Water Sports In Andaman

Water sports in Andaman

Andaman is the adventure spot where you can enjoy thrilling water sports without any hesitation. Whether it is Jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride, parasailing and speed boat ride, in Andaman everything falls into place for you. Golden sands and crystal clear waters will welcome you to have the best moment of your life. Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers thrilling and fun water sports activities around the world. The islands of crystal clear water gives visitors wide range of water sports, under and over the waters. The islands are the best spots for adventure water sports in which one has the chance to discover something adventurous ...

Experts will accompany you at your back in every single activity so that you will get the best experience of every activity with safety. One of the most exciting water sports in Andamans that catches ones attention is the Banana Boat, in which a banana-shaped tube takes one to a distant place and then it is flicked. Another water activity that is preferred is Jet Ski. Apart from these two activities, those searching for more activities can go for parasailing, speed boat ride and bumper ride to indulge their adventure thirst.

Jet ski

Adventure lover loves speed wherever they go. Andaman islands offers speed sports with jet ski, where you get to ride a watercraft and splash over shimmering waves and have fun. These watercrafts ensure you have an adrenaline rush during every ride you get. Jet skis are very easy to ride, however it needs proper attention from the rider.

Bumper ride

Enjoy the thrills on a popular water sport. The sofa you might have sat on. Just sit and have fun as you are being flicked away through the blue waves and try to hold on if not to fall off the sofa. A thrill experience for all age people. So go on and challenge the driver and see if you can stay dry till the last!

Banana ride

Banana ride, which can be explored by group of all ages people, ideal for whole family and group of friends is 12 minutes on the banana- shaped boat is must do water sport. Banana boat rides are safe and operated by experts. Life jackets are provided that easily fit kids as well as adults. The Banana shaped boat is actually a tube. During the ride, the driver of the banana boat flips the banana boat upside-down by doing turns.

Speed boat ride

Speed boat is a adventure activity among the visitors coming to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Speed lover who love to play with the water and cannot resist getting into a speed boat. 6 to 8 people can ride at a time. Speed is a very familiar passion among the junkie lovers.


If you want to feel like a bird and fly high then Parasailing is the perfect water activity for you. In this activity the participant should holds on to a parachute which is attached to a speed boat with a speed. For Parasailing one must be comfortable with heights and this activity will give them a birds eye view of the entire beach. High fliers must surely go for this adventure activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Water Sports Company in Andaman is SEA WATER SPORTS. Services provided are great with unbeatable prices. PRICE DROP ALERTS Of Water Sports Enquire Now at +91 8291917770

Ans. The best part of the water sports in Andaman is that even beginners and non-swimmers can enjoy it. SEA WATER SPORTS is the place where the non swimmers and beginners are welcomed. It is the place where they train the beginners to become professionals for water sports.

Ans. The price of water sports in Andaman is never constant. The rates vary from packages to packages. For further details call at +91 8291917770

Ans. The best time for water sports in Andaman begins from the month of October to May. This is the time when the vast skies have cleared out, the monsoonal rains have ceased and the azure sea is calm.


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Hema Shah

Good one, in terms of adventure and in terms of fun. Andaman is the perfect place for the water sports.Had a great time with my Family. Package was very reasonable as compared to many other tour providing website. The guide we got was also nice person with a lot of adventure experience. Sea Water Sports is the best company For the Adventure activites.

piu Patel

Best Experience with Sea Water Sport. Enjoy alot Water Sports Activites in Andaman

aarti Dhok

Amazing Experience I have visited with my Friends we had done water sports parasaling,banana rides, Bumper Rides,Speed Boat rides all are awesome just enjoyed alot must visit place.

Abhijeet Bandre

I got Chance to visit in Andaman Because of Sea Water Sports. I enjoy a lot water sports activites in andaman. Thank you Sea Water Sports

Abhi Kadam

Amazing Experience!!

Ahad Memon

Thanks to The Sea Water Sports...Thanks alot really appreciate for your positive response...

Anita jain

Good experience

Sayali Mokal

Lately we Visited Andaman and there we did water sports arranged by the Sea Water Sports.The Experience was really refreshing and uplifting.we were a group of five people and each of us plans to visit again in coming month.

Pooja Gupta

I Think Sea Water Sports is the best Company for the Water Sports actitivies . Their package they designed are full of fun and adventure.Thanks Sea Water Sports

Vishal Kumar

Awesome water sports activities experience with Sea Water Sports.

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