Hollant Beach In Goa

Hollant Beach is a perfect place for amateur and solitude fishing, or, as it is also called by the name of the nearest village, another one great beaches inhabited is Issorsim by corals of all types and colors. At some days of the month, the water of this beautiful sea is so much clear that corals can be seen from the seashore with the naked eye. It is usually seen during the season which, as everywhere in Goa, lasts from October till May. The colonies of beautiful and colorful corals, various marine fauna and in Bogmalo city the proximity of a huge diving center attract to Hollant Beach resort fans of photography and underwater adventures. 

The Hollant beach in Goa is also known as a suitable place for one of the most popular water sports activities here doing – the kayaking. On the Hollant beach, as well as on the road of this place which leads to the airport, there are some kayaking centers which provide all the necessary equipment for this entertainment enjoying. It is very much vivid and picturesque at Hollant beach during the high water, when the salt water of the Indian Ocean meets a freshwater of the flowing near the creek. Due to the shallow draft of the water at this beach, it is a favorite amongst families. Often families can be seen frolicking in the shallow water and enjoying themselves. There are just a couple of beachside shacks at this beach. No major hotels are located close to the Hollant beach Goa. However, accommodation here can be found with the locals at villas and guesthouses on rent.

Water Sports in Hollant Beach

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How to reach Hollant Beach

Along with the foothills of the Western Ghats, the Hollant beach offers beautiful views with the main southern beaches of Goa. The resorts of Goa beach here have an excellent choice in restaurants and the cafes near the Park Plaza are also good. Seafood from the lip-smacking cuisine of Goa and India is a particular specialty. Vasco’s other beach is Bogmalo (8 km), next to the airport. Just a little away from a left turn on the road to Bogmalo is the tiny, quiet Issorcim or Hollant beach.

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Places to visit near Hollant Beach

Indian Naval Aviation Museum, Heart Shaped Lake, Velsao Beach, Three Kings Chapel, Aguada Fort, Abyss Marine Fish Aquarium, Reis Magos Fort, and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church.


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