Betalbatim Beach In Goa

Betalbatim beach in Goa is popular for its clean sands and beautiful surroundings, it is situated 5 kilometers away from Margao. Tourists or visitors who want to spend holidays at quieter beaches often choose Betalbatim Beach over its more crowded neighbor, Colva. Sometimes you can see tourists taking a walk from Colva beach discovering that the beach sand gets better and cleaner as they move away from Colva. Betalbatim Beach is almost deserted save for the few shacks. Betalbatim Beach can easily be reached by bus from Margao.


Betalbatim beach is a serene place situated to the north of the popular Colva beach. Unlike most Goa beaches that are lined up with palm trees, Betalbatim beach has numerous pine trees along the shoreline. Betalbatim beach is situated in South Goa, it is one of the quieter beaches of Goa. Lined with a plethora of fast-food chains, local restaurants, and spas, the highlight of the beach is the easy spotting of the dolphins. You can ask the local fishermen who can hike you a ride in a sea to have a glimpse of the dolphins.

Water Sports in Betalbatim Beach

Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving in goa
Snorkeling in Goa

Snorkeling in goa
kayaking in goa

kayaking in goa
Banana ride in Goa

Banana ride in Goa
Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing in Goa


Accommodation in Betalbatim Beach

There are plenty of villas and hotels around Betalbatim Beach. Here it will provide you with a comfortable stay. All of them are located near Betalbatim Beach.


Tips to Visit Betalbatim Beach

  1. Carry your swimwear, sunscreen lotion, and sunglasses with you.
  2. Make sure to maintain a safe distance from water during monsoon season and follow all the given guidelines by the authority.


Shopping at Betalbatim Beach

Though there is not a proper market around Betalbatim Beach, you can shop for souvenirs like colorful local dresses, jewelry, old books, and jute items. Everything is available at reasonable prices and you can bargain also.

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Best Time To Visit Betalbatim Beach

The most favorable time to visit Betalbatim Beach is winter. Summers are too scorching as the mercury soars up to 40 degrees Celsius. In monsoons, heavy rains are observed. The beach can get precarious due to high waves and water sports are not safe. November to February is the best time to visit Betalbatim Beach. The temperature lingers between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Winters are mild with balmy weather. If you want some peace in this serene place, then the early morning is most suitable when the beach is almost empty. However, if you want to witness the actual life in Goa, late night is the best time when local people throng the pubs or bars and have whale of a time.


Places to visit near Betalbatim Beach

Our Lady of Merces Church, Goa Chitra Museum, Sernabatim Beach, Colva Beach, and Our Lady of Grace Church.

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