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Scuba Diving

₹3999/-per person

Goa which is located on India’s west coast is one of the mainland India’s top scuba diving destination. One of the favourite and famous destinations in India and abroad.

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₹1899/-per person

Snorkeling in Goa is a famous recreational activity done underwater,where your body requires few types of equipment like diving mask, a moulded tube called a snorkel which gives you a chance to watch the beautiful marine life

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₹1099/-per person

Parasailing on boat is one of the most adrenaline-charged Activities in Goa.There are such a variety of fun shoreline exercises offered by Sea Water Sports,

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Jetski Ride

₹399/-per person

Goa offers a wide assortment of water games to involve the general touristswho specially visit Goa to feel the thrill.

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Speed Boat Ride

₹1999/-per person

Quickly lapping against the water, speedboats give a feeling of energy that remains with you for quite long time.

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Catamaran Sailing

₹1199/-per person

Catamaran Sailing is additionally called Hobby Cats. It is an exceptionally chilled out water sport, more like contemporary cruising, which is relaxing instead of being a water sport.

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Wind Surfing

₹1499/-per person

Wind Surfing is a form of sailing on a board where the board is not worked upon by some man built gears but the board works on water with the help of wind.

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Wave Surfing

₹2499/-per person

Surfing on a surface water sport in which the wave rider, mentionedas a surfer, rides on the forward or profound face of a moving wave

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Banana Ride

₹1399/-per person

You must have taken ride to almost all the fun loving rides and tours of Goa at Sea Water Sports.

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Bumper Ride

₹699/-per person

Goa is known for its awesome and energetic shorelines, in addition to the wide alternative of lively and amazing recreational water sports exercises as well.

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