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Grand Island Goa – A Complete Family Trip

grand island

Grand Island Goa – A Complete Family Trip

If you are looking for scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, fishing in Goa, don’t have any second thoughts, just head for the Grand Island. You can find this island to the west of Mormugao peninsula located in South Goa. The only way to go there is by using water transport. Also known as Grande Island, GrandiIsland etc., Grand Island is one of the favorite places for divers, whether they are experts or novices. Not only water sports, a trip to Grand Island will unwind you and rejuvenate at the same time. It is blessed with many beautiful, tempting and fantastic places. This trip should be included on your bucket list as it will be once in a lifetime experience. In this trip, you can see the friendly dolphins frisking around your boat, view the biodiversity in the marine life, go bottom fishing to get hold of a good catch and watch the chef cook it into delicious BBQ especially cooked for you.

Boat rides and other water sports are quite a hit amongst the tourists at Grand Island. You can make it more memorable by indulging in snorkeling in Goa. There is amazing water world full of surreal beauty, colorful shoals of fishes, calmly swimming dolphins and other never before seen underwater animals in the underwater world near Grand Island. You can experience the mystical world below the sea as you participate in the refreshing snorkeling activity on the Goa’s Monkey beach.

Let the excitement begin as you head for the boat jetty from your hotel to get transported for the soul-stirring Grand Island Boat trip. Ensure you have a camera with you to shoot memories of the enticing scenes you are going to witness. Dolphin safari is the most enchanting activity as you watch these serene dolphins playing gleefully in their natural environment. Looking for more fun, drop a fish line and get hold of a good catch. After all the activity, attack the tempting, inviting, smoking hot BBQ and the traditional Goan dishes laid out for you on the unperturbed Monkey Beach to satiate your hunger and give you energy for the rest of the trip.

If you are worried about the gears and equipment, just chill, because diving mask, snorkel and flippers will be provided to you. With your safety being the first priority, the expert snorkeling trainers will always be with you to guide you regarding the safety rules and techniques of snorkeling. To keep your trip hassle-free, you have to follow the instructions and be safe so that you can take some of the beautiful reminiscences with you for the whole life. The Island will let you just relax and absorb the charisma of its own. All the activities and this trip will be a one to cherish for long. You will long to be back to get the taste of same fun again and again with your friends, family and loved ones.

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