Canaguinim Beach In Goa

Canaguinim Beach is one of the secluded beaches lying in the south of Betul Beach. Although the silver looking majestic coastal stretch of the beach is much small compared to other beaches in the vicinity, this beautiful beach is a blend of serene surroundings and crystal clear waters. One can see the Cabo de Rama Fort, situated south of the beach, from the coastline. Unlike other Goan beaches, the beach is very calm and quiet. As a result, it is often visited by tourists seeking peace. Cavelossin Beach is only 10-12 km overland and 3 km by sea to the south from civilized Cavelossim and brilliant Mobora resorts – and you will get to almost unnoticed by the tourists, a wild but so much beautiful Canaguinim Beach in Goa. Canaguinim Beach is consists of two amazing beaches North Canaguinim and South Canaguinim. These beautiful beaches are surrounded by lush wild vegetation, covered with golden sand and washed by warm waters of the Arabian Sea.


North Canaguinim is a serene place, it has a length of about 350 meters; from the western side it is protected by the land shaft and in the north, it is crossed by a small river. South Canaguinim is a majestic place, it has a length of about 180 meters and has lots of stones, which makes it unsuitable for beach activities. But still, the South Canaguinim is perfect for picnics, sunbaths, and pleasant walks. Both beaches North Canaguinim and South Canaguinim are safe for swimming, but swimming here is not that easy, again, because of huge number of stones. However, even in spite of their emptiness, these two beaches have a Baywatch so that if even you will decide to have a little dip in the tender Arabian Sea waters near Canaguinium Beaches.


Canaguinium Beaches are perfect for those who like to spend their vacations in savage. There are no facilities for tourists on the beach. To get something to eat you will need to go to the Canaguinim village, which is located 800 meters from the shore.

Water Sports in Canaguinim Beach

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Accommodation in Canaguinim Beach

There is only one way of accommodation in Canaguinim Beach: to rent a room in the village. But still, more and more often tourists from nearby resorts are coming here to spend a day on this serene and picturesque beautiful beach, to observe the life of localities here and to visit interesting constructions of Portuguese period in Canaguinium village. Just 6 km away from Canaguinium Beaches, a famous Cabo Da Rama resort is situating. By a regular bus line which runs through Canaguinium village, Canaguinium Beach is connected with the region’s largest city of Madgaon. You can also reach the beach on a motorboat or by taxi.

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Best time to visit Canaguinim Beach

Canaguinim Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa. The best time to visit Canaguinim Beach is from November till March.


Places to visit near Canaguinim Beach

Betul Fort, Cabo de Rama, Betul Lighthouse, Nuem Beach, Rock Formations, and Palolem Beach.

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