Kakolem Beach In Goa 

Kakolem Beach is situated about 7 km to the South of the Cabo de Rama resort and 31 km away from Margao, Kakolem Beach. This beach is a paradise for those who are seeking some relaxing time away from the crowd and chaos. This beach is among the most beautiful and secluded beaches of Goa, with its majestic cliffs and the rich vegetation it is a nature’s treat in Goa. Kakolem Beach is a beach hidden between shaded coconut trees and tall cliffs. Being hidden from the public view, the way to Kakolem beach is quite tricky. You will have to climb down a small cliff near the Vagon bus stop to reach here, which falls on the way to Betul Beach from Canacona.


The unruly wilderness, the quiet and the mystical surroundings are a major lure for all who are looking for a unique and serene beach vacay. A vast expanse of refreshing water by the side of shimmering sands and palm trees makes for breathtaking scenery. The beach looks even more captivating if one looks from the cliffs. Kakolem beach in Goa is mostly deserted except for one resort on top of the cliff.


Should you choose to jump in nonetheless, don’t go in too far and watch out for the drops. There are steep steps across the side of the cliff where one may descend to the water. There are no shacks or restaurants over here, and there is just the one resort called Palm Discoveries where travelers may stay and dine at this untamed beach. Kakolem Beach is also called Tiger beach, it has a legend associated with it. According to some, many tigers are being hunted here at the beach, secretly.

Watersports activities in kakolem beach

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Accommodation near Kakolem Beach

At Kakolem beach, palm Discoveries resort is the only resort available. However, since Kakolem Beach in South Goa is not too well-known for its nightlife and parties, a good option is to stay on one of the nearby beaches such as Agonda, Cabo de Rama, or Kola Beach and take a trip and trek to the beach. Deprived of the late and lively nightlife that of North Goa, Kakolem beach is a place that is usually explored for sightseeing and a number of watersports. In fact, it can be thoroughly enjoyed during the day time and late evening, if you want to witness the exquisite sunset.

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Restaurants near Kakolem Beach

At the Palm Discoveries, Zill restaurant is the only restaurant one can go for a dine at within the beach area. Specializing in the local Goan cuisine, one can also find Continental, Chinese, Russian, and Indian cuisine here.


How to reach Kakolem Beach

Reaching Kakolem Beach can be a bit tricky. It is a bit hard to reach here by road as there are no connecting buses until here. Tourists can come to Kakolem Beach via private transport. The best way to reach Kakolem Beach is via Sea. One can reach here without the hassle of climbing and hiking the cliffs by renting water-engine transportation.

Places to visit near Kakolem Beach

Cabo de Rama, Rock Formations, Palolem Beach, Cola Beach, Rajbaga Beach, and Colva Beach.

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