Chapora Beach In Goa

Chapora Beach is a beautiful beach, situated on the northern side of the Vagator, which is at a distance of 10 km from Mapusa. It’s one of the best beaches of Goa that touches a chord in the heart of tourists with its black lava rocks, white sandy unfold, sapphire expanse, and shaking palms. It’s the favorite spot for the one, who loves the surf and the sand. It’s one of the most cloistered and tranquil beaches in Goa, which brings a lot of shacks and restaurants all around. The seashore offers adventurous water activities, hippy nightlife and famous tourist attractions that fascinate travel explorers worldwide.


So, if you want a break from hustle-bustle city, visit Chapora and have a wonderful time at the beach with delicious seafood to bask upon. On the other side of the Chapora fort in North Goa, near the famous beach parties of Vagator, lies the idyllic Chapora beach. Being a lesser-known beach of Goa, this coastal secret is a treasure trove of natural beauty, with a serene combination of white sands, turquoise waters, black lava rocks, and fringes of coconut and palm trees. Chapora beach is perfect for those looking to lay low and soak in the coastal magnificence, it is away from the noise of the crowds present across Goa.


The allure of Chapora beach is magnified by the connection of the Chapora river with the magnificent Arabian Sea. A trawler-fishing jetty is located on the shores display colorful little fishing boats docked here. There are plenty of things to do in Chapora Beach. Located past the charming fishing village of Chapora, one is taken through a delightful route of eateries and numerous budget-accommodation locations as they maneuver through the road to reach this relatively unexplored side of North Goa.

Water Sports in Chapora Beach

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Accommodations in Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is one of the perfect destinations to lodge in. You will find all ranges of accommodations available around the beach for honeymoon couples and backpackers that offer all exclusive facilities with luxury stay. One can easily get hotels, resorts, and economical guesthouses near the beach.


Nightlife on Chapora Beach

The nightlife of Chapora Beach is very calm and quite different from the hurly-burly and chaos of other seashores. Tourists from every corner of the world visit here to spend some quality time till midnight. There are lots of restaurants and bars made up of palm leaves and woods on the beachside, which always invigorates after sunset. Travelers can visit Small Taverna for a drink called a local brewed cashew and coconut made a drink. At night, it becomes a splendid place to rejuvenate.


Best time to visit Chapora Beach

November to March. If you are looking for something more and different, head towards Chapora Beach and enjoy and experience beach vacation trip in the most beautiful bays, which hold back its charms with sunset and lights up heaven.


How to Reach Chapora Beach

The Chapora beach in Goa is located 24 km away from Panaji. Thus if you are traveling from Panaji you have to hire a taxi or take a bus that will take you to the beach. Other than this there are many other modes to reach the location.


Places to visit near Chapora Beach

Chapora Fort, Little Vagator, St. Michael’s Church, Vagator Beach, Sunset Point, St. Alex’s Church, and Morjim Beach.

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