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Enjoy The Picturesque Beauty Of The Grand Island In Goa!!!

A relaxed mind, easy breeze, clear sky, a steer clear water and quality time with your loved ones. What else would one want during a vacation? Let’s make it memorable together in  Grand Island in Goa, which is located a few kilometers westward from Mormugao peninsula, situated in South Goa. Grand Island in Goa is a popular place for diving. The depth is 7-20 meters of the sea, which is perfect for both skilled divers and beginners.

Grand Island Goa is also very famous for few places which are remarkable and are worth visiting like Suzy’s wreck place which tops the list of the divers. Another interesting place to visit for the divers when in Grand Island is, Davy Jones Locker. Suzy’s wreck and Davy Jones Locker are also very famous for activities like Treasure-hunt. All in all, Grand Island is an unforgettable place.


Another activity to collect good memories from Goa is Paragliding in Goa. It is even more fun when you experience it with your loved ones. It has a perfect blend of making you feel excited about adrenaline getting charged up whilst making you relaxed and calmed when you’re high up in the sky enjoying the nature’s view. This daytime activity allows you to fly up high in the sky like a free bird leaving all your worries and tensions behind. After you reach the area, our experts will guide and brief out you and your partner with all the instructions. Once you’re done, get ready for a lifetime experience of about 15minutes which we bet you, you’ll never forget in your entire life. Paragliding in Goa is one such activity that will satiate and quench your thirst for fun during your vacation with family or friends. Goa is considered as the perfect spot for tourists and it becomes even more perfect with such exciting activities like Paragliding. You can definitely not sit idle while your stay in Goa.

So if you want to try out something new this time during your vacation, try your hand at the paragliding tour!!!!

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