Wake Boarding

Wake Boarding

Wakeboarding is a surface water activity which includes riding a wakeboard over the surface of a waterway. The wakeboard is a little, generally rectangular, thin board with almost no displacement and shoe-like ties mounted to it. It can be said a combo mix of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing methods. The wakeboard is normally towed behind a speedboat, commonly at speed of 30–40 km/h (18–25 mph), subject to the board measure, weight of the boarder, sort of tricks the boarder wants to try out, and comfort.

Goa is a perfect crisp destination which can offer you an extensive variety of water sports. There are different Water Sports in goa which you can try out so as to delight yourself. You can appreciate cruising, dinghy sailing, water surfing, fishing and so forth. In any case, the one game that will get your attention is wake boarding in Goa. These days wake boarding is one of the most in demand Water Sports in GOA. The rider in this game rides a board and is towed behind the boat. Wake Boarding is very simple as you have to concentrate less on balancing yourself. While knee boarding has two thin sheets, WAKE BOARDING consists of only one board.

Wakeboard adventure is the best substitute for water skiing. Water skiing requires more velocity than water boarding but more wind is involved in waterboarding. You should be really skilful to enjoy wake board to the peak. One of the most popular Goa water sports, Wake Boarding needs quite heavy boards. The boat having a major wake is the most favoured one.

Once more, as in any water activity, the utilization of the correct gear is very important. Utilizing strong wakeboards of great quality and related gear can enable you to experience the perfect thrill you are looking for and avert incidents that could be fatal.

Goa has some beaches most favourable for WAKE BOARDING. Beaches like Baga, Calangute and Candolim appears in the top of the list of beaches for this sport. However, Wake Boarding Adventure is quite a costly affair.

Wakeboarding packages in GOA are available from October to May (non-monsoon months) when there are clear skies and the water is less turbulent. Wake Boarding is done quite slowly so all the age groups from kids to elderlies can enjoy.

We at Sea Water Sports would like to invite you to try this experience with us. We provide you wakeboards and other equipment on rent. You will also need helmet and lifesaving jackets too. We can assure you that our wake boards are of one of the best quality. We guarantee that you overall wakeboarding in GOA with us will be a memorable one.


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