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Anniversary Becomes Even More Special With Valentines Day And Water Sports Activities!!

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Anniversary Becomes Even More Special With Valentines Day And Water Sports Activities!!

Goa in India is one of the most attractive and exciting tourist places. It is India’s smallest state but surely provides the visitors and tourists a pack of a wide range of Goa pleasures. The beautiful long and extended coastlines are one the highlights of Goa. So are the long beaches, Goan food, swaying long leaves of the coconut trees and a lot more than this. While your stay in Goa, you must certainly not miss these attractions and breath-taking experiences. These moments are sure to leave a mark on you for a long time. It’s a great way to experience an adrenaline rush. So if you’re ready to make your holidays worth the “Sun, Sea and Sand” with some thrilling Water Sports Activities, come and visit Goa. Let us read the story of a young daughter who planned a beautiful water sports surprise in Goa for her Parent’s anniversary.

Ojaswini an 18-year-old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Choraria, stays with her parents in Mumbai. One afternoon she realized 14th of February is nearing and that happened to be the date of her parent’s anniversary. She quickly opened her laptop searched a couple of things she could do for them. Buying gifts, taking them for dinner, decorating the house and many more. She didn’t want to do all of those things for them as they were too mainstream. She quickly remembered the day when they were looking at the old photographs of her mother and father trying our adventure sports activities. She then knew what to do on their anniversary day. She opened the website of Seawater Sports in Goa as recommended by her friend who had booked a family trip to Goa with the help of Seawater sports. Ojaswini booked parasailing activity under the Water Sports Package as she had heard Parasailing in Goa is very popular. And what else would be a more adventurous sport than Parasailing, where you fly at a height of 300 ft. above the ground with the help of a long rope attached to a speedboat. Parasailing is enjoyed by high-speed lovers. Ojaswini’s parents had an amazing time and thanked their daughter for letting them relive those moments they missed so much. Ojaswini was extremely happy and she can’t thank Sea watersports enough.

So if you’re an adventure baby and you want to try out something exciting like this then in that case BOOK NOW!!

Stay Excited! Stay Adventurous!!

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