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1 Hour 30 Minutes


October - May


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Basic lessons on surfing (Popping up, Paddling)

Surf board

Wave Surfing

Surfing on a surface water sport in which the wave rider, mentionedas a surfer, rides on the forward or profound face of a moving wave, which is generally driving the surfer towards the shore. Waves appropriate forwave surfing are basically found in the sea, however can likewise be found in lakes or in waterways.

Regardless of whether just for interest or as aserious game,wave surfing is an fabulous activity that guarantees once in a lifetime experience. Remaining upright whilewave surfing through the interiors of a wave is a striking accomplishment that surfers endeavour hard to excel at. Regardless of whether as an interest or a genuine game,wave surfing is an extraordinary movement that guarantees an enjoyment for a lifetime. Remaining upright whilewave surfing through the under-tummy of a wave is a striking accomplishment that surfers endeavour hard to get the hang of..

It was in 1969 when the craft ofwave surfing was started and today it has turned out to be a standout amongst the most prevalent games, with billions of surfers riding waves far and wide. There is no age restrict with regards to this game as it can be aced by any individual who has the heart, longing and attitude for it.

wave surfing is the most under estimated water sports in India. Goa provides perfect setting for thewave surfing beginners, especially with its abundantwave surfing schools and also the expansive surfs if you want to get easy with the waves. The popular hit spots amongst the surfers in Goa is the Arambol Beach in North Goa.

There are couple of things in life that beat the adrenaline rush of jumping in the sea with your surfboard and paddling out to get a few waves with your besties. Investigate the many reefs and focuses in the territory. Based on the season of year, the swell can create anything from 2 foot reeling point to head high and overhead barrels making the experience memorable.

Learning to harness the power of the ocean is one of the most enthralling experiences you would want to lay your hands on. Either with long boards or foam boards whichever you prefer, and our instructor to help you out, you will find the waves inviting you to surf and play. The instructor can help you out with secure and relaxed way to experience the wave surfing adventures in Goa.

If you are a surfer, you must be well aware of how significant a surfboard is. Surfboard can either make yourwave surfing successful or break it. We at SeaWater Sports have various types ofwave surfing gears. A beginner or an experience surfer, we have appropriate equipment to satiate your need.Pickup and drop can be provided at an additional cost. The best time to surf is from October to May.There are different wave surfing packages available with us. Avail these packages with us and get the best deals with discount at Sea Water Sports.

Trip Wears

Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts

Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses


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