra is most popular for its tranquil stunning beaches with white sand, serene backwaters, Homestays, signature coastal food, Adventure Water Sports in Goa and historical forts. These can be visited for a short, quick unwinding trip on a weekend. The fiery Malvani cuisine is the specialty of this area and is quite famous for its traditional spicy flavor.

Tarkarli Beach

Be it the stunning excellence of purplish blue ocean and sun-kissed shores, shoreline shacks, or the exciting water sports, the Tarkarli shoreline will never give you a full minute. Covered by Shuru trees, this is outstanding amongst other spots to visit in Malvan, situated at the convergence of the Arabian Sea and Karli River, overseeing Tarkarli creek and estuary. The Tarkarli shoreline is the main Snorkeling and scuba jumping preparing focus in Maharashtra, well known for parasailing, scuba diving, banana rides, snorkeling, and speedboat ride.

A tsunami island on the banks of Devbaug in Tarkarli is the main hub of all the water sports activities

in Tarkarli. All major Water Sports in Tarkarli like parasailing, scuba diving, banana ride, speed boat ride, and snorkeling are available here. Take a speedboat ride to experience a roller coaster on water. Feel the splashes of water drops on your face and cool wind in your hair as you indulge in Jet Ski. Scream out your lungs, followed by peals of laughter with your gang on the exciting banana ride. Catch a bird’s eye view of the stunning backwaters as you go Parasailing in Tarkarli. The best Tarkarli water sports season is from October to May although the climate is tourist friendly throughout the year. Get to see the coral reefs and the mystical marine life while snorkeling. Apart from water sports, you can get more excitement of catching the glimpse of dolphins frisking in the sea if you take a boat ride from Tarkarli within the proximity of Malvan shores.


Sindhudurg Fort

Another prime tourist hotspot of the tiny island of Malvan has been the historical Sindhudurg fort Standing tall for decades in the Arabian Sea, this protected monument was built by the great Maratha conqueror Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1664. This strategically built fort, offering protection from enemies as well as high tides, was built in such a way that it could not be easily found from outside. It is said that there are foot and palm prints of the great Shivaji Maharaj still conserved in this fort.

There are few more beaches like Arse Mahal, Chivla, Tondavali and Achra beaches which are still raw and untouched are loved by tourists. There is an exquisitely built Rock Garden, located near the Arase Mahal, on the rocky shore of Malvan. Visit Malvan, go on a holiday and make memories. Indulge in Tarkarli water sports at affordable prices. You won’t experience any dull moment here.

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