Bambolim Beach In Goa

Bambolim Beach is a peaceful little beach, a haven for those who want to enjoy the surf and sand without the crowds that pepper most of the other beaches in North Goa. This beautiful beach is a secluded stretch of rocks and sand, lined on the landward side with swathes of swaying coconut palms, which provide a cool and shady place to relax. Bambolim Beach in Goa is a pristine beach located in the northern part of Goa and is famous for being a virgin beach, untouched by commercialization and is barely ever crowded. For the visitors or travelers who are constantly in search of untouched or unexploited beaches, Bambolim beach will be a paradise for you in Goa.


This majestic Bambolim beach is situated near the little seaside town of Bambolim which is about 7km from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. Although you will not find any bus service to the beach because there is none, it can easily be reached by road and can be reached using the services of a pilot or taxi service. It is a favorite amongst offbeat travelers. The long coastline is perfect for taking a stroll or lazing in the golden sand under the balmy sun. The beautiful beach is a good picnic spot. You just have to pack your essentials and head to the beach on a beautiful clear day.


One may witness the routine activities of the fishermen who live nearby and also buy fresh fish from them. Since it is not as crowded as other beaches, tourists will find this attraction tranquil and immensely peaceful, and the beautiful atmosphere will calm jittery nerves in no time. The large expanse of sandy beach is a favorite for beach games like Football, Frisbee, and Volleyball, etc. One may choose to build sandcastles of build castles in the air as they laze around in the sand watching the sunset.

Water Sports in Bambolim Beach

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Best Time To Visit Bambolim Beach

Bambolim beach, like most of the beaches in Goa, is at its best during the tourist season, which is from the month of October to March. Those who are planning to visit this place between the months of March and June, should beware of the hot sun, and carry water and sunscreen. From the month of June to September, the monsoon season, the beach has its own peculiar charm, but the sea is not safe to swim in.


History of Bambolim Beach

According to history the village of Bambolim was one of the thirty settlements at the Tiswadi region of the Goud Saraswat Brahmins when they migrated to Goa. Bambolim place has witnessed the rule of many dynasties through ages which have left deep imprints in the culture and traditions of the people.


Places to visit near Bambolim Beach

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