Breathtaking! Thrilling! Stunning! These are the familiar words that one hear from those who experience Scuba Diving. Before who make plans to do Scuba Diving, let us introduce you to all new and exciting Scuba Diving in Shiroda. Yes! Shiroda is one such place that will give you a WOW experience through its underwater visibility after you do it.

Experience The Astonished Scuba Diving in Shiroda


As you step off the boat into the sea of Shiroda, you will be able to listen to your heart beat loudly that you will feel like let’s jump right now. You will also feel like let’s forget everything the scuba instructor has instructed about the activity. Just as several things rush through your mind, you finally deluge yourself underwater. An underwater world that has existed for a million years comes as the best experience of your life. The vast boundless azure waters will immerse your stress to leave you with a calm wonderful feeling. Then the beauty of the untouched underwater creatures around you. One marine wonder after another marine wonder of Shiroda like the corals, the reefs, the fish and other wonders around while you can’t take your eyes off them.

As your scuba guide who will be with you underwater will inform you about more untold discoveries, you will think if there is a hidden treasure around there that you may get lucky with. Then, your first dive will come to an end, it will leave you craving for some more time. This will be the dawn of thrilling experiences that will last a lifetime for some participants. But, they can not only learn but also explore dive sites all across the globe.

Why Shiroda Scuba Diving?


Shiroda is located 36 kilometers away from the state capital Panaji and bounded by the villages of Bethora, Panchawadi, Nirankal, and Borim on the one side and the Zuari river on the other side. Scuba Diving in Shiroda offers the best underwater visibility which includes beautiful corals, multi-colored patterned fishes, and seabed gardens in silent-as-night waters. This spot is all about silver shores grasped by playful sea waves. But if you dare to go deeper beneath the sea, there you will get another world that will leave you astonished and amazed.

The best time for Scuba Diving starts from early September and ends up till the end of May. Scuba diving here is simply a wonderful experience for its colorful marine life, with beautiful and rich corals. Diving in the open sea with Scuba equipment is somewhere a difficult task. But, to make it easy, there the professional and certified instructor will give you the whole session on Scuba Diving and instructions. Learning an underwater sign will be a fun part there.

Apart from Scuba Diving also try other activities


Besides Scuba Diving, you can also get some thrilling Adventure water sports in Shiroda. The adventure water sports includes Bumper ride, Banana ride, Speed Boat ride, Atv bike ride, Jetski, Kayak, Jeep safari. Also get superb facilities like mineral water, snacks, soft drinks, veg/non-veg lunch, pick and drop. We at Sea Water Sports offers the best-selling package of Shiroda Beach Scuba Diving with adventure watersports and once in a lifetime experience with the unlimited wonderful memories.

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