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Crab Catching With Dinner

₹1999/-per person

Crab catching in Goa in the backwaters is a perfect water action in case you are searching for some peace and serenity. Backwaters are serene and have no waves, which is the reason it is impeccable to relax on a vessel while endeavouring to get crabs.

Easy level

resort dive

Crocodile Safari

Crocodiles have been living on the planet for more than two hundred million years. Since they haven't changed significantly even after a long time, they are viewed as living dinosaurs.

Easy level

under water

Bird Sanctuary Kayaking

Appreciate the serenity of haven for the birds in a calmer and in a more environment friendly way. Discreetly sail through the mangroves without startling any one of the winged friends

Easy level

water sports

Hot Air Balloon

₹10599/-per person

Goa is definitely the most eventful and enthralling spots to visit at least once in India. Consistently a large number of individuals throng to Goa to visit the exciting and invigorating shorelines

Easy level



Paragliding in goa is exciting game that offers you a blend of both thrill but also a tranquil and quiet experience that can only be felt while flying in the sky like a bird !!!

Easy level

water sports

Old Goa Cycle Tour

₹2299/-per person

With a region of pretty much 3700 sq km, Goa is the tiniest state in India. Despite the fact that it is small in area, it doesn't fall behind in anything; be it characteristic wonder, experience sports openings or culture.

Easy level


Paint Ball

₹3499/-per person

A session of paintball generally includes two rival groups looking to take out the other group’s player or to finish a target, for example, recovering a banner, wiping out a particular player, or other paintball varieties.

Easy level


Island Cycling Goa

₹2299/-per person

Cycle culture runs somewhere down In Goa, making it the most sought out destination for two-wheeled visit. The guides have in depth information of the island and the cycle tour with their help

Easy level


Culinary Cycle Tour

₹4299/-per person

Welcome to a trip of gastronomical delicacies of a nation where diet is an integral part of its traditional grandeur. The sheer variety of cooking styles have converted this glorious nation into a sensual haven for the food lovers

Easy level


Trek to Tambdi Surla

₹1599/-per person

If you think Goa and think only beaches, then you definitely need to take a trek to tambdi surla. The trip to this magnificent Tambdi Surla Falls will leave you spell bound. Tambdi Surla Falls huddles in green woods

Easy level

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