Scuba diving is an activity that requires attention and concentration. Though it’s a fun activity, we must be vigilant about our safety underwater. Our experts at seawater sports will make it a point to ensure that you have a memorable time underwater while experiencing Scuba diving in Goa

Scuba diving in goa


Below we are going to assist you with 55 Things you should know to make your scuba diving experience a memorable one.

  1. Check your gear properly- your Gear and equipment plays a crucial role underwater
  2. Check your weight properly. After you enter the water and before you submerge, you must check whether you are alright with the weight of your gear and equipment.
  3. Have a look at your buddy. Your buddy is the only companion you would be having underwater. Make sure he is fine too.
  4. Once you submerge in the water and after you reach the maximum depth, check your gauges and buoyancy.
  5. Use your fins efficiently to swim underwater
  6. Have control over your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  7. Use a high-performance regulator. Better regulator minimize the work of breathing
  8. Learn to manage the currents wisely underwater.
  9. Communicate with your buddy. Also, keep a regular check on them.
  10. Learn to take turns. Do not always be the one to take responsibility. Give a chance to your buddy to lead too.
  11. Give proper thought to all the suggestions and warnings provided to you by your buddy.
  12. In case you happen to be out of the air during Scuba In Goa, do not panic as it can result in anxiety. All you have to do is breathe slowly and you will realize you have plenty of air after all.
  13. Learn to exhale slowly while you are underwater.
  14. Learn to use a compass properly. You can practice with your compass on land before you undergo the best Scuba diving in Goa, this would enable you to be well-versed in the use of compass underwater.
  15. If you are someone who is prone to sea-sickness then you can poll a pill to calm yourself down.
  16. Be clean and sober. Do not consume alcohol before going underwater. Even a bit of hangover can be troublesome underwater while undergoing Goa Scuba.
  17. Eat something but do not full your stomach. A light breakfast which includes bread and pancakes can be helpful.
  18. Be relaxed. Anxiety Can worsen the symptoms of seasickness.
  19. You should always watch for your symptoms. Early signs include chills, headaches, and frequent burping.
  20. Seasickness is just a matter of a few hours. You should be completely fine in just a matter of a few hours.
  21. Make sure you do not get lost underwater. To avoid it, you can keep certain landmarks in mind underwater. Also, the compass can be really handy in such situations.
  22. Look behind yourself. The same place may appear different in a different direction. Always, keep a check what is behind you so that you do not lose the sense
  23. Be Rested. Make sure you are not fatigued underwater of direction.
  24. Keep a check on your buddy underwater. Make sure he is fine too.
  25. Never exceed your limits. Try to understand your limits and keep your dive underwater safe.
  26. Never follow peer pressure. Just because your buddy is willing to dive deep doesn’t mean you should also do the same.
  27. Be confident about how deep you want to dive and stop exceeding your limits underwater
  28. Keep blowing bubbles to extend your dive time.
  29. Stop holding your breath because it can be extremely dangerous for holding your breath underwater.
  30. Don’t touch anything underwater. It can be dangerous. Do take pictures and spend your time observing the beautiful corals but refrain from touching anything.
  31. Pay attention to all the guidelines given by instructors. Not paying proper attention can be life-threatening.
  32. Manage your air properly. Keeping a check on the amount of oxygen will help you extend your dive time.
  33. Do not hesitate to ask any questions to your instructor. Make sure you get all your doubts clear before going underwater.
  34. Do not rush. So stay slow and controlled.
  35. Find out about any mishap that could take place underwater in the worst-case scenarios. Be prepared to tackle any difficulty that comes your way.
  36. Consult your family doctor once before diving. If you are suffering from some ailments like asthma, anxiety, etc. It is advisable to consult your doctor once.
  37. Practice swimming before scuba diving.
  38. Even indulging in meditation or yoga can help you remain calm underwater.
  39. Do not dive if you are suffering from cold or sinus.
  40. If you have an open wound, make sure it is covered properly before you dive underwater.
  41. Know the signs and symptoms of nitrogen narcosis that can occur underwater.
  42. If you need to grab the attention of your buddy, make noise by banging lightly against your tank with a tank banger.
  43. Choose a proper wetsuit for yourself
  44. Stick to using a good mask, fins, and weight system
  45. Learn good postures and frog kick. This could be of great help underwater
  46. Make a safety stop and be in a good physical condition to undergo scuba diving.
  47. Diving alone is a big NO, make sure you have your trainer or at least a close friend with you.
  48.  Keep yourself hydrated before the dive. Dehydration is one of the main causes of decompression sickness.
  49.  Get a light massage before you dive. This can help you ease your muscles.
  50. Stay in open and well-lit areas where you have a complete view of your surroundings
  51. Once you are done with your dive, ascend slowly. This reduces the chances of nitrogen narcosis.
  52. Do not exceed your certification limits.
  53.  Respect the underwater world as well as the depth guidelines.
  54. Don’t be late for your dining session.
  55. Lastly, plan your dive wisely and execute the same underwater.
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