Bogmalo Beach In Goa

Bogmalo is a beautiful as well as small beach-side village in Goa, India. Bogmalo Beachin Goa is located in a small bay with around a mile of curving sandy beach. from Dabolim Airport, the beach is located about 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) and from the port town of Vasco da Gama, 9 kilometers (5.6 mi). It is known to host conferences for AIESEC India every June or July. A unique feature in Bogmalo Beach in South Goa is a pet training and boarding academy founded by internationally awarded animal behaviorist Gautam Kari. Called Kari’s K9 Kamp, this canine facility is set in a Portuguese style villa, which is so beautiful and is a cage-free and leash-free facility.


Bogmalo Beach is ideal for people going on vacation as the premises is close to Dabolim Airport. Services include overnight pet boarding, dog daycare, dog training, and pet products delivery. Bogmalo beach is located close to the village of Bogmalo in Goa. The beach is one of the cleanest in the area and is still safe from overcrowded tourist activities. Dotted with local eateries and knick-knack stalls, the beach has also started a diving school lately. The shallow waters near the shore and low tides of the sea encourage swimming and other sports.

Water Sports in Bogmalo Beach


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Things to do in Bogmalo Beach

Watching the sunset from one of the beachfront bar/restaurants, with a cold bottle of Kingfisher in hand.

See the cows on the beach. Yes, it is a bit different but true. Most of them arrive at this place in the mid-afternoon and wander off back up the road as soon as the sun disappears below the horizon. Spending time on the beach is just as lazy a past-time for the cows as it is for the humans over here, though they will occasionally move to lick out a discarded ice-cream tub.

Visit the beach, a small, unique, and almost deserted beach, 8 km south from Vasco Da Gama, and 4 km from Goa’s airport. A good place to sleep or to take some rest before or after your flight.


Boat Trips to the islands and for spotting dolphin can be booked through the Full Moon restaurant at the south end of the beach. It is one of the best things to do in Bogmalo Beach.

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How to reach Bogmalo Beach

In this area the primary mode of public transport available are buses & there is a regular service from the main Vasco bus depot, which is well-connected to other parts of Goa & India. To travel from the airport, you can catch a bus from the red-light crossing situated just outside & this journey to Bogmalo will cost INR 10/ per person, in 2019. The taxi fare from the airport to Bogmalo is currently INR 300 when booked through the pre-paid counter near the arrivals gate. From Dabolim junction, one can often find a pilot taxi or bike taxi at affordable rates.

Places to visit near Bogmalo Beach

Hollant Beach, Indian Naval Aviation Museum, Heart Shaped Lake, São Jacinto, and Bimbel Beach

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