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Prajakta Modi

My honeymoon was five days long trip to Andaman. My tiredness disappeared after visiting the charming and calm beaches of Andaman. If you have not been to Andaman and planning for your honeymoon, then quickly head for this Andaman tour package. The climate there in Andaman is simply stunning. This could not have been the same without Sea Water Sports. Thank you so much!

Sathish Agarwal

If you do a trip to Andaman all by yourself, you end up spending a lot than what you will pay for this Andaman tour package by Sea Water Sports. I have started taking more packages from Sea Water Sports after my Andaman tour. The package was so perfect and you will get great value for every single buck. Just go for it!

Sharmila Das

My romantic honeymoon was made extra special by the Sea Water Sports team and it was all well-organized Andaman tour package which gave us lots of memories to cherish for life. Thanks, Sea Water Sports!

Vaibhavi Chaugule

Wonderful Andaman Trip ever had! And the best trip of my life. Thanks to Ankit, Rishab, and the entire team of Sea Water Sports. Our hotel was quite close to Radhanagar beach and therefore, we got a beautiful sea view. Also got a chance to try some seafood in Andaman. We got a memorable trip by Sea Water Sports that will stay with us forever!

Ram Narayan

We were picked up from the airport on time in an A/C vehicle. We had the best hotel stay on Havelock island, it had numerous facilities and we enjoyed a lot there. I must say the best sea views in India is on Andaman island. Overall Andaman tour was very great, we had a memorable time there in Andaman and really loved the experience!

Pushparaj Mehta

I would give this Andaman experience 5 stars and also recommend. Never had such an astonishing trip in my life. Also got a fantastic Scuba Diving experience. The underwater photos and videos are great reminders. Very professional staff with a well-planned itinerary, perfect for every family and friends!

Janjit Singh

Went to Andaman last week and decided to go sea walk with this Andaman package. It was a wonderful activity. The guide was very well-informed and friendly and helped us a lot with the instructions and the equipment during sea walk in Andaman. Thank You Sea Water Sports!

Anjali Yadav

This was the first adventure activity I took from Sea Water Sports. Great instructors and amazing memories I got in Andaman. My friends thought so too. We have now decided to go on a Goa tour with Sea Water Sports. Very Supportive and superb!

Piyu Jadhav

I wanted to go to Andaman and was searching for adventure activities. I found this package where I could go and do adventure activities in Andaman. I jumped on the offer and I must say, I was not disappointed at all. The Sea Water Sports team was supportive from start to finish. The booking service was smooth and the guides in Andaman had been friendly with us. I had a lot of fun in Andaman!

Sachin Pareek

the best moments I spent in Andaman with my wife were spent during Sea Walk. It was a great experience. The transportation was smooth. The food was tasty and the guides were also helpful. The tour was absolutely perfect. This was all because of Sea Water Sports!

Piyush Chedda

Thanks to Sea Water Sports. I got great memories in this Andaman tour. It was a smooth experience and the guide was really helpful. I also got the experience of sea walk and other water sports in Andaman. It was an impressive tour in Andaman!

Akshata Nayak

We want to go for a family trip to Andaman and had no real knowledge about what we had to see and experience. So we booked it from Sea Water Sports. Now we are glad we did. The guide was really knowledgeable as well as polite. We enjoyed it because they made everything very real. The Andaman trip was overall good!