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10 Aug

The Most Popular Water Sports in Goa- Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving has become the most popular water sports in today’s generation and it allows people to get more close towards the nature through such activity. It is the unique way to connect you with nature underneath the sea. You hear only two noises in water when you submerge, one is your breathing and other is the boat passing by. This gives you an excellent opportunity to rest, relax and revive yourself.

Considering the fact of fun and adventure, scuba dive is also dangerous if you are not trained with proper knowledge. There are many types of equipment which need to be talked about, the functions and different gears.


Mask is one of the equipment which is very important. It protects the person from choking underwater. A scuba diving mask helps to suck and seal the air within the mask area so that no water can go in. Also one should be sure to defog the mask with the appropriate tools before you submerge because a foggy mask can seriously spoil the fun for diving underwater!


Fins are important equipment used normally to move you smoothly underwater. The scuba fins also called flippers acts as extension of your legs, allows you to move underwater more quickly because of the design of the fins. A powerful fin always requires less work of you that helps you to conserve oxygen while you submerge in the water!

Buoyancy Control Device

Yet another jacket you require to wear when you are submerging, it allows you to hang with various accessories such as your knife, torch and your back up regulator or mouth pieces. The buoyancy jacket’s plays a very important role in keeping your buoyancy in check so that it should not bounce up and down underneath the water.


This element used is also known as octopus which helps in main supply of oxygen. There are total two regulators hose connected to the oxygen tank, one is your own and another acts as a backup for you or for your diving buddy at the time of need or emergency. When you buy this, first you should check how easy or difficult it makes you to breathe while using it. Keeping in mind you should not feel suffocating or struggling to breathe.

A Good Trainer is a the Best Buddy for Scuba Diving

Definitely you be at excitement when you have move in underwater, but this takes a while. First you have to get excellent diving classes by some trainers and it’s a must. You can’t be reading a story and directly trying on your own. Practically learning is very important. We have scuba dive trainer who love their profession and have guarded millions of people. Our trainers at the beginning of your training start explaining you and then following you while you are at practice under water. Later for almost few days till your action is at perfection they keep a track to be with you under sea water sports training.

Scuba Diving has not only been single water sports but there are more than you can ever imagine, Banana Ride, Parasailing, Fishing, Waterfall, Island trip and many more. We also give combo offer packs for people interested to experience such water sports activities. Let fun make you relaxed and get refreshed with natures call.

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