Arambol Beach in Goa

Arambol Beach is a beautiful beach in Goa, it attracts many international tourists, mainly during the winter season between the months of November and March. Arambol Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches as well as it has a distinct bohemian feel which is no longer found in other areas, such as Calangute Beach and this inevitably of Arambol Beach attracts many alternatives travelers.


You can stroll on the north off the main beach is a smaller beach with a “fresh water lake” close to the sea. The water here is a mixture of freshwater and seawater. The jungle valley in the Arambol Beach is enclosed between low hills hide a spectacular banyan tree. Created by an American Conceptual and Land art artist Jacek Tylicki, Adjoining the banyan tree there is a stone sculpture. This sculpture is also called The Money Stone. It has become a pilgrimage destination.


The serene and beautiful, Arambol Beach is one of the best beaches of North Goa and is completely unexploited by tourist activities. Arambol Beach is considered among the most spectacular beaches in Goa, it has a distinct feel of Bohemian to it, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Be it wellness pursuits at a Yoga class on the beach, a drum circle and a day on the beachside market during the sunset, a mystical baba on hillock’s top, jumping off a cliff to paraglide or simply strolling about the kitschy market lanes; there is something for every kind of soul in Arambol Beach. Arambol Beach in Goa is one of the northernmost beaches here and is bordered by Querim or Keri beach on one end and Morjim on the other. Arambol Beach is more sandy beach than rocky, it is blessed with jungles on one end and the sea on the other.

Water Sports in Arambol Beach

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Snorkeling in Goa

Snorkeling in goa
Kayaking in Goa

kayaking in goa
Banana Ride in Goa

Banana ride in Goa
Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing in Goa

Best Time To Visit Arambol Beach

The best time to visit Arambol beach is between the month of November and March. Also during this time of the month, the beach receives the maximum number of international tourists as the weather is enjoyable.


History of Arambol Beach

Arambol first emerged during the time of the 1960s as a mellow paradise for long-haired long-stayers, and ever since, travelers attracted to the hippy atmosphere have been drifting up to this blissed-out corner in Goa, setting up camp and in some of the cases, never leaving. As a result, in the high season the beach and the road leading down to the town, it is basically one road and can get pretty crowded with people, huts, and nonstop stalls from where you can buy the usual tourist stuff.


How to Reach Arambol Beach

From Vasco De Gama train station, walk straight out from the exit and follow the road to the end, past the parked private buses, and on the right will be a bus stand with local buses to Panaji. From Panaji bus station, catch the local bus to Mapusa. From the Mapusa bus stand, you can take a bus to Arambol. The bus from Mapusa will drop you off in front of the HDFC bank ATM, the ticket guy will likely shoo you off here – from there it’s a short walk into the heart of Arambol beach.


Places to visit near Arambol Beach

Calangute Beach, Chapora Fort, Arambol Lake, Ashvem Beach, Baga Beach, and Chapora Beach.


Restaurants in Arambol Beach

The aroma of lip-smacking dishes will fill your soul with utmost cravings in the lanes of Arambol, there are numerous restaurants around the beach in the outskirts. Visit these places to try some really new and authentic dishes of Goa, at these eateries relish the multiple and palatable cuisines.


Well from reasonable to high-quality restaurants near Arambol Beach in Goa, here you will be served with some awesome sensational platter at your service.


At Arambol there are some of the awesome food joints where you can relax and enjoy your brunch and dinner while exploring the serene village:



Double Dutch


Nightlife in Arambol Beach

Undeniably tourists can soak themselves in the vibrant vibes of Arambol, hit at any bar or club where the booming music will run in your veins and make you groove on each beat. Party freaks gear up yourself before coming here to enjoy the nightlife in Arambol Beach in Goa, you are just going to love the wildness of this place. Also, tourists can visit restaurants or shacks to relish the flavor of some succulent Goan dishes with glittering mocktails and amazing drinks. Stroll around the beach, to spend quality time in the evening.


Here is the list of clubs and pubs where one can enjoy the crazy nightlife at Arambol:

Mango Tree

Psy Bar and Night club

Arkan Bar and Restaurant

Take a Break Bar and Restaurant


Hotels in Arambol Beach

Here you can find a few numbers of resorts that fulfill the desire of staying in luxurious hotels near Arambol Beach in Goa, although the basic amenities can be fulfilled in small hotels and hostels too. Tourists mostly prefer to stay here for a day or two as Arambol has not many things to do other than sightseeing.

Om Lake Resort

Nakson Arambol Plaza

Go – YM resort

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