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Experience Snorkeling In Goa To Make Your Vacation A Memorable One

snorkeling in goa

Do you remember the Chinese proverb? “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Have you ever felt curious about fishing while snorkeling but never got a chance to do? Now you can give it a try while Snorkeling in Goa with the help of seawater sports!

Goa is a famous place for various sea water sports and one of the famous sports that people look forward to trying is Snorkeling in Goa. But for some fish-lovers, It is not just a seawater activity but also a chance to savor the tastiest fishes of the Goan water. Goa has always held a special place when it comes to leisure fishing. There are various beaches where you can try snorkeling. It is not just a sport in Goa, It is a way of life.

Dive into the blue hazy sea and discover the exotic marine life. The best time for snorkeling is in mid-afternoon and if you’re an adventurous soul then we will recommend the nighttime as the sea would be cold and you can find a variety of fishes like catfish, snappers, bream and many other exotic fishes.  The reefs have an abundance of hard and soft corals and many colored tropical fishes. You can also swim with the dolphins. Fishing in Goa is a great and relaxing way to make your holidays more funfilled and exciting. There are various other sea sports where you can have thrilling experience and they include Scuba diving in Goa, Parasailing, Jetski, Bumper ride.  You can Witness the brain coral, star coral, sea whips and various other non-native fishes swimming around you while snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Goa

Compared to other places, Goa is a far better place where you can try these water activities at a reasonable price. Take a photographer along with you to capture those moments and cherish them for a lifetime. The experts will provide you a snorkel and the fins that will be attached to your feet so that you can move freely in the shallow water. It can certainly be qualified as one of the most adventurous activities that you should try when in Goa.

 So combine your snorkeling with the fishing and enjoy this seawater activity in Goa by catching these intriguing creatures that crawl on the seabed.

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