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Scuba diving

Get The Wikipedia Of Scuba Diving Here

September 11, 2018

Scuba Diving is a water activity where a scuba diver uses a self contained underwater breathing to breathe underwater. Scuba diving equipment includes breathing gas, dive mask, regulator, wet suits and swim fins. Divers can carry underwater camera or video equipment or safety tools for a certain application in addition to diving apparatus. Scuba Diving […]

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dudhsagar waterfall

4 Major Reasons Why You Should Experience DudhSagar Waterfall At Least Once In Your Lifetime

September 8, 2018

The bewitching excellence of God’s creation is characterized by the astonishing curiosity of Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa. The spectacular waterfall from the streams creates a confusion of milk flowing through the mountains. The active currents and hasty noise of water beat down all other necessary chatter from your mind. A light shower from the waterfall […]

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Water Sports Destination

10 Beautiful Water Sports Destination In India

August 30, 2018

India has become a perfect example of sea water sports in the world. Whether it is east, west, north or south, India has multiple options for Water Sports Destination. In India, there are various sports played that involve water. These activities are done under water, in water, or over water. These sports can be done […]

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water sports in goa

The Most Popular Water Sports in Goa- Scuba Diving

August 29, 2018

Scuba diving in Goa has become the most popular water sports of today’s generation and it allows people to get closer towards nature through such activity. It is the unique way to connect you with nature underneath the sea. You hear only two noises in water when you submerge, one is your breathing and the […]

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butterfly-beach goa

Things to do at Butterfly Beach in Goa

August 29, 2018

Butterfly Beach in Goa Butterfly Beach in Goa, around 37 kilometers from Margao, located along the Palolem coastline is a less explored gem of Goa. Not many people have visited here but those who have were mesmerized by its picturesque appeal. The white translucent water and white sands are no less than a visual retreat […]

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Malvan Water Sports

Don’t Wait!!! Just Take A Trip And Avail All The Water Sports In Malvan For A Memorable Tour

August 28, 2018

Malvan located at Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. Because of its beautiful location and panoramic view Malvan became the perfect location for water sports enthusiasts. Water body that surrounds is perfectly suited for Water Activities in Malvan during monsoon season also. Various water sports are conducted there like scuba diving, banana ride, bumper ride, jet-ski, speed […]

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This Winter, Dive Your Way To Peace – Experience Scuba Diving In Goa

August 27, 2018

How often is it nowadays that we tend to be frustrated and annoyed at the silliest of the things? This increase in the feeling of exasperation and anger has a lot to do with the decline in the tolerance level of people nowadays. The monotonous and tedious lifestyle and work culture has culminated in the […]

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Planning A Short Trip To Goa? Then Here Are Some Adventure Activities In Goa To Do

August 25, 2018

Most of the time your so called “Goa plans” get collapsed even it is planned for a week. But visiting Goa with friends is something you must add to your to-do list. Usually these adventure activities will be done during the month of November to May. So give us chance to make a memorable trip […]

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parasailing in Goa

Born To Fly Kinda People Indulge In Parasailing In Goa

August 24, 2018

Parasailing In Goa Goa is popular for its coastline, nightlife and water activities. Various water activities are conducted in Goa and one of them is Parasailing in Goa. Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity in which a person is towed with a boat and flies with the help of parasailing wings which reminds of open […]

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Come & Fall In Love With Nature By Witnessing Dudhsagar Falls

August 22, 2018

Are you bugged with your monotonous job and are looking forward to planning a small get away from your daily schedule before the year ends? We have an exciting offer for you that will certainly help you distract your mind from all the fuss and irritation that you have been dealing with for a long […]

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Adventure Water Sports Activities in Goa

August 19, 2018

Goa, with its vast coastlines, sun-kissed beaches, no turbulent water makes it an ideal destination for Water activities in India. One can indulge in most exciting and adventurous water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, skiing etc. For people wanting to feel the adrenaline rush can go for thrilling Water Sports Activities in Goa like parasailing, […]

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snorkeling in goa

Get Ready For An Awesome Experience For You And Your Family With Snorkeling In Goa

August 13, 2018

Snorkeling is an activity that is done by swimming on a water body with the help of equipment like a diving mask, swim fins and a shaped breathing tube known as ‘Snorkel’. A wetsuit is worn in cool waters. With the help of this equipment, one can observe underwater marine life for extended periods with […]

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