Butterfly Beach In Goa 

Butterfly beach is a tiny beach cove that lies just to the north of Palolem beach at a distance of about 37 km from Margao. This beach, also known as Honeymoon Beach, is in the form of a small cove surrounded by dense trees. It is slightly remote and is difficult to access on foot, making it one of the most secluded and peaceful beaches in Goa. Interestingly, this beautiful Butterfly beach is so named as the surrounding trees attract a wide variety of butterflies occasionally. Also, it may be because the beach itself is in the shape of a butterfly! Either way that is just as pretty as one, especially during sunsets.


You just have to do one thing plop down here with a picnic basket and some wine and experience the oneness with nature. Vehicles do not lead directly to it since it is a secluded spot which has to be reached by passing through a thick forest. However, this also makes for a wonderful opportunity to go trekking through a forest! Indeed the most and best efficient way to reach Butterfly Beach is by boat from the nearby Palolem or Agonda beaches. Once you reach Butterfly beach in Goa, you are in a whole other world. Butterfly beach is enclosed by a thick forest on one side and leading to the open sea on the other, it has a unique and picturesque landscape. A cove-like structure welcomes you to engage in what promises to be a wonderful day at the beach.


During low water, the sand dene becoming wider and is littered with traces of crabs and goldfishes. You can also see here sea urchins, sea cucumbers and even redfish early in the morning. Dolphins can be spotted from some other places of Goa as well, but Butterfly beach is an ideal and best location as it is not crowded with tourists. If you choose to travel by boat from Agonda or Palolem to the Butterfly beach, especially in the early morning, you should be able to spot them along the way. Also, the changing sea tides reveal a lot of marine fauna on the Butterfly beach. At low tide, the seawater recedes and bring sea crabs, sea urchins, and many fishes out onto the wet sand along the beach line.

Water Sports in Butterfly Beach 

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Best Time To Visit Butterfly Beach

The stunning beach offers beautiful views of dolphin sightseeing. The temperature of Butterfly Beach is quite warm throughout the year. The nights here are a bit chilly from the month of December until February. There is quite good rainfall from June to August, for tourists the best time to visit Butterfly Beach is from late October until March-end.

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How to Reach Butterfly Beach

There is no public transport on this beach. You can also take private transport like auto-rickshaws, cabs are also available from Canacona.


Places to visit near Butterfly Beach

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