Located on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra in the Malvan region of the Sindhudurg district is Chivla Beach. Chivla Beach is a long stretch of beaches with white sand and palm trees, at any given time of the day a couple of fishers are always seen at the far end of the beach. There are rocks leading to the sea at the end of the beach which adds the rustic beauty of the beach. Rarely a kilometer from the Malvan region, this beach is a beautiful place that offers much more than the picturesque views.

The beach promises to captivate tourists with the adventures and tourist attractions that are seen here. Nature lovers are seen blocking this place as it is clear, pristine and peaceful. This beach is also famous for scuba diving ringed by the couples on the full moon nights for a romantic night walk. The view of the full moon appearing out of the wild sea looks beautiful.

How to Reach Chivla Beach


The nearest airport is at Dabolim in Goa which is at a distance of 129 km from Chivla Beach.


The nearest railway station from Chivla Beach is Kudal and Kankavli which are at a distance of 30 km and 47 km respectively.


Chivla Beach can be accessed easily. There are plenty of buses plying to Malvan from most parts of Maharashtra and the neighboring states of Karnataka and Goa. Chivla Beach is at a distance of 2 km from the Malvan bus stand and can be accessed on foot.

The Best Time To Visit Chivla Beach

The best time to visit Chivla Beach is during the winter which falls from the month of November to February. This is the time when the temperature is quite pleasant at night and warm during the day. Also, the months of March or April is the best time to visit. This is the time when the beach is not as crowded. During this time there are hardly any tourists seen here, the beach broadly turns into a playground for the local kids. The monsoon months which begin from the month of June to September receive heavy rainfall and thus it is not advisable to explore during this time.

Hotels In Chivla Beach

Being a popular location of Maharashtra, Chivla Beach is filled with a plethora of tourists round the year. So it is quite easy for visitors to find the best hotels near Chivla Beach. One will get cheap hotels at Chivla Beach ranging from lavish five-star hotels to budget hotels. There are also a few hotel options on the beach that offers the best facilities and services to stay. Chivla Beach is extremely crowded owing to its proximity to Malvan during the season. So it is advisable to make prior bookings to ensure the availability of accommodation at the beach during the season. The best part is that the hotel booking near Chivla Beach is not at all difficult. The list of best hotels near Chivla beach includes-

Hotel Rosary House

Address- Chivla beach, Malvan, Maharashtra

Phone no- 02365 253 699

Hotel Silver Sand

Address- Near Killa Beach Resort, Dhuriwada, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 02365 252 507

Hotel Chivala Beach

Address- Chivla Beach, Dist. Sindhudurg, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 094047 49650

Sea View Holiday Home

Address- Chivla, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 02365 252 741

The Pride Hotel

Address- Post Office Rd, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 02365 253 444

Hotel Mango

Address- A54 Near Rock Garden, behind Government Rest House, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 0124 620 1615

Manorama Homestay

Address- Malvan Exit Rd, Dhuriwada, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 094225 23450

Restaurants In Chivla Beach

Chivla Beach dwells a few beach shacks on the beach that offer food as well are just like relaxing spots for those who wish to have some shade in the sizzling heat. For malvani food, you can also choose from various non-veg and veg restaurants in Malvan near Chivla beach that is seen from the main roads. Somewhat food is a little expensive but worth spending. Here is the list of restaurants near Chivla Beach.

Athithi Bamboo

Address- Chivla Beach Road, Malvan 303403, India

Phone no- +91 94233 04327


Address- Chivla Beach | Next to Visava Hotel, Malvan 416606, India

Phone no- +91 75889 90606

Ukdiche Modak

Address- Medha, Malvan 411606, India

Phone no- +91 70306 65650


Address- Dr Ballav Marg, near Daivadnya Bhavan, Dhuriwada, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606

Phone no- 083904 12161

Aswad Fast Food

Address- Dr. Ballav Marg, Somwar Peth Malvan, Malvan 416606, India

Phone no- +91 94044 98313

Things To Do In Chivla Beach

Chivla, also known as the private beach is popular for offering a bounty of fun adventure activities which make this beach more enthralling. Tourists on their Goa trip love to visit this picturesque and beautiful beach where they can experience various adventure activities which are ranging from water sports to shopping to sightseeing to adventure activities. If you are yet to visit Chivla Beach and thinking what to do in Chivla Beach, then below are some of the things to do in Chivla Beach that will give you memories for a lifetime.

Adventure Activities In Chivla Beach

No doubt, Chivla beach is a hub of the bounty of water sports activities. It is one of the popular places where thrillers love participating in water sports.  Those who wish to try something unique can head for scuba diving or snorkeling which are the most popular adventure activities around the Chivla Beach. Not-so-adventure-lovers can indulge in bird watching or can even opt for boating to see the multi-colored fish. These water sports in Chivla Beach are captivating the attention of not only the Indian travelers but also of international travelers. The list of the most popular water sports in Chivla Beach includes-

Scuba Diving



Banana ride

Bumper ride

Jet Skiing

Speed Boat ride



Shopping In Chivla Beach in Goa

Chivla Beach is a paradise for shopaholics. This beach offers some really enormous stalls from where tourists can get astounding souvenirs. The beach also has stalls of classic handicrafts boutiques, jewelry shops and much more.

Nightlife In Chivla Beach

The nightlife in Chivla Beach in Goa is exclusively tamed. The pubs there remains open until after midnight in the off-season and into the small hours late during the month of December and January. Chivla Beach is more vibrant and lively after the sun goes down and the city wakes up in the sky. The nightlife view of this beach simply brightens the city with cultural, music and dance appearance. Whole-night parties and wines are the main tourist attractions of this beach that attracts a large number of tourists from all across the globe. For more enjoyment, you can also visit pubs and clubs.

Tourist Attractions Near Chivla Beach in Goa

Views of sunset and sunrise in Chivla Beach are something that you should not miss. The tourist attractions near Chivla Beach which are popular in Malvan include Rock Garden, Lord Ganesh temple, Sindhudurg Fort, Padmagad Fort, Jay Ganesh temple, Bhagwati temple, and Bharadi Devi Angnewadi. These are in close proximity to the beach. There is bounty of restaurants near the Chivla beach area that serve authentic Malvani food and seafood thalis. Poha, misal pav, prawns thali, jhinga thali, etc are the famous dishes that are served in all the restaurants. Kokum juice is also a popular local drink which is easily feasible in every restaurant; one can also head to buy these at the local grocery stores. There are ice cream carts seen selling different ice creams to beat the heat on the beach. One can get a good number of attractions to double the fun of their holidays around Chivla Beach in Goa.

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