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Don’t Wait!!! Just Take A Trip And Avail All The Water Sports In Malvan For A Memorable Tour

Malvan Water Sports

Malvan located at Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. Because of its beautiful location and panoramic view Malvan became the perfect location for water sports enthusiasts. Water body that surrounds is perfectly suited for Water Activities in Malvan during monsoon season also.

Various water sports are conducted there like scuba diving, banana ride, bumper ride, jet-ski, speed boat rides, and kayaking. Sea Water Sports offers various water activities package in Malvan at a reasonable price. The package includes:-

Scuba Diving at Tarkarli:-

Scuba Diving in malvan

The combination of white sands and pristine water is just so vital. Malvan is popular for its exotic beaches, calm back waters and a spot for adventurous water sports. Get acquainted with the untouched mysteries under the serene beaches with Scuba Diving in Tarkarli. The diving experience will surely leave a mark and make your more memorable. Dive into the waters and have a glimpse of the bright and vibrant marine life. Even you don’t know swimming; you can go for Scuba diving. All you have to do is go in comfortable clothing. Carry an extra pair of clothes. Carry towel. Pay proper attentions to the instructions given by the instructors.

Other Water Activities:-

Water Activities in malvan

Indulge in water sports like snorkeling, banana ride, bumper ride, speed boat ride, jet-ski, kayaking in Malvan. On few rides, you can challenge your loved ones. While another ride, enjoy as a group. Scream loudly and feel the excitement as you indulge in water sports with your loved ones and trained experts. Leave your stresses and fears back at home, hail your enthusiasm and pack your energy for all these genuinely stunning and fortifying water sport around here. The speedboat ride in Goa is the latest hit amongst speed lovers who visit Malvan. Jet-ski is your actual test of affinity you have with water. Feel the adrenaline rush with a bumper ride as they splash over the waves. Jet-ski is undoubtedly a standout amongst the gutsiest water sports. Banana boat ride offers to frisk around in the water in motorized boats. About 4-6 people can take a ride at a time.

The peals of laughter, excitement and thrill will go way long in your memories. All the safety rules are completely followed. Life jackets are provided. Trainers and instructors will be there at back. So if you are planning a trip to Malvan then indulge in water activities that Malvan has to offer.

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